ROH Honor Takes Center Stage- Chapter Two
Atlanta, GA
By: Jason “JerseyViper” Namako, Wrestleview VIP member

Welcome to the 2nd of ROH Internet PPV offerings from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA, the home of tomorrow night’s Wrestlemania 27. Once Again, Ring of Honor Takes Center Stage. Had a great show last night, let’s see if they can top it with this 2nd show. One thing of note that I forgot to mention during the recap last night, there was no technical issues with the stream from GFL, nor were there production glitches as well. A first for this company and hopefully they have finally taken care of those issues that has been a thorn in their side since they started doing the shows. Now, on to the show as your announcers, like always are Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak.

Crowd is just as loud as they were last night with chants of “ROH”. Kevin Kelly and Dave Prazak welcome us to the show and run down the card for this afternoon.

ROH Owner Cary Silkin is out to get the crowd pumped as if they weren’t already, but nice to see that from the owner of the company.

Match Number One in a Challenge Match: The Kings of Wrestling (“That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero & “Very European” Claudio Castagnoli) w/ Shane Hagadorn and “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey vs. Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly

No bravado from the former champs as they are obviously upset after losing the titles last night. The crowd chants for the former champs as they make their way to the ring. It is 50/50 in crowd reaction for both teams as the match gets underway. The Kings attack Cole and O’Reilly to begin this match. Back elbow by Claudio as he tags in Hero. Slam to Cole as Hagadorn takes over on the commentary table. Claudio back in with the gorilla press, but countered by Cole who bulldogs Claudio off the top. O’Reilly in and nails a dropkick, backslide gets 2. O’Reilly with strikes to Claudio, however Kings double team slam O’Reilly hard to the mat. Crowd chants again for The Kings. Hero gets a nearfall on O’Reilly and scores with a kick for another nearfall. Tag back in to Claudio, who lays in a hard chop, O’Reilly fight back with forearms but is drilled by another slam by Claudio. Elbow drop gets a 2 count for Claudio. Tag back in to Hero who drives O’Reilly tailbone first with an atomic drop. Hero then applies a blatant choke, right in front of the referee. Big splash by Hero in the corner and Claudio clotheslines Cole off the apron. Combination uppercut and forearm by the Kings get 2. Quick sunset flip gets a 2 count for O’Reilly. Tag back in to Claudio, who lays in kicks to O’Reilly. Hero back in and O’Reilly avoids the Kings’ double team and makes the tag to Cole. Cole with dropkicks to both Kings and then hits a senton on Hero. Cole comes off the second rope with a leg lariat, and then sends Claudio to the floor with a dropkick. Cole over the top rope with a frankensteiner onto Claudio, and then O’Reilly comes off the apron with a missile dropkick to Hero, sending Hero crashing into the barricade. Crowd comes alive for Cole and O’Reilly. Crossbody by Cole gets a close 2 on Claudio. Crowd chants “ROH”. Superkick to Hero, but Hero fights back with the rolling elbow to both Cole and O’Reilly. Claudio makes the tag but it is hit with a Tornado DDT to and O’Reilly holds on to apply the guillotine choke. Hero kicks O’Reilly in the head repeatedly, but O’Reilly refuses to break the choke. Cole superkicks Hero to the outside and nails him with a dive. O’Reilly still has the hold locked in, but Claudio fights out and scores with the Pop-Up European uppercut. A Double bicycle kick by the Kings to O’Reilly and they pick up the win.

Winners: The Kings of Wrestling via pinfall

Hero yells into the camera that they will never be beaten again. Crowd chants “That Was Awesome” and applaud the efforts of Cole and O’Reilly.

The Embassy is out as Prince Nana cuts a promo introducing the newest member of the Embassy, “The Squire” Dave Taylor.

