AWF Australia sent this in:

Here are results from Australasian Wrestling Federation events this weekend in Australia. If you can mention them in your news section that would be really great.

Many thanks,
Greg Bownds
AWF Australia

AWF Best Of The Best
Panther, Penrith, NSW
Fri 15 January, 2010

RD 1: Krackerjack b TNT, R1: Blakestone b Mark Hilton, Young Lion’s Championship: Mick Moretti b Jarred Slate, AWF Australasian Championship: Massive Q b Iron Jay Coles (Massive Q becomes new champion in tournament final), Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Spaceboy Dacey, Tag Team Championships: Cornershop Connection b Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior, Best of the Best Final: Krackerjack b Blakestone

This Is AWF Wrestling
The Cube, Campbelltown, NSW
Sat 16 January, 2010
Attendance: 350

Yong Lions Championship: Mick Moretti b Tama Williams, Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Jarred Slate, Selene b Mighty Mel, Blakestone b Steve Ravenous, TNT & Iron Jay Massive Q & Il Cognito, Yong Lions Championship: Mick Moretti b Adam Hoffman, Lumberjack match: Iron Jay b Il Cognito, Tag Championships: Traffic & Frankie b Flyswat & Linstrom, Harley Wonderland b Bombshell Bo, Commonwealth Title: Powerhouse Theo b Krackerjack

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