Indy News Update #2 for February 11, 2011
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Smart Mark Video sent this in:

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for February 10, 2011


Smart Mark Video is proud to announce that all live event DVD’s are now only $15.00 (except 2011 CZW). This includes DVD’s from such promotions as Chikara, Inter Species Wrestling, IWA East Coast, IWA Deep South and many other promotions. Be sure to continue to support indy wrestling!!!

Zandig DVD “The Ultraviolent Icon: The Zandig Story” Vol. 3 $20.00
This is the final installment of the best of Zandig series and features a 3.5 hour interview and several of Zandig’s favorite matches in CZW.
1. Interview
2. Fans Bring The Weapons – Zandig vs. Eddie Kingston & Robbie Mireno – CZW 7/30/05
3. Ultraviolent Boxes, Squared Circle Of Fear & Whatever The F@#k Is Left Death Match – Zandig vs. Nick Gage vs. Necro Butcher – CZW 7/30/05
4. “The Junkyard” Zandig vs. JC Bailey vs. Nick Gage – UVU 10/8/05
5. Cage Of Death – Joker, Necro Butcher & Toby Klein vs. Zandig, Nick Gage & Justice Pain – CZW 12/10/05
6. Cage Of Death Match – Zandig vs. Nick Gage vs. LOBO vs. LuFisto – CZW 12/9/06
7. No Rope Barbed Wire – Zandig vs. Necro Butcher – CZW 6/9/07
8. Pain In The Glass Death: Nick Gage vs. ZANDIG – CZW 10/25/09

Sami Callihan DVD “Confessions of a Switchblade: The Sami Callihan Story” $20.00
This 3 disc releases features a 100+ minute interview and over 20 of Sami Callihan’s best matches.
1. Interview
2. Sami Callihan vs. Nigel McGuinness – HWA
3. Sami Callihan vs. Dingo – IWA-MS 4/12/08
4. Bellefontaine Street Fight: Sami Callihan vs. Johnny Gargano – American Luchacore 5/9/08
5. Sami Callihan vs. Drake Younger – IWA-MS 7/6/08
6. Sami Callihan vs. Eddie Kingston – IWA-MS 9/27/08
7. Sami Callihan vs. 2 Cold Scorpio – IWA-MS 9/27/08
8. Necro Butcher vs. Sami Callihan – IWA-MS 10/4/08
9. Sami Callihan vs. Roderick Strong – IWA-EC 10/8/08
10. Sami Callihan vs. Michael Elgin – IWA-MS 12/5/08
11. Last Man Standing Match: Sami Callihan vs. Greg Excellent – CZW 1/10/09
12. B-Boy vs. Sami Callihan – IWA-MS 2/7/09
13. Sami Callihan vs. Egotistico Fantastico – CZW 6/13/09
14. Tangled Web Match: Drake Younger & Scotty Vortekz vs. Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley – CZW 8/8/09
15. Bed Of Nails & Nail Strips: Danny Havoc vs. Sami Callihan – IWA-EC 11/7/09
16. Cage Of Death: Sami Callihan vs. Danny Havoc – CZW 12/12/09
17. Sami Callihan vs. Sabian vs. Ryu Lee vs. Ophidian – Force 1 1/29/10
18. Switchblade Conspiracy (Sami Callihan & Jon Moxley) vs. The Young Bucks – wXw 3/6/10
19. Sami Callihan vs. Jon Moxley – CZW 4/10/10
20. Sami Callihan Vs. Chris Hero – Force 1 – 4/30/10
21. Joker vs. Sami Callihan vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Chuck Taylor – CZW 9/10/10
22. Rich Swann vs. Sami Callihan – Force 1 10/15/10
23. MASADA vs. Sami Callihan – CZW 11/6/10
24. Sami Callihan vs Robert Anthony – CZW 12/11/10