Match Number Two in a Special Attraction: Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana vs. “The Squire” Dave Taylor w/ The Embassy

Crowd is chanting “USA” at Taylor. Crowd is solidly behind Cabana for this match. Code of Honor is adhered to start the match. Lock up and Taylor makes a clean break. Taylor locks on a cravate and breaks. Another cravat applied by Taylor and Cabana breaks out, only to be met with a head scissors and a dropkick, sending Cabana to the floor in amazement. Taylor invites Cabana back into the ring. Criss-cross choke applied by Taylor, bringing Cabana to his knees. Cabana reverses into a choke of his own. Taylor escapes and drives shoulders into Cabana. Irish whip and Cabana with a back drop. Cabana with a facelock, countered by Taylor into a European Uppercut. Taylor with a head and arm chinlock applied to Cabana, as crowd taunts the Brit. Taylor brings Cabana down, but Cabana escape into the flip, flop, but before he flies, Taylor drills him with another European Uppercut. Taylor with a leg sweep and applies a leglock. Taylor kicking away at the leg and then drives an elbow across Cabana’s nose. Taylor once again applies the head and arm chinlock. Irish whip by Taylor, but Cabana reverses and hits the Flying Apple. Taylor with another European Uppercut, but Cabana then surprises him with a roll up for the 3 count.

Winner: Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana via pinfall

After the match, Prince Nana and Dave Taylor argue about what just happened. Crowd chants “Thank You Dave”.

Barrister R.D Evans tells Nana not to worry about the loss, as he brings out the “pet project” of the Embassy for our next match, in one Tommaso Ciampa.

Match Number Three: “The Notorious 187” Homicide vs. Tommaso Ciampa w/The Embassy

Crowd is really into Homicide for this match, chanting “187”. Ciampa on the attack right as the bell rings and hits Homicide with a dropkick to start things off. But Homicide takes him to the outside, as they begin brawling. Homicide with a chair, but Ciampa gets away. Homicide Irish whips Ciampa hard into the barricade. Ciampa is sent face first to the ring post, but fights back with chops and kicks to the ribs of Homicide. Homicide throws Ciampa throat first across the barricade. Back in the ring, Homicide connects with a reverse elbow and an overhead belly to belly suplex to gain control. All of Embassy gets up on the apron before Homicide has a chance to hit his tope con Hijo. Ciampa from behind and lifts Homicide into a torture rack, then converting it into a sit-out F-5 for a 2 count. Ciampa sends Homicide hard into the buckles, and begin stomping away at him. Ciampa brings down his knee pad and drives it into the face of Homicide for another 2 count. Homicide fights back with the 10 punches, and removes his elbow pad for the clothesline. Ciampa, however, hits a clothesline of his own for another nearfall. Ciampa slaps Homicide and talks trash to him. Exchange of right hands by both, Ciampa is sidestepped by Homicide and goes to the floor. Back outside, Homicide goes up to the stage above that has the ROH fans and hits a dive onto Ciampa. Now back inside the ring, Homicide off the ropes with a tornado DDT and a T-Bone suplex that gets a nearfall. Homicide goes for the Gringo Cutter, but is countered with a sidewalk slam into a backbreaker by Ciampa for another 2 count. Homicide chokes Ciampa in the corner and nails him with a face wash type kick into his face. Princess Mia on the apron and distracts Homicide. Ciampa connects with a neckbreaker into a cutter for another close nearfall. Ciampa goes for the powerbomb/backbreaker combo but is countered into the Gringo Cutter. Homicide goes for the Cop Killa, but Mia is back up on the apron. This causes Ciampa to recover and hit a Northern Lights suplex to get the surprise win.

Winner: Tommaso Ciampa via pinfall

Homicide grabs a steel chair from ringside and launches it in the face of Barrister R.D Evans. Homicide now has Princess Mia by the hair and is looking to hit her with the Cop Killa. Nana, however, gets her out of the ring before Homicide can do anything to her. Homicide throws the steel chair in frustration, and then thanks the crowd before exiting.

Announcers talk about how Daniels refused to shake Edwards’ hand after match, bringing up how Daniels has refused to do the Code of Honor dating all the way back to the beginning of ROH.

