Indy News Update #4 for January 4, 2011
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Dan Cowhey sent these notes in:

First, we would like to thank everyone for their patience while we moved our entire HETV library to our own server. This will enhance the viewing quality of the stream as well as the HETV Live stream for our HETV viewing audience. Now that all upgrades have been completed, get ready for the ultimate HETV experience.

CZW just released FOUR new titles and are available now for streaming.

CZW Cage of Death Xll:
This event shattered all previous COD attendance records at the Asylum arena.
Featuring: The Suicide Kings vs. Cult Fiction inside the Cage of Death.
Sami Callihan and Rob Ego Anthony tear it down in a #1 contenders match.
Also featuring Philly’s Most Wanted, Adam Cole, Akuma, Nick Gage, BJW’S Yuko Miyamoto, Brodie Lee, Homicide, CZW World Champion Jon Moxley, The Briscoe Brothers and more..

CZW Tournament of Death vs. Gorefest:
This international event was filmed in Germany. Feature matches include:
Thumbtack Death Match:
Cinderblocks & Barbed Wire Boards Deathmatch:
Ultraviolent Tables Match:
Polish Punishment Deathmatch:
Lighttube Log Cabins Deathmatch:
Unlucky 13 Staple Gun Deathmatch and a No-Rope Barbed Wire Deathmatch
If you have not seen this event. Now is the time!

CZW Geben Sie die Combat Zone: CZW debuts in Germany:
MASADA vs. Sami Callihan
Drake Younger vs. Nick Gage
Danny Havoc vs. Jon Moxley

CZW Night of Infamy 9 – Betrayal: This event is loaded and action packed that features all the build to Cage of Death Xll. Featuring a Fans Bring The Weapons match: Cult Fiction vs. Suicide Kings

Witness all the CZW action now on demand! Without all the expensive DVD shipping costs.

CZW events stream EXCLUSIVELY on!

========== Updates for 01/04/10: Brodie Lee is BACK in CZW, CZW vs. The World, Updates on January 7th Event, and MORE!

We are one day closer to THIS FRIDAY’S HUGE EVENT, “From Small Beginnings… Comes Great Things!” And CZW plans on starting 2011 off with an Ultraviolent bang!

– Posted 01/04/11:
DON’T Call Him “Earl”

“Domination delegates the physical violence on which it rests to the dominated.” – Theodor Adorno

After a count of three at CAGE OF DEATH XII, CZW World Heavyweight Champion JON MOXLEY scored quite possibly the biggest win of his career in the Combat Zone. By defeating HOMICIDE, Moxley seemed to assert his dominance of CZW.

Only seconds into his celebration, a big dog entered the yard. Through the crowd emerged BRODIE LEE. After delivering a thunderous boot to the face of the champion, Brodie stood over Moxley’s battered body & hoisted the CZW World Heavyweight Championship high as a sold out CZW Arena looked on in awe. The first shot was fired and Brodie’s intentions were made crystal clear this week in a video message to On Friday night, January 7th, Brodie Lee is coming for Jon Moxley and the CZW World Heavyweight Championship.

Brodie Lee is no stranger to Arena patrons. He has been a dominant force in other promotions that have run in the building, won championship gold, and has even picked up wins in Japan; he is a competitor not to be taken lightly.

Jon Moxley has said that people have lost money betting against him. Overconfidence is a weakness and as we have seen, it has cost Moxley the championship in the past. If Moxley succumbs to overconfidence, then you can bet on the crowning of a new CZW World Heavyweight Champion. Will Moxley’s dominance of CZW continue, or will this be the beginning of a golden year for Brodie Lee? Get your tickets NOW and witness the fallout from Cage of Death as CZW returns to live action next Friday night, January 7th in Philadelphia!!!

Written for by CJ Becker


– Posted 01/03/10:
CZW vs. The World!

We here at Combat Zone Wrestling are proud to announce a very special tour for two of our CZW Wrestlers! This news comes as we gear up for THIS FRIDAY’S HUGE EVENT, “From Small Beginnings… Comes Great Things!”
We here at Combat Zone Wrestling are proud to announce that the CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion, ADAM COLE, and “The New Horror” SAMI CALLIHAN have been chosen to represent the Combat Zone in Germany this March! Cole and Callihan will be taking part in the legendary Westside Xtreme Wrestling (wXw) 16 Carat Gold Tournament this coming March! This is a HUGE opportunity for both men to proudly represent CZW in wXw’s biggest event of the year. Both stars had a tremendous run in 2010 in CZW and it looks like they will be starting off 2011 even better than last year! wXw’s 16 Carat Gold will be a 3 Day event beginning on March 11th and running through the 13th. For more information on this event, visit wXw’s official website at

But the tour does not stop there for the “Panama City Playboy,” Adam Cole! One Pro Wrestling (1PW) has invited the CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion to defend his title at an upcoming 1PW event this spring, that’s assuming Adam Cole is able to successfully defend his title this Friday night! CZW News has not been able to confirm who exactly 1PW has chosen to take on our CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion. As soon as we find out, we will be sure to pass the message along to you on You can also learn more about Adam Cole’s upcoming appearance at 1PW at their official website located at



CZW presents From Small Beginnings…Come Great Things
January 7th 2011 @ 8PM
@ Asylum Arena • South Philadelphia
7 W. Ritner Street
Phila, PA 19148

Already announced…

CZW World Heavyweight Championship

World Tag-Team Championship

Tag-Team Challenge Match

COD Grudge Match

Respect Match

Open Challenge

More info coming soon!

Tickets are priced at $30 – Front row, $25 – 2nd and 3rd row, and $20 for general admission. Go to to purchase tickets online or buy them at the door before the show. Doors open at 7:30PM.

**Card Subject To Change**


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