Indy News #1: WXW C4 results, WSU news/notes

Indy News Update #1 for December 5, 2010
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Dan Cowhey sent this in:

WXW C4 Winter Warfare Results
12/05/10 – Here are the results from last night’s Blast TV Tapings.

Prior to the event, Dan Cowhey, the WXW C4 Ring Announcer welcomed former WXW C4 star, Sugaa, who was in attendence to watch the Blast TV Tapings.

The night started off with the trademark WXW C4 Six Way Attraction match featuring Arioch, Nui Tofinga, Alexander James, The Killer Studs, and Jay Flyier. In a match that pretty much became The Killer Studs versus the world, it was the big man from the South Pacific that was able to outlast all 5 wrestlers to be victorious. However, Nui Tofinga could not celebrate for long as the crazed Luca from Tazmania came out to confront Nui Tofinga. It seems as though its only a matter of time before these to island beasts square off on Blast TV!

Next, WXW C4 correspondant, Bruce Purcell, came out to announce that both Billy Dream and Dan Maff were injured during their training sessions and were not in the building. It was announced that DJ Hyde would replace Billy Dream in Cobian’s Falls Count Anywhere Match against Samu and a partner of Samu’s choosing.

Purcell then reminded the crowd that due to Mercedes Martinez’s lack of title defenses over the last year she was stripped of the WXW C4 Women’s Championship. As quick as Purcell made that announcement, the music of the former Women’s Champion played and out came Mercedes Martinez for a SURPRISE appearance! She explained her situation and then demanded that she woudl able to DEFEND the title in the match against Miss Karissa and Niya. Comissioner Maven Bentley and the WXW C4 fans agreed and the match was made for later in the evening.

Next up was the culmination of the World War between David Rose and Sgt. RJR. The two battled in a flag versus flag match where the winner was determined when a wrestler was able to raise their countries flag. Unfortunately for the US, it was David Rose who raised the Union Jack in honor of Great Britain. If raising the flag wasn’t enough, Rose went on to assualt the war hero, Sgt. RJR, after the match. And it was, of all people, Supreme Lee Great who rushed from his guest announcing positon to make the save!

Next, WXW C4 fan’s favorite, Joe Gomez, returned to take on “The King of the Rats” ZBARR. In what can be called a last minute entry as match of the year, Joe Gomez emerged victorious. After the match, Gomez demanded that he get another International Championship match against Guapo. However, Guapo seemingly ignored the challenge as he never came out to address it.

Mercedes Martinez, the world’s most decorated women’s athlete, defended her title against both Miss Karissa, and “The Teacher’s Pet” Niya in a 3 Way Match. It wasn’t long before Niya’s teacher, Samu, came and made himself involved in the action. He thought he would be helping Niya win the championship when he restrained Martinez, however Miss Karissa was the one who capitalized on the distraction and pinned Niya to become the NEW WXW C4 Women’s Champion! However, Niya stole the belt and ran off into the locker room with it!

Bruce Purcell came back out to bring Lance Anoa’i to the ring for a 10 Bell Salute to his Uncle Eki, better known as Umaga, who died one year ago. Afterwards, “The Great” Samu came out extremely proud of his son and asked if Lance could fulfill a dream of his to tag with him. He said it would be in honor of Eki and maybe it would bring the family back together again just in time for Christmas. Lance agreed to do it, but only for the family.

As Dan Cowhey was about to introduce the next match, “The Gift” John Bane emerged from the crowd waving his WXW C4 ticket. He went on to talk about why he and the rest of the Dynasty were not a part of WXW C4 any longer and placed all the blame on the retired Sugaa. This prompted Sugaa, who was just in attendence to watch the event, to get into the ring and confront Bane. In what was supposed to be a peace talk, turned into an all out war inside Mountainville Memorial! Once again, Sugaa banished the Dynasty from the building when he threw Bane right out the door!

Next, The Untouchables defeated the last minute team of Mikey Valentino and Drolix.

And in the main event, in was the disfunctional family, Lance Anoa’i and Samu taking on Eric Cobian and DJ Hyde. Throughout the entire match, Lance was preventing his father from cheating to win… And in the end it cost them both the match, as Lance took away the steel chair from his father’s hands DJ Hyde gave one to the WXW C4 World Champion, Eric Cobian, to take out Samu for the victory! Afterwards, Samu challenged Lance to a Lumberjack Match on January 8th!

WSU sent this in:

WSU News Update
– WSU Returns In Less Than One Week
– WSU Announces 1/22 Event at the ACE Arena
– Status of Mercedes Martinez
– New DVDs Available
– New Episode of “WSU UNCENSORED” on Right Now with Serena

WSU Announces 12/11 Joint Show with NWS

WHAT: WSU Returns on 12/11 with our final show of the year!
WHERE: The Dunellen Knights of Columbus at 647 Grove Street in Dunellen, NJ
WHEN: December 11, 2010
TICKET INFORMATION: $19 Adults/$17 Kids/Seniors
TICKET ORDERING Info: Call 732-888-1704 or email

Coming off the heels of our successful debut on iPPV, WSU has announced one more show for 2010, as WSU teams up with our big brother promotion, NWS. WSU has been working with NWS since our inception in March 2007, and this will be another WSU/NWS joint show, featuring 6 WSU matches.


Battle of Former WSU World Champions
Winner Receives A Contract To Challenge For Any Championship They Want At Any Time, Any Place
Alicia vs Nikki Roxx

For the WSU All Guts, No Glory Championship
(c) Angel Orsini vs Athena

Krissy Vaine vs Niya

Submission Match
Jana vs Cindy Rogers

Intergender Battle
Melissa Coates vs Rick Cataldo

For the WSU Tag Team Titles
(c) The Belles Saints vs Jennifer Cruz & a Mystery Partner

Also appearing on the card will be ECW original Little Guido aka Nunzio and the stars of NWS in three NWS matches!

For complete details on this show, including free videos & match previews, visit or our Facebook page at

WSU Announces 1/22 Event
WSU is proud to announce that we will host our first show of 2011 on 1/22 at the ACE Arena in Union City, NJ. We will announce matches for this card on 12/12, which will also be the same date we put tickets on sale. We are currently negotiating a match that could very well be the biggest main event in WSU history. Already booked for that event currently are WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez, WSU All Guts, No Glory Champion Angel Orsini, WSU Spirit Champion Brittney Savage, WSU Tag Champions Belle Saints, Nikki Roxx, Niya, Allison Kay, Sassy Stephanie, Jana, Amy Lee, Jessicka Havok & more.

More details on this show on 12/12.

Status of WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez
News reports are circulating about the future of WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez. WSU wants to confirm that Mercedes Martinez will 100% be at the 1/22 event. Mercedes will also be on an upcoming episode of “WSU UNCENSORED” on to talk about her future.

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Check out the new episode of WSU Uncensored, which features a profile on Serena at:

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We are shooting to have a new episode of WSU “Uncensored” up shortly with WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez addressing her current situation.

For more on WSU, visit the following: (Updated daily with pictures, stories and more) – home of WSU’s “Uncensored” TV program.

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