Match Number Four in a Non-Title Match: ROH TV Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels vs. Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini

Crowd is behind Daniels for this match. Match begins and Daniels with a flurry of strikes to Elgin. Forearm in the corner by Daniels and sends Elgin to the floor. Daniels hits a slingshot crossbody to the outside. Daniels sends Elgin face first off the apron. Back in the ring, Elgin with a powerful suplex to Daniels. Elgin stomps away at Daniels and splashes him in the corner. Daniels with a jawbreaker and enziguri to Elgin, that sends him to the floor. Daniels goes for a move to the outside, but Elgin catches him in mid-air. Daniels counters and Elgin goes shoulder first to the ring post. Back inside, Elgin with a flying shoulder tackle. Once again on the outside, Elgin sends Daniels hard into the barricade, back first. Elgin rolls Daniels back into the ring. Elgin with a shoulder block off the top rope for a 2 count. Crowd chants “Fallen Angel” for Daniels. Elgin lifts Daniels up with a delayed vertical suplex, holding him up for almost 30 seconds, before driving him down to the canvas. It only gains Elgin another nearfall. Elgin with knees to the back, and applies a seated surfboard to Daniels. Crowd tries to get Daniels back into the match. Daniels fights back and hits a jawbreaker. Elgin sends Daniels shoulder-first into the ringpost, then sits on the top rope and hooks a Boston crab in the ropes. Elgin taunts the crowd, but misses with the shoulder tackle off the ropes. Elgin misses the avalanche and Daniels nails him with jabs. Daniels hits a Northern lariat to the back of Elgin’s head. Daniels goes up top and hits Elgin with a reverse curb stomp off the ropes for a 2 count. Daniels goes for Angels Wings, but Elgin counters. Elgin connects with a modified pumphandle driver for another nearfall. Elgin then scores with the Oklahoma Stampede into a spinning Cyclone slam for another 2 count. Elgin heads up top and misses with a corkscrew moonsault. Elgin blocks the Uranage but is hit with the STO takedown by Daniels. Daniels with forearms, but Elgin connects with a lariat. Elgin measures Daniels for the Spiral Bomb, but Daniels reverses. Daniels with a low blow behind the referee’s back. Daniels hits the BME, Best Moonsault Ever, for the 3 count.

Winner: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels via pinfall

Announcers make note that Truth Martini did not make a move during this match, sensing dissension within the House of Truth.

We head to intermission, but are promised comments from the American Wolves during this intermission.

Back from intermission, as Cary Silkin is back out once again getting the crowd pumped up for the 2nd half of the show.

ROH Executive Producer Jim Cornette comes out to a nice reaction from the fans in Atlanta. Crowd chants for Cornette. Cornette mentions again about how their main events go longer than 2 minutes, bringing out a “F TNA” chant. Cornette asks the fans if this is their 1st time watching ROH, and if they think it is the best wrestling in the world. Loud “ROH” chant from the fans. Cornette then brings out “The American Wolf” Davey Richards for an interview. Cornette asks Davey for his thoughts on the main event today. Richards wants the fans thoughts on the match upcoming and the fans respond with “ROH” chants. Puts over how good WGTT are, but says the American Wolves are on a whole other level. Richards thanks the fans for showing respect for Edwards after last night’s match. Richards says there is no jealousy between the two, they will always be friends, and he is proud of Edwards for winning the title. Cornette brings up Richards avenging his loss to Strong last night. Cornette brings up that after Final Battle, ROH offered him a return match because of the concussion he suffered. Cornette thinks that there is no better match to set up than Richards vs. Edwards for the title down the line. Davey is taken aback by this, as the crowd chants “Make It Happen”. Davey says he understands and says they never back down from a fight, but says it Edwards’ time to realize his dreams, and he won’t be the one to destroy that. ROH World Champion Eddie Edwards music hits, as he makes his way to the ring. Edwards say that he and Davey feel the same way about this, but he thinks that by Richards saying he doesn’t want to be the one to crush his dreams, sounds to him like he thinks he will beat him. Edwards brings up that the one time they did wrestle, he beat him. Davey says that sometime, they will fight. But tonight, it is about tag-team wrestling, and puts over the main event. Edwards says that tonight, the hunt is on!

American Wolves celebrate in the ring as Cornette leaves the ring. Announcers put over the fact that blood is thicker than water between the Wolves.

