Indy News Update #3 for December 2, 2010
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Dan Cowhey sent this in:

WXW C4 Press Release for 12/01/10: WXW C4 Returns to Action THIS SATURDAY!

– The Hollywood Studs Return THIS SATURDAY!

Over the last few months in WXW C4, “The Great” Samu has been treating the entire WXW C4 locker room like punching bags in Wild Samoan Training Center. Samu has enlisted the aid of his brother, Afa Jr., as well as Dan Maff, Niya, and “The Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes to make WXW C4 a place where no wrestler can feel safe. That all changed at the November WXW C4 event when “Extreme” Billy Dream took on Dan Maff in a match. After countless interjections from Samu, Dream’s old friend and current WXW C4 Champion, Eric Cobian, emerged to help Dream fend off both Samu and Maff. It was a joyous day for WXW C4 as the famed Hollywood Studs were finally reunited! And this Saturday “the Studs” will have the first match back as a team! This Saturday, WXW C4 is throwing out the rule book for this match as The Hollywood Studs take on “The Vets” Samu and Dan Maff!


– WXW C4 to crown a NEW Women’s Champion

It seems like it was just yesterday we were celebrating Mercedes Martinez becoming WXW C4 Women’s Champion. However, WXW C4 officials have decided to strip Mercedes Martinez as champion due to the combination of scheduling conflicts and lack of title defenses. However, THIS SATURDAY we will have a NEW Women’s Champion crowned! The WXW C4 2010 Diva of the Year, Miss Karissa, has the chance to make a HUGE impact in her very young career when she will take on “The Teacher’s Pet,” Niya, to crown the NEW WXW C4 Women’s Champion!


– World War 3 To Erupt This Saturday!

This feud has been boiling over for weeks on Blast TV and it is finally going to break out into an all out war THIS SATURDAY! WXW C4’s resident Soldier, Sgt. RJR, will proudly represent the United States as he takes on the former WXW C4 Hybrid Champion and British grappler, David Rose, in a FLAG versus FLAG match! If you have been watching WXW C4 Blast TV, you know exactly what each country means to each wrestler!


WXW C4 Winter Warfare
Saturday December 4, 2010
Belltime: 7:30 PM
Mountainville Memorial Hall
S. 4th Street
Allentown, PA

Falls Count Anywhere Match:
THE VETS (“The Great” Samu and Dan Maff) vs. HOLLYWOOD STUDS (“Extreme” Billy Dream” and WXW C4 World Champion, “The Star” Eric Cobian)

WXW C4 Women’s Championship Match
Miss Karissa vs. Niya

Flag vs. Flag Match:
Representing the U.S., Sgt. RJR vs. Representing Great Britain, David Rose


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WSU sent this in:

(NEW YORK) — Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU) is pleased to announce that WSU Uncensored #10 is now available for free viewing on Serena discusses her new outlook in Wrestling following her Contract Release in this episode. The fall out from WSU’s first Internet Pay-Per View and details on the last WSU Event in 2010 are also covered, plus much more.

Serena, Kristin Astara, “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee, Alicia, WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, ODB, Athena, Brittney Savage, and the Belle Saints are just some of the WSU Wrestlers covered in WSU Uncensored #10.

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Adam Ginsberg sent this in:

The Term Re-Loaded can be thought of with many different meanings. It could be used as a term for a sports team who goes out and signs a bunch of high priced players to make themselves exponentially better. It also could be used as a term for someone using a firearm. But for arguments sake we aren’t going to discuss that, we are going to use this term as a means to describe the new vibe of the Westcoast Wrestling Company.

With Jameson Stafford now gone from the company and on his way to North Carolina, its only fitting that the Westcoast wrestling company essentially begins a new. New venue, new talent, new attitude. So the Westcoast Wrestling Company is proud to announce on January 8th 2011 we will be presenting Re-Loaded, live from our new home at the Trevi Entertainment Center in Lake Elsinore!!! Only one exit away from our old venue in Wildomar!!!
Being the fact this is a new era in the Westcoast Wrestling Company, its only fitting we open with an amazing card with a main event that will deliver a must see 5 star contest between two of the best wrestlers to step into the ring.
Here is the card for January 8th:
Westcoast Title Match
(C) Davey Richards vs. Brandon Gatson
– After Ric Ellis plowed through big name opponents and retained his title time after time, he was finally able to get the man that he always wanted in the ring back in October. That man Was Davey Richards. Unfortunately for Ric, a week or so before the show he aggravated a preexisting knee injury which he had thought had healed. Ric never mentioned it to anyone in the locker room. It was pretty evident that Ric was badly injured early in the match, but still was able to give his all. But most men who face Davey Richards at 100% cannot overcome all the skills and tools he possesses that make him the best wrestler in the world. However, the man he faces in January is a totally different animal. Brandon Gatson, who has been rising through the ranks of pro wrestling has never met Davey Richards in a one on one contest. That unfamiliarity, along with Gatsons hunger to keep rising in the ranks makes Richards first Westcoast title defense a dangerous challenge. This match should be a match that will blow the roof off the Trevi and should be reason enough to attend this show!!

