ROH Honor Takes Center Stage- Chapter One
Atlanta, GA
By: Jason “JerseyViper” Namako, Wrestleview VIP member

Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak welcome us to the show. Crowd is completely sold out. Different setup for the show than past ROH shows.

Match Number One: Michael Elgin vs. “The Generic Luchador” El Generico (House of Truth is banned from Ringside)

Announcers mention during this that The ANX and The Briscoes brawled before the show and King and Titus were thrown out of the building. Crowd is firmly behind Generico, getting involved with different chants during the match. Elgin has advantage for most of the early parts of this match. Announcers also note that 150 people were turned away trying to get in the show tonight. Generico comes back with some nice offense, including a top rope frankensteiner, and an exploder suplex into the turnbuckles, gaining a nearfall. Generico’s Yakuza Kick is blocked into Oklahoma Stampede attempt, reversed by Generico then Elgin with a lariat for 2. Generico backdrops out of Elgin’s powerbomb attempt, but get caught with a slam for 2. Generico sidesteps Elgin to the outside, then tries a crossbody, caught by Elgin, who tries to slam Generico into railing, but is sent to railing himself. Generico then with a swinging DDT onto Elgin on the floor. A man in a mask interferes and hotshots Generico, Elgin with the spiral bomb for the 3 count.

Winner is Michael Elgin after interference by masked man.
Referees help Generico to the back

Clip is shown of Eddie Edwards’ ROH Title win in NYC.

Truth Martini is in the ring with another tryout to the HOT in Caleb Konley, crowd chants “Shut the F Up” at Martini. Martini wants Konley to prove that is he is worthy for HOT, if not, then he is out.

Match Number Two in Four Corner Survival: Tommaso Ciampa w/Prince Nana, Princess Mia Yim and Barrister R.D. Evans vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide vs. Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. Caleb Konley

Konley and Homicide start things off. Crowd chants “Let’s go Spanky” at Konley. Tag in to Cabana by Homicide. Cabana does his usual silliness with Konley. Cabana tags in Homicide. Homicide scores with an overhead belly to belly. Ciampa gets the tag. Homicide with the 10 punches but dumped to the floor by Ciampa. Mia Yim with a kick to Homicide as Embassy gangs up on him. Tag into Konley. Konley with some offense then tags back in Ciampa. Clothesline by Ciampa then some elbows for a 2. Tag back in to Konley. Konley with a guillotine into the ropes for 2. Konley locks in a modified version of the Rings of Saturn. Tag into Cabana. Cabana flips, flops, and files on Konley with the bionic elbow, Cabana nails everyone else with the bionic elbow, then gives a kiss to Princess Mia. Moonsault by Colt gets 2. Cabana scores with the Flying Apple, but Ciampa tags in. Flying knee by Konley only gets 2. Powerbomb into lungblower by Ciampa but Homicide gets blind tag. Tope Con Hijo by Homicide onto Cabana . 2nd tope con hijo to Ciampa by Homicide. 3rd tope con hijo by Homicide onto everyone. Cop Killa by Homicide onto Konley and scores the 3 count.

Winner: “The Notorious 187” Homicide

Homicide and Cabana shake hands after the match. After the match, Truth Martini fools Caleb Konley into thinking he joined the HOT after his valiant effort, and Michael Elgin gives Konley the Spiral Bomb.

Match Number Three- The Women of Honor: “Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey & Serena Deeb vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara

The Joshi women come to ring with the Japanese flag. Code of Honor is adhered to start the match. Serena and Hiroyo start off. Dueling arm drags by both women, and then a stalemate. Tag into Del Rey. Crowd chants “Queen of Wrestling” at Del Rey. Back and forth by both women then tag into Ayumi. Snap suplex and bridge for 2. Big boot by Del Rey gets 2. Tag into Serena. Butterfly lock by Ayumi but broken up by Del Rey. Ayumi off the top with a crossbody onto both Serena and Del Rey. Armbar by Ayumi in ropes on Serena but again broken up. Deeb scores a nearfall on Ayumi. Tag into Del Rey. Double elbows by both, Facebuster by Del Rey for 2. Tag into Serena. Leg drop gets 2. Knees into back by Serena, then applies a cravate. Roll up by Ayumi gets 2. Del Rey tags in, but receives a codebreaker. Hiroyo tags in. Crossbody onto both Del Rey and Deeb gets 2. Gutbuster by Hiroyo gets 2. Serena tags in. Jabs by Serena, Hiroyo counters with a kick to Serena. Del Rey hits a Coppo Kick. Del Rey gets sent to the outside by Hiroyo. Multiple exploder suplexes thrown by both Joshi women to Serena. Finally, Hiroyo with the Backdrop Driver on Serena gets the win.