Match Number Five for Shimmer Tag Team Titles: Daizee Haze & Tomoka Nakagawa© vs. Hiroyo Matsumoto & Ayumi Kurihara

Once again, the Joshi Women of Honor come out sporting the Japanese flag proudly. Haze and Nakagawa are playing the heels for this match, something I, myself, have never seen from Haze, so it should be interesting. Code of Honor is not adhered to start the match. Hiroyo and Nakagawa start things off. Chain wrestling to begin things, Hiroyo with multiple shoulder tackle, but is nailed from behind by Haze. Hiroyo hits a crossbody to both the champs for a 2 count. Tag into Ayumi and nails Nakagawa with a clothesline. Ayumi with a leglock but is broken up by Haze. Haze tagged in and is caught with the arm submission in the ropes that was used last night. Haze now on the outside as Ayumi goes for a dive. Nakagawa with the spit of water to the eyes of Ayumi, and slams her off the ropes. Nakagawa now in and hits a dropkick for 2. Roll up from Ayumi scores 2. Profanities are thrown at Haze about her weight. Double dropkick from the champs score on Ayumi score them another 2 count. Nakagawa back in but gets hit with a dropkick. Ayumi tags in Hiroyo who knocks down both of the champs. Hiroyo holds Nakagawa in the wheel-barrow and nails her with the suplex. Haze comes in from behind and applies a sleeper hold. Ayumi comes in and brings down both Haze and Hiroyo with a double codebreaker. Double team now by the challengers with knees and a splash in the corner to Nakagawa.. Codebreaker by Ayumi and a dropkick drills Nakagawa. Haze now in with chops to Ayumi. Ayumi comes back with a lungblower to Haze and tags in to Hiroyo. Daizee blocks the backdrop driver, but is caught with an enziguri. Overhead urnange to Daizee by Ayumi and a backdrop driver by Hiroyo, but is broken up by Nakagawa. Daizee connects with the heart punch and a Yakuza kick on Hiroyo. Enziguri by Nakagawa and Daizee finishes Hiroyo off with the Tiger Suplex to retain the titles.

Winners and still Shimmer Tag Team Champions: Daizee Haze and Tomoka Nakagawa

Crowd applauds the effort of the Joshi Women, chanting “Please Come Back”.

Match Number Six in a Grudge Match: The Briscoe Brothers (Jay & Mark) vs. The All Night Express (“The Pretty Boy Pitbull” Kenny King & “Addicted to Love” Rhett Titus)

