Indy News Update #1 for April 8, 2011
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John Torres sent this in:

Wrestling Industry Revolution presents “Revolution III: Crowning A Champion”
Sunday, April 10th, 2011
LIVE from 2051 Smith Street, North Providence, RI
Belltime: 6:00 PM
Admission Price: FREE

The Tournament Finals!
W.I.R. Universal Championship Three Way Dance
“The 203’s Finest” Lukas Sharp vs Dan De Man
Finally, the time has come to crown the first ever W.I.R Universal Champion! Lukas Sharp defeated Ryan Walters in the opening round and Amanda Fox in the semifinals to get to this contest, while Dan De Man substituted for the injured Brandino and successfully took out semifinalist Eric Pierce to earn his way into this contest. Shane Marvel seemingly encountered some kryptonite, as he has reported that he will be unable to compete in this contest, leaving Sharp and DDM to contest this match mano y mano. Will “The Don of High Definition” overcome “The 203’s Finest” and bring the Universal Championship home to North Jersey? Or will Dan De Man succumb to the New Haven Naptime? Which man will become the first ever Champion? ONLY ONE WAY TO FIND OUT!

W.I.R. Rhode Island State Championship Three Way Dance
RI State Champion “Fantastic” Zach Alexander vs “The Flamboyant” Kenny Roberts vs “The Big Deal” Brandino
The newly-monikered “Fantastic” Zach Alexander looks to continue his RI State Championship title reign, however, two large obstacles stand in his way in Roberts and Brandino. Roberts found his way into this match by winning a battle royal at Revolution II, while Brandino petitioned for his spot based upon his undefeated record. What sort of tricks will Alexander have up his sleeve in order to defeat the two giants? Will we see a new champion or will Alexander’s title run continue?

W.I.R. Rhode Island State Championship Number One Contender’s Match
Scott “Aces” Wild vs “The Concept” Johnny Miyagi
Despite both men leaving Revolution II with a defeat, W.I.R Management were quick to praise the both of them for the hard work they put in in defeat. Between their history in past promotions (their series is tied with one victory apiece) and the strong efforts put forth within the past two shows, Management have decided to let them go to war once more. Both men agreed to this match with vigor, and you can be sure that the training for both men has been kicked up a notch or three. Wild has claimed that he will be the man to beat Zach Alexander, while Miyagi would love nothing more then to avenge his loss to Alexander for the RI State Championship at Revolution I. Which man possesses the will to win? Which man will face the Rhode Island State Champion at Revolution IV?

Rockstar/Havok II!
No Disqualification Match
Joey Rockstar vs “Short Fuse” Allen Havok w/ “The Influence” Tony Chrome
These two men have been waiting for another chance to get their hands on one another. Allen Havok wants to end the career of Joey Rockstar, while Rockstar would love nothing more than to get a measure of comeuppance on Havok and his conniving manager Tony Chrome. Rockstar will need to keep eyes in the back of his head for this one, as both Havok and Chrome know how to bend the rules to achieve their desired end. Will Rockstar’s fiery heart win out? Or will the numbers game of Team Shine prove to be too much?

First Tag Team Match Ever in WIR!
Exhibition Tag Team Match
The Huntleys (Larry and Kyle Huntley) vs Made In America (Eric Pierce and Danny Vengeance)
A rare tag team matchup has arrived in the WIR, as Buxton, Maine’s Kyle and Larry Huntley have come to prove that the Rhode Island Wrestling scene has nothing on the competition in Maine. Agawam, Mass natives Made In America, comprised of the newly reunited Eric Pierce and Danny Vengeance, have taken exception with this declaration, and accepted the Huntleys’ open challenge. This is a landmark match, as this will be the first Tag Team Match to ever occur in the Wrestling Industry Revolution. Who will begin to lay claim to the title of Best Tag Team in the WIR?

Exhibition Singles Match
“Park City Gangsta” Mr. Williams vs Vicious V
Vicious V and Dan De Man certainly left a lasting impression at Revolution II, laying waste to both Eric Pierce and Fernando Ortiz. With Dan De Man in the Universal Champion Three Way Dance in the main event, Vicious V has decided to lay down a challenge, a challenge that was answered by long-time rival Mr. Williams. Williams has competed all over New England, and brings a wealth of experience to the table. Will he find a great equalizer to the strength of Vicious V, or will V leave another opponent injured in a Vicious manner? Also, with Dan De Man in the night’s main event, will he be in the corner of Vicious V? What role will he play, if any?