Winners: The Joshi Women of Honor

SHIMMER Tag Champs Daizee Haze and Nakagawa get in face of Ayumi and Hiroyo. Nakagawa spits water in their faces and Haze and Nakagawa run to the back.

Footage is shown of the problems in NYC between All Night Express and The Briscoes.

Match Number Four: Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly vs. The Briscoe Brothers

Briscoes are booed heavily by crowd in ATL. Code of Honor is adhered to start. Mark Briscoe and Adam Cole start off. Chain wrestling by both to begin this match. Back and forth action leads to a stalemate. Tag into both Jay Briscoe and Kyle O’Reilly. Armbar applied by O’Reilly. Briscoe scores with a boot. Blind tag by Cole with a dropkick for a nearfall. Mark tags in and lays in some chops. Cole with some chops of his own. Double team by Cole and O’Reilly scores 2. Decapitation clothesline by Jay Briscoe. Leg drop scores a 2 count. “Man Up” chants by the crowd. Double team by Briscoes with chops and the double biel gets a 2. Crossface strikes by Mark. O’Reilly fights back with kicks. Cole tags in. Jay Briscoe sent to outside with kick then dive to outside by Cole. Briscoe nails Cole with a spinebuster to hush the crowd. Mark tags in and hits a suplex for 2. Tag in to Jay and double knees to the gut of Cole. Another boot by Briscoe gets 2. Cole tries to fight back and make tag but is stopped. Tag in to Mark and chokes Cole with boot. Leg lariat by Cole off of middle ropes onto Mark. O’Reilly gets the tag. Flurry of strikes by O’Reilly knocks down Mark. Double dragon screw leg whip by O’Reilly onto the Briscoes. Missile dropkick onto both gets 2. O’Reilly with the triple butterfly suplexes then nails a DDT. Wheelbarrow suplex by Cole gets 2. Crowd chants “This Is Awesome”. O’Reilly with a dropkick off apron onto Jay. Crossbody by Cole onto Mark gets another 2. Double team by Cole and O’Reilly gets another close 2. Enziguri by Mark and Jay gets the blind tag. Falcon Arrow gets broken up after 2. Mark with some Redneck Kung Fu. Jay with a superkick to O’Reilly. Briscoes call for the Doomsday Device. It connects springboard style and gets the 3.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers by pinfall

After the match, The All Night Express come through the crowd and starts brawling with the Briscoes. King and Titus both have taped fists. Security and wrestlers from back come out and try to break it up, but are nailed by everybody. King goes for a piledriver on floor on Mark but is stopped by Jay. Both teams continue to brawl until finally separated. Crowd chants for King and Titus and also chant “F the Briscoes”.

We go to an intermission.

Back from intermission a mere 20 minutes later as head into our rematch from last year’s Final Battle.

Match Number Five: Roderick Strong w/Truth Martini vs. “The American Wolf” Davey Richards

