Indy News Update #2 for February 19, 2011
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Larry Goodman sent this in:

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 158
Airing February 18, 2011 on The America One Network
Taped January 15, 2011 at the HWA Arena in LaVergne, TN

Last Week on SAW…The startling change in Kid Kash continued, as he not only beat Daniel Wheeler (NWA Anarchy’s Steven Walters) fair and square but offered a handshake after the match…Rudy Charles showed up at the side of A-Team. Paul Adams explained that legal counsel Jesse Emerson had petitioned SAW to have Charles installed as the referee for all A-Team matches…David Young defeated Vordell Walker when Charles disqualified Walker for using a closed fist.

Michael Graham greeted us from ringside at the HWA Arena in Lavernge, Tn. He was joined by Walker, who said the stuff with Charles costing him the match last week was bogus. He challenged Young to a rematch.


Williams frustrated the SAW newcomer with his shenanigans to the point Mitchell punched The King in the face. Back from commercial, Williams was in full control. Grahams said Charles was suspended with pay pending an investigation of his actions last week. Graham also announced SAW Champion Phil Shatter vs. Tommy Mercer as the main event for February 12 at the Stadium Inn. Williams went for the Lawler fist drop. It missed giving Mitchell an opening for a comeback. He got a near fall with a basement dropkick. As King Shane was fishing around in his tights, presumably for a foreign object, he was attacked by Arrick Andrews. Williams immediately hi-tailed it to the back.

WINNER: Williams via DQ in 5:30 when he was attacked by Arrick Andrews.

Next up was one of the funniest vignettes to ever air on a wrestling TV show. Adams was in the hallway of the SAW office suite talking on the phone with Young. Adams told Young to meet him there so they could go partying. Young offered to call Mary Kate and Ashley. “The Olsens?” Adams asked. Young said, “No, the Zimmerman twins. One of them has a club foot.” Adams asked if they were hot. Young said they were easy.

You know our motto, Dave. Beauty is only a light switch away.

Before hanging up, Young said “love ya, Paul,” and got his feeling hurt when Adams didn’t say it back. Adams said it was awkward because the camera was there for an interview about Charles. Young suggested that Paul wasn’t secure in his manhood. He said they went back a long way, and he wouldn’t feel right about hanging up unless Paul said it. Under extreme duress, Adams finally got the words out.

After taking a moment to regain his composure, Adams addressed the Charles situation.

He is a stickler for rules. From what I understand, he doesn’t run with scissors. From what I understand, he waits TWO hours after eating to go swimming.

Adams said George Gulas as matchmaker was a puppet regime. His phone rang. “Dave, I said it already.” Adams said Reno Riggins and Commissioner Freddie Morton were pulling the strings on the suspension of Rudy Charles. Adams said they were proving Emerson’s case, and before it was all over the A-Team would own SAW. Adams said they were going to celebrate because for the first time in year, Young was a winner, just weeks after Adams became his life coach.

2 – JESSE EMERSON (with Rick Santel & Roxy) vs. RYAN GENESIS

WINNER: Emerson in 8:50.


Gulas was on location for the big announcement that SAW/Gulas Old School Wrestling would return to the Nashville Fairgrounds Sports Arena on May 7. The camera panned over to where the arena was being set up for the monthly flea market. What a buzz killer that was.

3 – SAW Tag Team Title Match: Champions DERRICK KING ENTERPRISES (Derrick King & Drew Haskins) vs. PICTURE PERFECT (Jon Michael Worthington & Christian Jacobs)

WINNER: Picture Perfect to become the new SAW Tag Team Champions in 12:30.

Afterthoughts: This show is worth watching if for no other reason than to see the comedy gold involving Adams and Young – a terrific concept brilliantly executed. If they gave awards for acting in pro wrestling vignettes, Adams would win one for this performance. My wife was laughing so hard she couldn’t catch her breath, and her tolerance for anything related to pro wresting is pretty low these days…The HWA Arena made for some shabby looking television. SAW didn’t have that nice set they were using in Columbia. Not the liveliest of crowds either. It wasn’t a SAW crowd in the first place, because the Gulas Memorial hoopla drew the house, plus the show was four hours old before the first SAW match hit the ring…Williams vs. Mitchell – the moves looked OK, but there was no chemistry to speak of. Mitchell has decent size and physique, but that hillbilly hippee haircut only works for Matt Dillinger.

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The Stro passed this along:

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