The Briscoes attack ANX from behind to start off this brawl. All 4 men brawl on the outside. Mark goes for a piledriver on Titus, but is backdropped. King is sent hard to the barricade by Jay. Mark and King start things off as the bell officially sounds. Double team attempted by the Briscoes, but Mark is backdropped to the floor but Jay scores with the superkick. Titus with the blind tag and connects with a slingshot shoulder block for a nearfall. Combination inverted atomic drop/clothesline by the Express scores another 2 count. All 4 men once again brawl inside the ring and another referee comes out to try and maintain order. Hard chop by Titus and a dropkick gets him a nearfall. Tag in to king. Combo atomic drop/big boot gets another 2.King with the snap suplex and mounts Jay with right hands. Tag into Titus and hits a elbow and sends jay into a King leg lariat for another nearfall. Titus with another hard chop and rakes the back. Blind tag to Mark and hits the clothesline on Titus. Crossface shots by Mark and unloads right hands to Titus. Titus on the floor with Jay and is sent hard to the barricade. Referees are speaking with King, and the Briscoes send Titus face-first into the ringpost. Referees once again try to restore order, as Titus is busted wide open by the ringpost shot. Briscoes rain in right hands to the open wound of Titus. Back in the ring, Mark with a camel clutch, then in a mount position, unloads more right hands and bites Titus’s forehead. Tag in to Jay, who drills Titus with a clothesline. Hard chops and stomps by Jay on Titus in the corner, while talking trash. Jay rains in more crossface shots while Titus is on the apron. Titus tries to reach to King to get a tag, but it is to no avail. Mark back in with a headbutts and chops in the corner. Mark once again bites Titus on the forehead. Titus almost looks like a crimson mask. Briscoes clear the people from the ringside table, and move it towards the ring apron. Tag in to Jay and Jay with the facewash boot in the corner. Snapmare and another kick by Jay, Titus fights back with a crucfix for 2, but Jay with another boot, knocking Titus down. Tag back into Mark and Mark rains in more right hands to the open cut. Tag back into Jay and he places Titus on the top rope. Titus fights off Mark and hits the double knees. Tag into King who nails the Briscoes with clotheslines. Big kick connects to Mark. Capture suplex to Jay for a nearfall. Shotgun knees in the corner to Jay for another nearfall. King places Jay on the apron and Titus then hits the Super Sex Factor on Jay thru the ringside table. Crowd chants “Holy S***”. Referees check on Jay. King and Mark now inside the ring, exchanging blows. Jay is now busted open from being put thru the table. King gets nailed with the superkick by Mark and a decapitation clothesline by Jay. Jay with his bloody face and mouth, spits some of it at the audience which they heavily boo. Jay hits a Falcon Arrow on King for a close nearfall. Mark places Titus up on the turnbuckles to set up a superplex, but Titus counters and snake eyes Mark face first across the ringpost. Jay and Titus go face to face, both a crimson mask. Exchange of right hands by both, Jay spits more blood in the face of Titus, but that only fires Titus up and he nails a huge lariat on Jay. Crowd chants “ROH”. ANX with a combo powerbomb/springboard blockbuster on Jay, but is broken up by Mark. Titus is hot-shotted by Mark, and Jay hits the Jay Driller on King to get the victory.

Winners: The Briscoe Brothers

Jay gets the microphone and taunts the crowd and Rhett Titus, saying they don’t care about them anymore, they will never lose again, and if no one likes it, they can kiss his ass. Crowd applauds King and Titus for their valiant efforts, chanting “ANX”.

Match Number Seven in a SoCal Showdown II Return Match: Roderick Strong w/ Truth Martini vs. “The Generic Luchador” El Generico

Code of Honor is adhered to begin the match. Lock up and Generico shoves Strong away. Strong with a wristlock and Generico counters to one of his own. Strong reverses and takes Generico down. Strong wrenches the arm many times and drives the arm across his shoulder. Strong drives his foot across the arm of Generico. Strong now with a hammerlock but Generico sends him to the buckles. Strong stomps away at Generico in the corner. Generico fights back with overhand chops. Strong, however, delivers a kick to the knee of Generico and goes back to work on the arm. Strong taunts the crowd and is caught with 3 arm drags by Generico. Generico with the 10 punches as the crowd counts in Spanish. Back heel kick scores a 2 count for Generico. Generico with right hands in the corner and lays in a hard chop. Generico goes for a springboard but Truth Martini pulls him down. Martini then lays in boots to Generico while the referee is with Strong. Strong gets a nearfall on Generico, then proceeds to stomp away at him. Strong hits a vertical suplex for another 2 count. Strong now applies a head and arm chinlock. Generico fights out, but is nailed with a dropkick for another nearfall. Strong now with a chinlock, with his knee placed firmly in the back of Generico. Generico gets the rope break. On the outside, they exchange forearms, but Strong connects with a big kick to the head. Strong Irish whips Generico hard to the barricade. Strong sends Martini into Generico and they celebrate, to the ire of the referee. Back inside, Strong gets another nearfall and applies the Melina-like full nelson with the legs. Strong has his shoulders down and gets 2 nearfalls on him. Generico almost pins Strong a 3rd time, but Strong kicks out. Exchange of strikes in the corner, but then Strong wails away with stomps to Generico. Generico comes back with 3 clotheslines, as the crowd gets behind Generico. Strong misses the discus forearm, and Generico hits the Blue Thunder Bomb for a nearfall. Strong lays in a kick to the knees, but Generico counters with a roll up for 2. Strong is then nailed with a Modified Michinoku Driver by Generico for another 2 count. Generico goes for the Yakuza Kick, but is nailed by 2 big kicks from Strong. 2 running forearms and a backbreaker gets Strong another nearfall. Strong catches Generico with a high knee to the head for 3rd straight nearfall. Strong slaps away at Generico to mock him, but it only fires him up. An Exchange of strikes by both, Strong with a kick, Generico then spits at him in defiance and nails him a boot. Knuckle lock by Generico into a swinging DDT which sends Strong to the outside as Generico then prepares for a dive, but is pulled out by Martini. Martini acts as those he will go for a dive, but Strong pulls down the rope by mistake, thinking it was Generico. Generico with the Yakuza kick to Martini, and then dives onto both Strong and Martini. Back inside the ring, Generico nails the Yakuza Kick and the Half and Half Suplex for a close 2. Generico setups Strong for the brainbuster off the ropes, but Strong blocks it. Generico tries for it again as Martini goes on the apron. Elgin comes in while the referee was distracted and goes for a powerbomb on Generico, but is blocked. Generico hits Elgin with the Yakuza Kick. Strong tries to come in from behind, but Generico hits him with the BrainBuster for the win.