Crowd is solidly behind Davey in Atlanta. Crowd chants “Best in The World” at Richards. The Code of Honor is not adhered to. Chain wrestling to start off between both guys. Crowd chants “F him up, Davey, F him up”. Back and forth with the ground and mat work from Strong and Richards. Davey scores with strikes to knock down Strong and begin the attack. Snap suplex gets the 1st nearfall. Richards applies a Texas Cloverleaf, then with an Indian Deathlock. Richards hits a backbreaker, then goes up top. Martini grabs the leg and distracts Richards, which allows Strong to nail a kick that sends Richards to the outside. Strong and Richards brawl on the floor. Back in the ring, Strong puts the boots to Davey and chokes him with the boot. Richards is bleeding from the mouth. Strong with an abdominal stretch and gets a nearfall. Strong now with a key lock applied as the crowd chants “Boring”. Strong has a body scissors but Richards reverses the hold but Strong with a kick to Richards’ bloody mouth. Strong dumps Richards’s throat first across the steel barricade on the outside. Scoop slam by Strong sends Richards kidneys first against the ring apron. Richards climbs back in but is meant with boots by Strong. Array of strikes by both till Strong again takes advantage. Discus forearm in corner by Strong. Richards is thrown into far buckles and seems out of it. Strong is relentless on attack and scores with the backbreaker to get another nearfall. Belly to back suplex by Strong gets another 2 count. Strong applies a front chancery in the center of ring. Davey fights out of it, but is nailed with a hard chop by Strong. Davey with a kick sends Strong to the outside. Davey with a soccer kick to Strong’s arm. Davey with a tope dive to Strong on the outside, nailing his head against the barricade. Davey gets the crowd into it with a wolf cry. Missile dropkick scores by Richards. Another array of strikes by both till a handspring enziguri by Richards gets 2. Crucifix by Richards gets another 2. German suplex with a bridge gets a 3rd straight 2 for Richards. Ankle lock applied by Richards. Strong counters into the LeBell Lock. Davey with a schoolboy for a 2. Belly to back slam by Strong gets another nearfall. Both men climb up to the top rope. Backbreaker on the turnbuckles by Strong sends Davey to the floor. Strong gets another close nearfall. Strong goes for the Strong Hold and it is locked in. Davey reaches the ropes, forcing the break. Davey and Strong trade hard strikes in the corner, battle is won by Strong with his vicious chops. Richards again with a flurry of kicks in the corner. Alarm clock kick by Richards, and a barrage of kicks by Richards, but Strong fights back with a hard knee strike. Crowd chants “ROH”. Both men down, referee begins count, both men are back up and are on the apron. Both men climb up 2nd rope, and backbreaker by Strong sends Davey crashing to the apron below. Referee is at 10 count as Davey climbs back in, only to be met by a kick by Strong, sending him back down. Referee almost reaches the 20 count, as Richards just beats it. Roderick nails Richards with strikes, but Davey fights back. Sick Kick by Strong gets a close 2. Backbreaker and gutbuster gets another real close nearfall. Crowd applauds both wrestlers efforts. Strong goes for the Gibson driver but is countered. Belly to back suplex by Richards, as Strong lands on his head. Lariat by Davey gets another 2. 2 big kicks by Davey gets another 2, then he once again applies the ankle lock. Martini goes on the apron, which distracts Davey. Strong with an enziguri and another backbreaker for 2. Strong scores with the Gibson Driver and once again applies the Strong Hold. Crowd chants “Please don’t tap”. Richards fights out and again applies the ankle lock. Martini tries to interfere, but is sent out by Richards. Ankle lock is applied again, but Strong reaches the ropes. Both men up on top, Superplex by Davey, Richards holds on to the facelock and nails Strong with the Falcon Arrow, and for the 4th time, applies the ankle lock, Strong has no choice but to finally tap out.

Winner: “The American Wolf” Davey Richards via submission

Martini helps Strong to the back as Davey celebrates in the ring.

Crowd chants “That Was Awesome” for the great match they just saw. (Not my opinion.)

Match Number Six for the ROH Tag Team Titles: The Kings of Wrestling w/Shane Hagadorn and Sara Del Rey© vs. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team

