Indy News Update #2 for April 28, 2011
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PTW sent this in:

PREVIEW : Power Trip Wrestling present “Anything You Can Do…We Can Do LOUDER!”, Sat 7th May 2011, Icknield High School, Luton!

And as PTW are in the hottest spell of their four plus year history, we bring to you the next show in our schedule, which is a fundraising show for Icknield High School’s P.E. Department. We’re bringing the big guns to this show, including PTW’s favourite ‘international superstar’ Jonny Storm! But this show is filled with controversy, too, as we can finally give you the gossip on just what the situation the entire wrestling business is talking about; is actually about.

We first direct you to the latest in a series of unwanted incidents between P.T. Player and ‘Dynamite’ Chris Hart, which begins at the 7 minutes 15 seconds portion of this video footage of the last PTW show on 23rd April 2011, at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre, which can be found at the following link :

P.T. Player is, as eerily like this time last year, in one of his confrontational, devil may care, the hell with the outcome and the trouble it causes; moods. We put this down in the PTW Office, to the upcoming playoff fixtures between his beloved Luton Town FC, and Wrexham; as the loudmouth Luton fan is clearly desperate to see his team get back their Football League status, and his behaviour is already looking very much that of a football hooligan.

P.T. Player has spoken out finally, though, and has told the world just why he has such a problem with Chris Hart. And it’s because he has refused to keep secret, the former relationship of PTW Promoter Hannah, and Hart, before she chose to bring him into PTW as a wrestler, against P.T.’s wishes. If it’s not about his ego that has it’s own postcode, and if it’s not about his beloved Luton Town FC, you can be sure it’s about a pretty blonde; when it comes to the self confessed ‘loudest player in the game’, and P.T Player has gone on one hell of a tantrum in regards to just why he is doing everything it takes to make Chris Hart’s life completely miserable. Please note, this is a former, pre-PTW relationship, that no longer exists; between Hannah and Chris, and was before P.T.’s own relationship with Hannah occured. But clearly, he wants no ex boyfriend of Hannah’s around the company, or on shows; and this is where the extreme levels of hate are stemming from between the two. Hart just wants to wrestle, and be considered a part of the PTW roster. But clearly, that’s not going to be the case here, much against his wishes.

P.T. has also in his eyes, decided to fight fire with fire, and has brought into PTW, his own ‘personal assistant’, a young lady known as Princess Sophie; to accompany him at all times on the shows. When the men aren’t clashing head to head, it’s fair to guess that Hannah, and Sophie, will be looking to have a ‘conversation’ of their own; and it’s bound to blow up publically. And it looks like that first public clash will be on Saturday 7th May 2011, as Power Trip Wrestling return to the PTW General Manager Drewy Staniforth’s school, which is Icknield High School, in Luton, Bedfordshire; as PTW look to raise money once more for the school’s P.E. department.

Here are the matches (card, of course, subject to change), for the show; and of course, all details on the show itself.

What : PTW present “Anything You Can Do – We Can Do LOUDER” – “Raising Money for The School’s P.E. Department”

When : Saturday 7th May 2011

Where : Icknield High School, Riddy Lane, Luton, LU3 2AH

Time : Doors 6pm, Starts 6.30pm

Tickets : £5 each, reserve tickets by calling : 0 7 5 9 4 3 0 4 4 5 5


PTW World Title Match :

‘Teetotal’ Thomas Stevens (c) w/’The Godfather of PTW’ P.T. Player w/Princess Sophie vs Tommy Martins

Triple Threat Match :

Josh Wall vs Jason Skye vs Ash Draven

PTW World Tag Team Title Match :

‘The Untouchables’ G & Del Rico (c) (h) w/’The Godfather of PTW’ P.T. Player/Princess Sophie vs ‘Northern Impact’ – Chris Hart & Lewy Paradise w/PTW Promoter Hannah

Singles Match :

Sean Midnight vs Psycho Steve

Intergender Tag Team Match :

Alex Young & Tiffany Wantsmore vs ‘Essex Boi’ Danny Jonez & Jordan E

10 Man Battle Royal Match :

Anton Green, Gabriel Myers, The Nail, Dow Jones, Saint Vio, Marley Anthony, Prevalance, Arashi, Taylor Phillips, CJ Gunner

If G doesnt win, he & Del Rico are stripped of the PTW World Tag Team Titles later on, on the night :

International Star, Jonny Storm vs G w/P.T. Player & Princess Sophie

And don’t forget to viisit for the offiical PTW Website!

Ryan Katz sent this in:
Chatsworth, CA
Fight Night at The Pit IV : Shallow vs. Banks vs. Classic

Episode and installment number-4 of our new concept “Fight Night at The Pit”
is now available online at and on our YouTube
Channel (MakeMeaProWrestler).

This show is a hybrid training/fight club style match-up that presents a
conceptualized reality of what it takes to become and then be a professional

All the drama of pro wrestling, with the added drama of guys trying to
perfect their craft, this week’s episode pits the up and coming high flying
rookie Donnie “Does it” Shallow as he tries to continue his 2-match winning
streak against the “Cock of the Walk” Hanes Classic who just last week was
power-bombed through a flaming birthday cake through a table ( The final combatant, the cocky
and arrogant loser of SoCal’s Rookie of the Year poll, “The Financial
Nightmare” Mario Banks, a student who has been making a name for himself
traveling up and down California’s Coast, with some visits across state
lines as well, but just can’t seem to earn the respect he feels he deserves
inside of The Pit.

All three wrestlers aim to use this match as the turning point of
credibility in the establishment of themselves as a brand and performer, not
to mention their ranking and contention for Brawlin’ Bo Cooper’s Pit Pro
Championship Title.

View some promos leading up to this match here:

View Fight Night at The Pit IV here or at


Make Me a Pro Wrestler Pro Wrestling School is extremely pleased, honored
and excited to have the opportunity to train our latest student Andres
Merjil, a professional wrestling hopeful whom looks to overcome his birth
given lack of sight and commit himself to the task of being able to be
considered a professional wrestler. Watch and follow Andres on his journey
to achieve his dream, at:

Make Me a Pro Wrestler Home of The Pit is the brainchild of GQ Money (CWO,
XPW, WSX, TNA, Viva la lucha) and it takes place out of Xert Nutrition in
Chatsworth, CA, a gym owned by the World’s Strongest Man Scot Mendelson. It
is the hybrid emergence of a federation and training program presenting its
product in a conceptualized reality concept. With content being updated
almost every day, be sure to Bookmark your browser to for the latest updates, stories, videos and