Winner: El Generico via pinfall

After the match, Elgin and Martini gang up on Generico. Cabana comes in to make the save. Cabana flips, flops, flies with the Bionic Elbow, sending Elgin to the floor. Cabana goes after Martini, but is hit from behind by Elgin. Daniels comes in and appears to make the save, but hits Generico with the Book of Truth. Daniels hits Cabana with the Angels Wings. Daniels hands the book back to Martini, as the crowd chants “F*** You Daniels”. Strong brings a steel chair into the ring and puts Generico thru it with the Gibson Driver. Strong mocks Generico, and he, Martini, Elgin, and Daniels celebrate, forming what it seems to be an unholy alliance. The new House of Truth leaves the ring to a chorus of boos, as referees attend to a fallen Generico and Cabana.

Main Event in a Dream Tag Team Match: The American Wolves (ROH World Champion “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards & Davey Richards) vs. ROH Tag Team Champions Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas & “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin)

Crowd is electric for the main event. WGTT get a huge reaction from the crowd. Same goes for the American Wolves. Big-fight feel for this main event contest. Code of Honor is adhered to begin this match as the crowd applauds. Haas and Richards will start things off. Dueling chants from the crowd and the wrestlers take in their chants. Amateur wrestling by Haas to start off, a roll up gets no count. Davey with a roll up for a 1 count, and there is a stalemate. There is more dueling chants from the electric crowd. Edwards and Shelton tag in respectively. Amateur wrestling shown by Shelton, although Edwards holds his own. They go to the ropes, and referee asks for the break. Test of strength as Shelton with the back trip to try and bring Edwards, but Edwards shows his strength by holding the bridge. Edwards hits a frankensteiner, surprising Shelton. Crowd chants “That’s the Champ” at Edwards. Haas tags in and so does Davey. Davey with a single-leg and applies a leglock to Haas. Richards then applies a reverse figure 4 into the Indian deathlock with a bridge. Frequent tags are made by the Wolves working over Haas. Edwards with an axe handle across Haas’ arm. Davey with the wolf cry as he hits a double stomp across Haas’ arm. Richards applies the keylock and makes the tag to Edwards, with another double stomp across the arm. Edwards with an armbar applied with his knee driven inside the joint. Richards goes sternum first to the buckles. Shelton tagged in with repeated knee strikes to the ribs of Richards. Richards goes sternum first again into the buckles. Shelton takes advantage and hits a delayed gourdbuster for a 2 count. Haas back in and the champs make a wish. Haas picks up where Shelton left off with a knee to the ribs and a kick to the face of Richards. Haas rains in shoulder to the ribs and sends Davey hard to the buckles. Haas applies the body scissors the middle of the ring, as the crowd begins the dueling chants again. Richards escapes into a modified surfboard, but Shelton breaks it up. Shelton back in and drives his head low into Richards. Referee checks on Richards, who says he is ok. Shelton locks in the Boston Crab. Edwards is in to break it up as crowd chants “Defense”. Haas tags back in with a knee to the back for another nearfall. Haas with a chinlock and Davey fights out of it. Haas with a slap but Davey scores with a handspring kick. Both of the champs are sent to the outside, and the Wolves hit them with tope dives. Back inside, Edwards with a slam and Davey hits a headbutt from the top for 2. Edwards with a running elbow in the corner to Haas for another nearfall. Edwards with a seated abdominal stretch on Haas, Haas counter with a roll up for 2. Shelton back in and delivers a hard kick to the leg of the world champ. Shelton begins working