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Rampage Pro Wrestling’s kick off television taping for 2010, their first on a Friday night, was a triumph over adverse circumstances.

Icy road conditions, the result of the winter storm that hit North Georgia Thursday night, prevented a large portion of the crew from making it to Warner Robins. The scheduled main events had to be scrapped, and the card was rebooked at the last minute.

The crowd of 200 at the RPW Arena didn?t seem to mind. