Vickie Guerrero opened the show with the crowd going just crazy. Randy Orton came out to confront her, but thanked her for letting him to be on Smackdown, and then said “Excuse me” for what I’m gonig to do to your boyfriend tonight. He then talked about winning the WWE title on Sunday. Dolph Ziggler came out and demanded that Orton show Vickie respect. Orton said that you have to earn respect, and laid out Ziggler once again with an RKO.

Layla & Michelle McCool b Kaitlyn & Kelly Kelly in a short match

Drew McIntyre b JTG. Kelly was doing commentary. McIntyre was getting a babyface reaction already and won clean.

Todd Grisham went to interview Cody Rhodes. Rhodes wouldn’t show his face on camera as they are saying Mysterio gave him a broken nose. He said it was doctor’s orders that he can’t wrestle and did the interview with his back to the camera.

Alberto Del Rio was backstage talking with Michael Tarver

Kofi Kingston won a mini Rumble throwing out Del Rio and Kane. After a post-match attack and a save by Mysterio, Vickie (acting G.M. with the Teddy Long angle) ordered a tag match.

Mysterio & Kingston b Kane & Del Rio. Kane hit Del Rio and walked out on him. Mysterio used the 619 on Del Rio and Kingston pinned him after Trouble in Paradise.

Big Show did a promo saying that he’s never won the Royal Rumble. The Corre came out during this promo. Show challenged them.

Show b Heath Slater with a choke slam. After, the other Corre members attacked Show until seeral faces, including R-Truth, Chris Masters, Marella, Kozlov and Daniel Bryan made the save.

Edge & Orton b Ziggler & Miz. Edge speared Ziggler and pinned him.

Then Vickie announced that the spear is banned from this point forward. If Edge uses the spear at the Rumble, he will not only be DQ’d, but Ziggler gets the title. Edge speared Ziggler three spears at this point but those spears may not air on Smackdown.