Over on his new official website IWantWrestling.com, former WWE creative writer and current ROH director/producer David Lagana spoke about news that Ring of Honor will be losing television with HDNet effective April 2011.

“Ring of Honor announced that they had completed their two year contract with HDNet, bringing to an end the weekly show. It was a surprise to everyone and one that leaves a lot of questions about the future of ROH. HDNet was a great partner and honestly, without them, I don’t know if my career in wrestling would have continued after my time in WWE. I was given the chance to really spread my wings and produce the ROH on HDNet show. It was that trust that really exemplified the spirit of ROH. Ring of Honor has always been a place for great talent to showcase their ability and I believe it will continue that same mission into the future. Things will obviously change, but doesn’t progress require it? If you’re a fan of Ring of Honor, the promotion, the wrestlers – we will continue to need your support. If you like a product, any product, support it, champion it. The biggest surprise might be the change you fans can cause by supporting the wrestling you want.”

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IWantWrestling.com – Surprise, Surprise