Indy News Update #2 for January 27, 2011
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for January 26, 2011


LWA DVDs are 25% off, which works out to 11.25 per DVD and there are 6 different LWA titles to choose from. Support LWA and support indy wrestling!!!

CZW DVD January 7, 2011 “From Small Beginnings Comes Great Things” – Philadelphia, PA $20.00
1. Danny Havoc Interview
2. Orange Cassidy vs. AR Fox
4. tHURTeen vs. Devon Moore
5. Alex Colon vs. Sami Callihan
6. The Runaways vs. Irish Drive-By
7. Adam Cole vs. Ruckus
8. The Briscoe Bros. vs. Philly’s Most Wanted (Sabian & Joker)
9. Brodie Lee vs. Jon Moxley

ACW DVD November 15, 2010 “The Underground Icon’s Birthday Bash 2010” – San Antonio, TX $15.00
1. Nathan Sin & Danny Gee vs. The Smurf Nation
2. The Submission Squad vs. ACH, Ricky, Slim Sexy & Jen Alise
3. Johnny Axle vs. Berry Breeze
4. Matthew Palmer vs. Davey Vega vs. Awesome Andy vs. Mat Fitchett
5. Rachel & Jessica’s Excellent Tag Team vs. Children Of Pain
6. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Robert Evans
7. Scot Summers vs. Masada

ACW DVD November 14, 2010 “5th Annual Lone Star Classic” – San Antonio, TX $15.00
1. Pierre Abernathy vs. Evan Gelistico vs. Gary Jay
2. Athena vs. Rachel Summerlyn vs. Davey Vega
3. Awesome Andy vs. Mat Fitchett vs. Slim Sexy
4. Delirious vs. Matthew Palmer vs. Jimmy Jacobs
5. The Skylar Skelly Drinking Game
6. Evan Gelistico vs. Davey Vega
7. Mat Fitchett vs. Matthew Palmer
8. Masada vs. JT LaMotta vs. JC Bravo vs. Jimmy Jacobs
9. Robert Evans vs. Scot Summers
10. Evan Gelistico vs. Matthew Palmer

Force 1 DVD November 12, 2010 “Force 1 Kicks-Ass” – Egg Harbor Twp., NJ $15.00
1. JT Roberts vs. Greg Excellent
2. Devon Moore & Monster Squad vs. Ty Veritas, Jon Moxley & DJ Hyde
3. Frightmare vs. Gran Akuma
4. NO DQ Match: Rich Swann & RV1 vs. Sami Callihan & Niles Young
5. Submission or TKO Only: Josh Hybrid vs. Alex Colon
6. Osirian Portal vs. Black Gate Asylum
7. 30 Man Rumble for F1 Championship

AIW DVD August 20, 2010 “The World Is Not Enough” – Broadview Heights, OH $15.00
1. Dalton Castle vs. Cloudy
2. Marion Fontaine vs. Bobby Beverly
3. Chest Flexor vs. TJ Dynamite
4. Blackballed & Da Latin Crime Syndicate vs. Lights Out & Alpha Beta Duke
5. No DQ match: Hobo Joe vs. Gregory Iron
6. Facade vs. Sterling James Keenan
7. Aeroform vs. The Olsen Twins
8. Angeldust vs. Mickie Knuckles
9. Shiima Xion vs. Samuray Del Sol
10. Johnny Gargano vs. Trik Davis

Chikara – 2/19 – Reading, PA
Chikara – 2/20 – Easton, PA
Chikara – 3/12 – Williamsport, PA
Chikara – 3/13 – Brooklyn, NY
Chikara – 4/15-4/17 – Philadelphia, PA


Shannon Rose sent this in:

Reality Star Gets His Shot at Being King

(Balch Springs, TX) – This February, the Entertainment world will get their first look at Reality TV Star and Pro Wrestler Matt Riviera in 2011, as he is set to face off against legendary wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler on February 26, at the Balch Springs Recreation Center in Balch Springs, TX.

Riviera, while growing up idolized Jerry “The King” Lawler. He wanted nothing more than to challenge his idol, someday, to an epic match that fans would talk about for years to come. This February, Riviera will have his shot at making that dream, a reality.

“Pro Wrestling is 100% a young man’s business. It’s time for Lawler to move out, and on February 26th I will hand Lawler his eviction notice” says Riviera.

Riviera, is best known for his appearance on VH1’s “Megan Wants a Millionaire” and various movie roles. Riviera can be seen in a brand new hit movie called “Happy Hour” produced by Lucky Star Films, LLC and set to be released in 2011.

In 2011 Riviera will star in an MMA movie titled “The Foreigner”, to be filmed in Thailand.

Despite his acting career Riviera is a fierce competitor when it comes to stepping foot in the ring. Before the age of 25, Riviera was a Heavyweight and Tag Team Champion. When he’s in the ring, Riviera has been a thorn is his opponent’s side and looks to be a thorn in Lawler’s side in Texas.

Jerry “The King” Lawler is a WWE Hall of Fame inductee. He’s been a familiar face in and out of the ring as both a commentator and wrestler.

The incident between Jerry Lawler and Andy Kaufman on the David Letterman Show is ranked as one of the “80 Greatest Moments in TV History” by Hollywood Reporter

In the WWE, Lawler is in a heated feud with “The Miz” for the WWE Championship Title. Lawler has held a Professional Wrestling Championship more than 163 times in his 40 year career, but has never won a championship in the WWE.

The wrestling event in Balch Springs, Texas will put two generations of wrestlers against each other as Lawler looks to teach the younger generation a thing or two about wrestling; but not if Riviera has anything to say about it.

What: New Millennium Wrestling Presents “Royal Pains” starring Jerry “The King” Lawler
Where: Balch Springs Community Center – 4372 Shephard Lane, Balch Springs, TX 75180
When: February 26, 2011
Time: Doors open at 6:15 PM, Bell time 7:00 PM

Tickets can be purchased at

To find out all the details about the match between Lawler and Riviera visit http://

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