Beyond Wrestling DVD “Pop Culture” $15.00
1. Team Beyond (Chase Burnett & Zane Silver) vs. The Jollyville .-Its (Russ Myers & T-Money)
2. Johnny Cockstrong vs. J-Block vs. TJ Marconi vs. Nick Talent
3. Corvis Fear vs. Jonny Mangue vs. Anthony Stone vs. Darius Carter
4. Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous (Darius Carter & TJ Marconi) vs. The Jollyville .-Its
5. Lamont Williams vs. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds vs. Dolor De Cabeza
6. Chase Burnett vs. AERO! vs. J-Block vs. Aiden Hallows
7. Danny Danger vs. Johnny Cockstrong
8. Corvis Fear vs. Malcolm Sunshine
9. Jonny Mangue vs. Nick Talent
10. Jefferson Saint vs. Anthony Stone
11. Chris Dickinson vs. Zane Silver

AAW DVD January 22, 2011 “Chaos Theory” – Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. Samuray Del Sol vs. Juice Robinson
2. The Awesome Threesome vs. The Northstar Express
3. Johnny Gargano vs. Matt Cross vs. Arik Cannon vs. Marion Fontaine
4. Mason Beck vs. N8 Mattson
5. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Jake Crist
6. Irish Airborne vs. Dan Lawrence & Jimmy Jacobs
7. Zero Gravity vs. Nick Brubaker & Jesse Emerson
8. Keith Walker vs. Chris Hall
9. THE CLASH vs. Krotch & MsChif
10. Silas Young vs. Shane Hollister

AAW DVD “Best of 2010” $15.00
This is a special 2 disc release which features the best matches from AAW for 2010.
1. Halllowicked vs. Gran Akuma vs. Jigsaw vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Louis Lyndon vs. Trik Davis (Chaos Theory)
2. Davey Richards vs. Super Crazy (Chaos Theory)
3. Tyler Black vs. Shane Hollister (Chaos Theory)
4. Silas Young vs. Hallowicked (Fearless)
5. House of Truth vs. Tyler Black / Jimmy Jacobs (Auditions)
6. Phoenix Twins vs. House of Truth – Barbed Wire Match (6th Ann show)
7. Arik Cannon vs. Krotch (Bound By Hate)
8. Arik Cannon vs. MsChif (Bound By Hate)
9. Dan Lawrence vs. Larry Sweeney (Reign of Violence)
10. Tyler Black vs. Silas Young (Reign of Violence)
11. Silas Young vs. Riccochet (Fade to black)
12. House Of Truth vs. Tyler Black / Jimmy Jacobs (Fade to Black)

AAW DVD “Best of 2009” $15.00
This is a special 2 disc release which features the best matches from AAW for 2009.
1. Tyler Black vs. Davey Richards (Path of Redemption)
2. Jay Bradley vs. Tyler Black vs. Egotistico Fantastico (5 Year Anniversary)
3. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Ryan Boz (5 Year Anniversary)
4. Johnny Gargano vs. Shane Hollister (Point of No Return)
5. Matt Cross & Shane Hollister vs. The Phoenix Twins (Fate of Eight)
6. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (Scars & Stripes)
7. The House of Truth vs. Silas Young and Dan Lawrence (A Reign of Violence)
8. Faith in Nothing vs. The Phoenix Twins vs. Irish Airborne (A Reign of Violence)
9. Gran Akuma, Hallowicked & Jigsaw vs. Arik Cannon & Northstar Express (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)
10. Silas Young vs. Bryan Danielson (Defining Moment: Us vs. Them)
11. Arik Cannon vs. CJ Esparza (Massacre on 26th St.)
12. House of Truth vs. The Phoenix Twins (Windy City Classic 5)
13. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Shane Hollister vs. Silas Young vs. Tyler Black (Windy City Classic 5)
14. Jimmy Jacobs, Shane Hollister & Tyler Black vs. Silas Young & Irish Airborne (Twisted Christmas)