Devin Sparks vs. “Azucar” Rocky Romero
– Since losing the Westcoast title, Devin Sparks has been on a mission to regain the title that he was the first ever to hold. However in recent months, Devin has seemingly gone from a cocky arrogant kid to somewhat of an enigma. Other than his relationship with Ric Ellis, he has completely distanced himself from everyone else in his life. He has seemingly began to lose touch with reality a bit. With a specific opponent in mind apparently, he called and not asked, but DEMANDED a match with of all people Rocky Romero. According to Devin, Rocky was very disrespectful to him at the 2nd year anniversary show. Devin was not specific about this at all but seemed very insistent the only man he wanted to wrestle other than Brandon Gatson ( Who is obviously previously engaged that night) was Rocky Romero. Rocky, who recently returned from Japan was reached for comment and only said that he remembered Devin but doesn’t remember the alleged incident. Is it possible that Devin is to unstable to take on this challenge? Or is this unpredictability exactly what Devin needs to knock off a former ROH Tag Team Champion and world traveled star? We will find out January 8th for sure in what will surely be another exciting one on one showdown!

The A List vs. Riki De La Paz & Dragon Mask vs. Crazy Dragon
2011 will be the year for all tag teams to rise to the occasion, as this will be the year the Westcoast Westling Company will be crowning its first ever tag team champions. What better way to showcase that then to put 3 of the finest teams in one match up. For those of the lucky fans who were at our last show in Camp Pendleton, you saw an amazing contest between the two teams consisting of Riki De la paz & Dragon Mask and Crazy Dragon (So Cal Crazy and Vintage Dragon). These two teams went at it and Crazy Dragon prevailed. Obviously a rematch was going to happen, but to make things more interesting we have added the team of Roger Ruiz and Jeremy Jaeger, The A list to this particular match. The A list are an exciting team and should add a lot more to what was already going to be a high flying fun contest to watch.

Number One Contenders Match for the Wildcard Title
Kid Vegas vs. Ruben Iglesias vs. Ray Rosas vs. Jacob Diez
– These 4 men have been given a huge opportunity, because the winner of this contest will get a future shot at the Wildcard title. Its a huge chance for 4 guys who have been all seemingly stuck, they all get the chance to elevate themselves to a whole new level and show everyone they are for real. Kid Vegas has made 2 other appearances with the company and been unsuccessful in both of those previous match ups. Whereas Ray Rosas will be making his Westcoast debut and definitely is looking to make a first impression. Reuben Iglesias is on a mini hot streak with his defeat of Johnny Saovi at the last Camp Pendleton event and of course as always, Jacob Diez is someone who shouldn’t be overlooked. No matter who the champion is after this night they will certainly have a steep challenge ahead of them in the coming months with one of these 4 men having a title match in the bag.

Johnny Saovi vs. Tony Leo
– Saovi has seemingly undergone a complete attitude change. In his last appearance at our Camp Pendleton show, he seemed to have more of a negative outlook on everything. A very strange turnaround for someone who had always been a fan favorite and guy who was always a fun, happy person to be around. Unfortunately the new attitude didn’t result in a victory as he was bested by Reuben Iglesias. However, Saovi showed more of the new attitude when he attacked Reuben after the match. If Reuben looks for revenge remains to be seen, however Saovi has been given another tough opponent at our upcoming show in Tony Leo. Will Saovi be able to begin a winning streak or will his new attitude once again cost him a match?

Plus, “Krazy” Kyle Haystacks will be making his first defense of his newly won Wildcard Title. His opponent has yet to be named but you can only imagine it will be someone who will push Haystacks to the limit. Will Haystacks walk out of Re-Loaded still the Wildcard Champion?? We will find out on January 8th!

– Once Again, the West Coast Wrestling Company presents Re-Loaded Live January 8th at Trevi Entertainment Center, Located at 32250 Mission Trail, Lake Elsinore, CA 92530. First drink is 50% off. Come down early and go bowling or play games in the arcade and then enjoy the wrestling action where there will be a FULL BAR with beverages and food. Will be a fun time for anyone in the family and all wrestling fans. Come out and enjoy!!!!!