Huge reaction for Haas and Benjamin as they make their way to the ring. Dueling chants by the crowd for both teams as Dave Prazak handled the ring intros for this match. Code of Honor is not adhered to as the bell rings to kick off this match. Claudio and Shelton start things off. Quick roll up by Shelton gets a nearfall as Claudio is shaken by it. Hero tags in and is overwhelmed by the amateur wrestling skills of Benjamin. Pin attempt by Shelton gets 2 and both men exchange slaps. Tag in to Haas and lays in strikes to Hero. Haas scores with an overhead belly to belly that gets a 2 count. Haas applies an armbar to ground Hero but is reversed as Hero takes control with strikes in the corner. Haas arm drags Hero down and drives knees to the arm. Haas with a hammerlock but Hero counters with a jawbreaker. Claudio tags in but is taken down by Haas. Haas begins to work on Claudio’s leg and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin with a leg version of the DDT and drives a knee into Claudio’s leg. Tag into Haas as Haas drives his weight across Claudio’s leg. Tag back into Shelton as WGTT continues to work on the leg. Half crab by Benjamin but Hero breaks it up. Double elbow to Hero and double back body drop to Claudio, who is noticeably limping. All 4 men in the ring now, as WGTT scores with double German suplexes for a 2 count. Del Rey and Hagadorn check on the champions on the outside as they take a breather. More dueling chants from the crowd as they are really into this match. Claudio takes control on Shelton with a hotshot, and tags in Hero. Del Rey grabs the leg of Benjamin, and Hero with a big boot that knocks Shelton to the floor. Hero scores a nearfall and tags back in Claudio. Claudio with an elbow that scores another 2. Claudio now with an armbar as he is still showing signs of discomfort in his knee and leg. Claudio goozles Shelton for a chokeslam, but counters into a rollup for 2. Claudio this time scores with the chokeslam, but gets only a 2 count. Hero is tagged in and continues to work on the arm of Benjamin, which has been hurt by the Kings. Hero with a backbreaker for a nearfall. Armbar by Hero, which he changes to a keylock. Referee checks the arm of Benjamin, but Shelton gets the arm up. Hero tags in Claudio, who drives the elbow and blatantly chokes Benjamin in front of the referee. Claudio with gorilla press into a hotshot on Benjamin for another nearfall. Sleeper hold applied by Claudio. Crowd chants “Let’s Go Shelton” and “Claudio”. Uppercut by Claudio and a shot by Hero while referee was with Haas. Hero with a big boot for 2. Dragon Whip by Shelton on Hero and both men are down. Haas gets the tag and nails both Hero and Claudio. Head scissors takedown and suplex gets a 2 count. Haas with a powerslam but broken up by Claudio. Frankensteiner off the second rope by Haas on Claudio. Superkick by Shelton on Hero. Benjamin hits the leapfrog double team maneuver on both Kings. Rolling elbow by Hero on Haas. Claudio tags in and double boots to both Haas and Benjamin but only gets a 2. Claudio goes for the Giant Swing and Hero scores with the kick but Benjamin breaks up the pinfall. Crowd chants “This Is Awesome”. Some miscommunication by the Kings but is stopped. DDT by Haas on Claudio gets another 2 count. Exchange of strikes by Claudio and Haas. Pop-Up European Uppercut only gets 2 for Claudio. Ricola Bomb is countered into a slam by Haas. Haas applies the Haas of Pain, but Del Rey distracts the referee. Hagadorn throws Hero the loaded elbow pad, but Benjamin jumps up to the top rope where Hero was, and superplexes him off to leave Claudio with no choice but to tap out.

Winners and New ROH Tag Team Champions: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via submission

Haas and Benjamin celebrate their title win as Shane Hagadorn is shocked as to what just happened. Jim Cornette comes out to give an embrace to the new champs. Crowd is electric after the match.