ICW DVD “Best of 2010 & From the Vault” $15.00
ICW DVD “Best of 2010”
1. Colt Cabana vs. Tyler Baggins – “Ladies Night” 3-11-10
2. Drake Younger vs. Chase McCoy – “Road to the Classic” 3-26-10
3. Bobby V vs. Dysfunction – “Barbwire Madness” 4-8-10
4. Austin Aries vs. Ashton Vuitton – “4-22-10”
5. Drake Younger vs. Troy Walters – “4-22-10”
6. Mickey McCoy vs. Troy Walters – “ICW Returns” 7-30-10
7. Chase McCoy vs. Dysfunction – “ICW Returns” 7-30-10
8. Yabo The Clown vs. Dysfunction – “Insane 8 2010” 11-19-10
9. Scotty Vortekz vs. Bobby Valentino – “Insane 8 2010” 11-19-10
10. Sadist vs. Yabo The Clown – “For The Family III” 12-17-10
11. X-Pac, Dysfunction, & Super Mario vs. Bobby V, Troy Walters & TW3 – “For The Family III” 12-17-10

ICW “From the Vault” (MAPW 7-25-03)
1. Colt Cabana vs. Austin Aries
2. Ace Steel vs. Silas Young
3. Rasche Brown vs. CM Punk
4. Chris Hero vs. Shawn Daivari

PWO DVD December 12, 2010 “Finale 2010” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Matthew Justice vs. Bobby Beverly
2. Kirst vs. Corey Winters
3. Bobby Shields vs. Jason Gory
4. Sons Of Michigan vs. Homeless Handicapped Connection
5. Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory
6. Nicki Valentino vs. Matthew Justice
7. Krimson vs. Ben Fruith
8. Johnny Gargano vs. M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross

PWO DVD October 10, 2010 “Three Anniversary Show” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
1. Kirst vs. Luis Diamante
2. Brian Bender vs. Matthew Justice
3. Krimson vs. Corey Winters
4. Jason Bane vs. Jack Verville
5. Sex Appeal vs. Aeroform
6. Michael Facade vs. Matthew Justice
7. The Homeless Handicapped Connection vs. The Sons Of Michigan
8. Johnny Gargano vs. Marion Fontaine
9. Bonus Features: recap of PWO Season One, promos and much more


Chikara – 2/19 – Reading, PA
Chikara – 2/20 – Easton, PA
ICW – 2/25 – Milwaukee, WI
IWA Deep South 2/26 – Cullman, AL
Chikara – 3/12 – Williamsport, PA
Chikara – 3/13 – Brooklyn, NY
ICW – 3/25 – Milwaukee, WI
Chikara – 4/15-4/17 – Philadelphia, PA


CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA: The Colony vs. BDK, Osirian Portal & more in Easton on Feb 20!

On Sunday afternoon, February 20th, the CHIKARA gang rolls back into The Palmer Center of Easton, PA for a show we’re calling “Clutch of Doom!” Be there live as we present these 7 sensational bouts:

Fire Ant & Soldier Ant vs. Claudio Castagnoli & Tursas

Jigsaw vs. Tim Donst

The Osirian Portal vs. Los Ice Creams vs. 3.0 vs. Daizee Haze & Delirious

Sara Del Rey vs. Madison Eagles

UltraMantis Black & Hallowicked & Frightmare vs. Obariyon & Kodama & Kobald

Ophidian vs. Icarus

The Throwbacks vs. The UnStable

Tickets & directions available here:

Season 10 begins here:

“Caught in a Cauldron of Hate”
2.19.2011 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Goodwill Beneficial Assoc.
100 Madison Ave.
in Reading, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

“Clutch of Doom”
2.20.2011 – Sunday Afternoon
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Road
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm!

“Operation Big Freeze”
3.12.2011 – Saturday Evening
Live @ The Campbell Street Center
600 Campbell Street
in Williamsport, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm!

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Devin Cutting sent this in:

Athletik Club Wrestling returns to the AC Sports Park in Weinheim, Germany on February 19th, 2011 at 7 PM with these matches:

Tatanka, Nok Su Kau & Master J vs. Argjend Qufaj, Eric Schwarz & Boombastic
The German Eagle & Berengar vs. Soren Reuter & The Punisher
The Brothers Of Doom vs. Aaron Insane & Chris Rush
Flippo The Clown vs. Nemesis
Patrick Zimmerman vs. ????

Go to for info about ACW & or for info about upcoming wrestling shows worldwide.