on the leg, with stomps and hits the leg-DDT. Shelton acts as those he will go for the figure 4, but doesn’t, to the laughter of the crowd. Haas back in and continues to work on Edwards’ leg, including placing him in a modified Indian deathlock. Dueling chops by both men while in the hold, till Edwards fights out. Tag back in to Shelton, who drives all of his weight across Edwards’ leg. Shelton drives Edwards’ knee right into the middle turnbuckle. Shelton then continues the assault with knees to the leg of Edwards in the corner. Edwards with a sunset flip for 2. Shelton scores with the Dragon Whip for another near fall. Haas back in as Edwards screams in pain and Haas continues the assault on the leg. Edwards tries to fight away and make a tag, but to no avail. Edwards off the middle rope with a codebreaker, sacrificing his own leg. Richards finally makes the tag and a missile dropkick to both men. Forearm and knee strike to Haas. Haas is placed on top but fights off Richards. Richards comes back with headbutts to Haas on the top rope, and scores with a top rope superplex that only gets a close nearfall. Haas misses the kick and Edwards with the dragon screw in the ropes on Haas. Richards applies the ankle lock, but Haas gets away and Davey goes head first to the buckles. Shelton back in but is crucifixed by Richards for another close nearfall. Shelton misses the splash in the corner and Davey nails him with kicks. All 4 men are in the ring as The Wolves hit a barrage of kicks and chops on the champs. Double kick to both and Haas to the floor. Double superkick by the Wolves on Shelton gets another close nearfall. Shelton fights both off, but Davey with the Alarm Clock Kick. Double German Suplexes by the champs, who hit 2 of them. Wolves counter into multiple Germans of their own. After 4, WGTT counter into the multiple Germans again. Double roll-up gets a close 2. All 4 men clothesline each other and all 4 men are down as the crowd chants “ROH” and “This is Wrestling”. Davey and Haas back up and exchange strikes, though weary. Haas with many forearms but Richards comes back with a huge enziguri, knocking Haas down. Out of nowhere, Davey is then floored by a Benjamin superkick. Edwards then nails a superkick to Benjamin. Haas then connects with an Angle Slam to Edwards. Davey with a flurry of forearms to Haas. Inverted atomic drop by Haas and a superkick by Benjamin only get 2 as Richards kicks out again. WGTT set up Richards on the turnbuckles, but Haas goes to the floor. Benjamin gets fought off by Richards, but scores with a kick while Richards is perched on the turnbuckles. Wolves connect with a powerbomb into a lung-blower off the ropes for a 2 count. Richards applies the ankle lock and Edwards with the Achilles Lock. Shelton escapes the ankle lock and the Wolves collide with one another. Shelton hits the Pay Dirt on Richards to finally get the win.

Winners: Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team via pinfall

WGTT celebrate their win after the match. Referee helps Davey up to his feet as he is upset over losing the match. All 4 men shake hands and drop to a knee in a embrace. The crowd gives all 4 men a standing ovation for their tremendous effort. Edwards and Richards exchange words as Davey is upset over losing. Edwards walks away from Richards as crowd chants “Next World Champ” at Richards, who looks to be giving 2nd thoughts about fighting Edwards down the line for the title.

Well, that is it for the weekend events by ROH, as they took Center Stage. 2 really good shows by this company, very pleased with their efforts this weekend and hopes it continues for them throughout the rest of 2011. Would like to thank everyone for reading my recaps and enjoy the rest of weekend and Wrestlemania 27 tomorrow night. Stuff like this is why I will forever be a fan of professional wrestling. Till next time, later guys.