Main Event for the ROH World Title: Eddie Edwards © vs. ROH TV Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Crowd chants “Fallen Angel” for Daniels. Edwards comes out to new ring music. Not a big reaction for Edwards in Atlanta. Once again, Dave Prazak is handling the ring intros. Code Of Honor is adhered to start this match. Edwards also has new tights that say “Die Hard” on them. As is the pattern, chain wrestling starts off this match before slaps and strikes rear their ugly head and really kick off the match. Dueling chants for both men. Daniels with shoulders and strikes in the corner to Edwards. Edwards connects with a frankensteiner and an arm drag to gain control. Edwards sends Daniels to the buckles and nails him with a hard chop. Another hard chop knocks Daniels down. Edwards goes for another frankensteiner, but is countered into a half crab, or Edwards signature Achilles Lock. Now on the outside, Edwards hip-tosses Daniels into the barricade, although clutching his knee. Chops by Edwards on the floor and seats Daniels in a chair outside the ring while delivering another chop to him. Back in the ring, Edwards with a back suplex for 2. Edwards with a kick to Daniels, who was perched on the top rope and is then caught in the Tree of Woe, and Edwards with another kick to the helpless Daniels for another nearfall. Edwards now with a chinlock, raking at Daniels face. Daniels blocks a suplex attempt by Edwards, and sends the champs face-first to the middle turnbuckle. Daniels scores with the Blue Thunder Bomb, but cannot make a cover. Daniels nails Edwards with the STO, but is met by Edwards with a codebreaker, who gets another nearfall. Jawbreaker and enziguri by Daniels. Edwards counters the urnangi and perches Daniels on the top turnbuckle. Edwards goes for the piggybank stunner and Daniels counters with the urnangi thru the ringside table. Crowd chants “Holy S***. Daniels rolls back in the ring as the referee makes his count on the fallen champion. Daniels goes back out after Edwards and slams him thru 2 chairs on the outside, as the crowd chants “F TNA”, and Daniels responds by taunting them. Slingshot elbow back in the ring gains Daniels a 2. 2 scoop slams by Daniels and more taunting by Daniels before admistering a 3rd scoop slam for only a nearfall. Hard Irish whip by Daniels drives Edwards to the buckles hard. Daniels stomps away at the back of Edwards, gaining a negative reaction from the crowd. Suplex by Daniels gets another nearfall and Daniels then applies a chinlock, driving his knee into Edwards injured back. Edwards fights back with chops but Daniels with a spinebuster for another close 2 count. Daniels drives Edwards to the buckles, then places him on top for a superplex, which earns him another nearfall. Dueling chants by the crowd as Daniels applies shoulders to the ribs of the champion. Edwards is placed on the top turnbuckle again. Edwards fights Daniels off the ropes and scores with a missile dropkick. Both men are down as the referee begins his count. Edwards with a running boot to the face that rock Daniels. Back and forth pin attempts by both men get many nearfalls. Daniels is sent to the outside, and Edwards with a tope dive to Daniels on the floor. Crowd chants “This Is Wrestling”. Daniels is rolled back in the ring as Edwards climbs to the top rope. Crossbody gets Edwards another nearfall. Edwards with a flurry of chops in the corner, and then scores with a Tiger Suplex for another 2 count. Daniels fights off a back suplex attempt, but is nailed with a gutbuster for another two. Edwards goes back up top, misses with the double stomp, and is caught by Daniels in the Octopus. Edwards tries to reach the ropes, and finally makes it by placing his foot on the ropes to break the hold. Edwards is placed again on the top turnbuckle, and Daniels scores with a side slam off the ropes for another close nearfall. Daniels nails forearm shots, but misses a kick and Edwards locks in the Achilles Lock, Daniels tries for the Koji clutch, but his shoulders were down for 2. Exchange of blows by both men, won by Daniels with palm strikes and an enziguri, Lariat by Edwards, and scores the 2K1 Bomb for a close 2 count. Daniels is placed on the top rope, Daniels tries for a Super Angel Wings, but is countered. Edwards with the double stomp across the back, and a running kick to the chest. Daniels comes back with the Angels Wings, but only gets a 2. Daniels is frustrated, and signals that the end is near. Uranagi, and Daniels hits the BME, Best Moonsault Ever, but Edwards kicks out before the 3. Closed fist punches by Daniels, then tries the BME, but Edwards gets the feet up. Achilles’ lock applied by Edwards, but Daniels kicks away at him and breaks the hold. Crowd chants “ROH”. Edwards is placed on the top rope, but nails Daniels with a Super 2K1 Bomb, and a second one in the ring to gain the victory and retain his title.

Winner and still ROH World Champion: Eddie Edwards via pinfall

After the match, Edwards extends his hand to Daniels, while the crowd chants “Shake His Hand”, but Daniels just looks at him and walks away with his ROH TV Belt, to a chorus of boos. Edwards grabs the microphone and puts over the crowd of Atlanta and says he hopes that ROH returns to Atlanta in the future. And that is it for the 1st part of Honor Takes Center Stage, till tomorrow, see you all later.