Exhibition Singles Match
Randy Guerrero vs Vincenzo Abruzzi
Randy Guerrero, like his ally Andy Jones, is seething and looking to get off of his losing streak. Standing in his way is local standout Vincenzo Abruzzi, who looks to break into the Revolution with a victory. On top of this, Abruzzi was in the building when Guerrero viciously attacked Amanda Fox, and he now looks to exact revenge on a man that would lay his hands on a woman. Will the vile Guerrero get on the winning track? Or will the plucky Abruzzi keep Guerrero’s bad luck streak running strong?

Exhibition Singles Intergender Match
Amanda Fox vs Dame Cyrus
Amanda Fox suffered a loss at the hands of “The 203’s Finest” Lukas Sharp last month at Revolution II, however, she looks to restart her “One Woman Revolution” when she takes on newcomer Dame Cyrus. Cyrus made his presence known when he entered the ring alongside the vile Randy Guerrero, a man that Fox still has a score to settle with. If Fox defeats Cyrus, is Guerrero the next target in her crosshairs? And what role will Andy Jones and Guerrero play in this match?

Newcomers Collide!
Exhibition Singles Match
Sean Leiter V.S. “The Dean Of Old School” Dante w/ “The Influence” Tony Chrome
Tony Chrome recently announced to Revolution Officials that there has been a new addition to the Team Shine ranks with the signing of wily newcomer Dante. However, a fellow newcomer, the ever-explosive Sean Leiter, looks to spoil the debut of Dante. Will Old School be in session, or will it be “Lites Out” for The Dean Of Old School?

Exhibition Singles Match
Andy “Bones” Jones vs “The Defiant Daredevil” Jimmy Blanco
Andy Jones is fuming after being overpowered by the formidable Justin Tunis at February’s Revolution II. He has demanded an opponent for him to exact his rage upon. Connecticut blue chip prospect “The Defiant Daredevil” Jimmy Blanco has stepped up to the plate, and looks to start his Revolution career off with a victory. Will the rage of “Bones” be too much for Blanco to overcome? Or will “The Defiant Daredevil” soar to his first victory in the WIR?

CZW Wrestling sent this in:

