Indy News #1: SWA in Barcelona, AWF Australia

Indy News Update #1 for January 22, 2011
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Devin Cutting sent this in:

The Super Wrestling Alliance returns to the City Hall in Barcelona, Spain on January 23rd, 2011 at 6 PM with these matches:

Kazkanuezez vs. Big Bang Stinger
Bad Boy & Angelnaut vs. Los Legionarios
Kidman vs. Ross Watson
Mark Andrews vs. Lion Mask vs. La Pulga
Axel Storm vs. Andy Wild

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Greg Bownds sent this in:


Samoan Warrior, Anubis & Diego Del Fuego b Meat Massacre & Jack Tasman (debut), Blakestone b Jay Law, YLC: Robert Barnes b Spaceboy Dacey, Scotty Club b Massive Q, Commonwealth Championship: Tama Williams b Max Comic, Loser Leaves Town: TNT b Masked Musa, Tag Titles: Party Trix b Cornershop Connection, Moretti, Spaceboy & Percy T b Barnes, Linstrom & Falco, Baby Devine b Selene, Australasian Championship Lumberjack Match: Mad Turk Hussain NC Iron Jay Coles

Show Notes:
– In the opener Jack Tasman making his debut turned on The Meat Massacre allowing the Multicultural Society to Samoan Drop its way to victory. After the bout the whole Society entered and told all that The MS would take out the Det Crew and the AWF Title tonight.

– Blackstone bested Jay Law in a hard hitting bout with the SOS Fireman’s Toss.

– Robert Barnes retained the Young Lion’s Championship after distraction from The Elite Crew cost Spaceboy the match. Afterwoods Mick Moretti & Percy T cleared Elite from the ring with Mint saying he’d had enough and a 6 man match was set for later in the card.

– Massive Q started he was looking to start a new stable. Scotty Club bested Q and afterwoods said he thoughts for his own stable.

– Match was originally Non Title, but Max Comic won the choose the stipulation coin toss, and declared he wanted it to be a title match. After coming close, as Comic set up for the Punch Line Fistdrop, The Samoan Warrior interfered causing Comic to crutch the ropes, which lead to his downfall with the Air New Zealand Splash. MS 1 – Det Crew 0 in Best of 3

– After intermission it was Match 2 in DC VS MS as Masked Musa faced TNT. Musa won the toss, and Tama said that they wanted it to be a Loser Leaves Town Match! After a back and forth bout, with TNT poised on the top rope, Samoan Warrior appeared again, only this time to be stopped by Max Comic. With Ref CB Cochrane distracted, TNT scored with a crossbody, but Tama Williams entered and broke the pin. Musa held TNT, while Tama went to hit him with the belt, TNT moved, Musa was clocked, TNT got rid of Tama, then scored the Detonator Mark 2 Verterbreaker for the big win. Musa is forced to leave town.

– In the Tag Title Match Selene was introduced by Frankie as his valet to Traffic’s surprise. In the end Frankie was distracted while dancing with Selene, and was rolled up for the pin, while Traffic seemingly had the match won on his side of the ring. Traffic seemed somewhat unamused at the loss, and maybe the new valet.

– In the Main Even Coin Toss, Iron Jay got the duke, choosing a Lumberjack Match to keep things even and stop interference from the MS. Team members kept Jay and Hussain from going at it prematurely.

– In the 6 man after a heated battle, Mint Condition caught Robert Barnes with the Mintsault leading to victory.

– Baby Devine beat Selene after some questionable refereeing from Tony Kebab.

– In the Main Event Lumberjack match, Jay seemingly had the bout won after the Iron Splash, but at the 2 count Tony Kebab entered and stopped official CB Cochran’s count, grabbed his arm and arm DDTed CB. An enraged TNT charged the ring for Kebab, but was cut off by Tama Williams, then all hell broke loose with all lumberjacks entering causing the no contest. In the end Jay and TNT clotheslined Hussain out an unsatisfied Det Crew challenged MS to a 4 on 4 No DQ War at the next big AWF event, where if victorious they’d get a minute with Mad Tony Kebab. Williams responded by saying they accept on the condition that if the MS won, the losing member of the DC would have to leave their group. The match was set and the next show’s main event is locked and will be massive!

– AWF thanks all those that attended and appreciates their vocal support throughout the show.

– Select bouts will feature on This Is AWF Wrestling TV soon.

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