According to a report by The Wrestling Observer, former indy wrestler Andre Heart (real name Andre Davis) who worked out of Cincinnati through 2010 was arrested for “felonious assault” today because he was HIV positive and had sex with a woman without informing her. Davis discovered he was HIV positive back in 2009 and had an agreement to start as a referee for WWE until it is believed that tests conducted by the company revealed he tested positive.

Davis had told those in Cincinnati that his deal with WWE fell through due to felonies he had for back child support. What is more concerning is that as of six months ago, he was still wrestling and had bloody matches. Anyone on the indy scene in Cincinnati that worked with Davis in a bloody match could be at risk and have been advised to get tested immediately.

Area referee Brandon Tolle stated that at least five area wrestlers are being tested after they worked bloody matches with Davis. Tolle was the referee for one of the matches where blood was spilled.

WLWT has an article regarding his arrest at this link.