CZW 4.7.11: Live & iPPV THIS WEEKEND, CZW/wXw Double DOUBLE Header Best of the Best Flyer: International Incident Flyer: CZW BEST OF THE BEST X & INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT – APRIL 9 AND 10 – PHILADELPHIA & UNION CITY, NJ – Not able to be in Philadelphia for wXw or CZW? Catch all the action Saturday, April 9 via Pay-Per-Stream at Pre-order TODAY! Beginning TONIGHT, you can also catch CZW Junior Heavyweight Adam Cole on ‘Tha O Show’ at – – – – – – – – – – GERMANY’S wXw ‘KREUZZUG ZXI’ – APRIL 9 – 2:30 PM The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA * wXw United World Heavyweight Title Match: Daisuke Sekimoto vs. Chris Hero * No Ropes, Barbed Wire Match: “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai vs. Drake Younger * Sami Callihan vs. Bad Bones * Necro Butcher vs. Karsten Beck * Adam Cole/Kyle O’Reilly vs. LDRS of The New School (Marty Scurll/Zack Sabre, Jr.) * Four Way Dance: Brandon Gatson vs. Chuck Taylor vs. Emil Sitoci vs. Johnny Gargano * Brodie Lee and Big van Walter vs. Michael Elgin and Johnny Moss Visit wXw ‘Kreuzzug ZXI’ Facebook Event Site at – – – – – – – – – – CZW ‘BEST OF THE BEST X – APRIL 9 – 8 PM The Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA BEST OF THE BEST TOURNAMENT: FIRST ROUND, THREE-WAY ELIMINATION MATCHES: * Bracket A: CZW’s Akuma vs. CZW’s Jon Gresham vs. wXw’s Zack Sabre, Jr. * Bracket A: CZW’s Adam Cole vs. ROH’s Kyle O\’Reilly vs. DragonGate USA’s Johnny Gargano * Bracket B: CZW’s Sami Callihan vs. IPW’s Jake Crist vs. CZW’s AR Fox * Bracket B: PWG’s Brandon Gaston vs. Evolve’s Chuck Taylor vs. BJW’s Daisuke Sekimoto * ‘Ragnarok ‘n Roll Glass Crush Death Match’ for the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title Match: champion “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai vs. Danny Havoc * CZW Heavyweight and Tag Titles Match: CZW World Heavyweight champion “The EGO” Robert Anthony & Philadelphia’s Most Wanted (BLK JEEZ/Joker) vs. CZW Tag Team champions The Briscoes & Devon Moore Visit the ‘Best of The Best X’ Facebook Event Site at – – – – – – – – – – CZW ‘INTERNATIONAL INCIDENT’ – APRIL 10 – 1:30 PM ACE Arena, 725 Sip ST, Union City, NJ * CZW World Heavyweight Title Match featuring whomever walks out of ‘Best of The Best’ with the title! * Dream Death Match: “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai vs. Necro Butcher * CZW Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole vs. Rich Swann * CZW Wired TV champion Drew Gulak w/ “Full Price” Dewey Donovan vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. * CZW owner DJ Hyde vs. Daisuke Sekimoto * Philly’s Most Wanted (Joker/BLK JEEZ) vs. Bandido, Jr./Azrieal * Sami Callihan vs. Kyle O’Reilly * Jon Moxley vs. Jake Crist View the ‘International Incident’ Facebook Event Site at – – – – – – – – – – wXw ‘KREUZZUG PART 2’ – APRIL 10 – 5:30 PM ACE Arena, 725 Sip ST, Union City, NJ * Daisuke Seikimoto/Johnny Moss vs. The Briscoe Brothers * Hardcore Match: “Crazy Monkey” Jun Kasai vs. Sami Callihan * Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre, Jr. * Adam Cole vs. Emil Sitoci * Bad Bones/Scotty Vortekz vs. Big van Walter/Drake Younger * Kyle O\’Reilly vs. Marty Scurll * Chris Dickinson vs. Karsten Beck View the wXw ‘Kreuzzug ZXI Part 2’ Facebook Event Site at – – – – – – – – – – TICKETS FOR ALL CZW/wXw APRIL 9 AND 10 EVENTS ARE AVAILABLE AT – – – – – – – – – – ‘STATUS UPDATE: FANTASTIC’ ON DVD/STREAMING WITH BIG JAPAN EXTRAS Catch the action leading up to ‘Best of The Best X’ with ‘Status Update: Fantastic’ on DVD and live streaming. ALSO on THIS DVD: 2008 BJW Death Match featuring Ito vs. MASADA in a No-Rope Barbed Wire, Cinderblocks, & More with English commentary. Available now at – – – – – – – – – – For the latest news and to sign up for Combat Zone Wrestling’s text service and e-mail newsletter, visit CZW DVDs and streaming videos are available on Visit our official DVD affiliates at,, and For overseas fans, CZW DVDs are available at and Follow CZW on ALL major Social Network Sites:,,

TWA Pro Wrestling sent this in:

Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA)
Saturday, April 9, 2011
(outdoor show – raindate is Sun, Apr 10)
Wescott Field
Fairview Drive & Burlington Ave
Sewell, NJ
Bell Time 1PM


General Admission- $10 Tickets

Bleacher Seating OR Bring You Own Chair or Blanket

Scheduled to appear (subject to change)

TWA HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE MATCH: Breaker Morant (c) vs. CUJO the Hellhound

TWA TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Damian Dragon & Matt Saigon (c) vs. “ROCKASET” “Z Rock” Zach Lorenzo & the “Hollister Punk Rocker” Glenn Storms

“Heart Killer” Chris Wylde vs. “Beautiful” Bobby Shields

Kid America vs. Russian Assassin

“Hitman” Tony Stetson vs. JJ the Crew Guy

SHOCKWAVE the Robot vs. “Pitbull” Timothy Richards

For information and tickets visit or call 856.952.2255


FACEBOOK Event Page:!/event.php?eid=192808187406920

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