Indy News Update #1 for February 27, 2011
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Kenny Ozz sent this in:

The DWA “Dynamic Wrestling Alliance” is running a really cool card in Trenton, Ohio on 3/12. Trenton is halfway between Cincinnati and Dayton.

Legends appearing at the show:

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
Demolition “Ax AND Smash”
Tammy “Sunny” Sytch
Dan “The Beast” Severn

The show is only $10 and its at the:
73 Skate Club
100 Sal Blvd.
Trenton, Ohio

Its been announced that the main event is Demolition vs Valentine/Beefcake.

Eric Aha sent this in:

I attended a POWW Entertainment show in Elk Grove Village, Illinois last night. Demolition made an appearance. They charged 10 dollars for an autograph. Surprisingly, not many people were in line to meet them. The promoter repeatedly tried to get more people to go to their table, but it did not really work. Both looked past their prime. Ax and Smash ended up fighting in an 8-man tag match that wasn’t even the last match on the card. Ax still has his hair, while Smash was bald. Understandably, they were not in the best shape. Both wore the face paint and old wrestling gear, but they fought with t-shirts on that said “Demolition World Tour” on them. Attendance was around 100-150 people. Overall, it was a nice dose of nostalgia. Ax and Smash did their best given their age. It would be nice to see them get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame so they can get more recognition.