Indy News Update #3 for January 4, 2011
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in:


In recent weeks, a stir has been raised throughout the PWO offices in response to the latest piece of video footage sent to us by “The Embodiment of Evil” Krimson in his continued quest to spread pain and misery throughout PWO, and professional wrestling in general. Along with his demonic disciple, Kirst, the former Eric Ryan, the footage depicts both men discussing a “father figure” who is serving as a “guiding light” for them in their mission. After some very unsettling allegory from Kirst, attentions turned to Krimson, who burned a photo of former TNA, WWE, WCW and ECW star Raven as a symbolic representation of the aforementioned guiding light.

You can see the footage for yourself on PWO’s official YouTube account at the following link. Due to some dialogue which some may find sensitive or offensive, viewer discretion is advised –

How will having Raven involved with Krimson and Kirst change the dynamic of this macabre group and of PWO in general? Raven is notorious for having one of the most evil and sadistic minds this business has ever seen, and he himself has studied under such diabolical minds as Kevin Sullivan and Jake Roberts. Is he helping to direct Krimson in his quest? Has Krimson been taking advice from Raven this entire time? Is Raven a willing participant or has he two been targeted and transformed, much the way Krimson did with Eric Ryan to create Kirst? So many questions have been raised by this one piece of footage, but no answers are currently available.

However, as we learned this past week on PWO TV, Raven will join Krimson & Kirst in-ring for the very first time on Sunday afternoon, February 20 at 3:00 pm in Streetsboro, OH at the Arena Sports & Entertainment Complex, 1543 Streetsboro Plaza, for “PWO Pressure Rising: Beware of the Krimson Mask”. This trio will be opposed by the newly re-energized “One Man Militia” and Streetsboro native Matthew Justice, PWO’s newest signing Jason Gory, and the former tag team partner of Kirst, Corey Winters. These three may not have much in common on the surface, but all three want to make a statement, make an impact, and target the most intimidating group in PWO today. Can Matthew Justice come up big in his hometown? If so, how will he be able to combat the newest threat of Raven? How will either of these teams gel together? Find out live in Streetsboro on Sunday afternoon, February 20! Reserve your tickets today –


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PTW sent this in:

PRESS RELEASE : Power Trip Wrestling announce their new commercial director, professional footballer Andy Burgess

Power Trip Wrestling are very proud to announce the name of their new commercial director.

He is a former England ‘C’ international’, a professional footballer who has played for many clubs including Luton Town, Rushden, and others. He brings a wealth of connections to the company, in regards to media and business.

He is Andy Burgess. For more information on Andy’s professional football career, visit

What does this mean for Power Trip Wrestling? It means that PTW are set to make a major impact, nationwide, in the United Kingdom. Power Trip Wrestling have always been a rebellious but lovable mix between professional wrestling, reality television, and family entertainment.

And now that the bar has been raised once more, we suggest you keep your eyes firmly on PTW, because in the words of our current slogan, ‘We Are Unbreakable’.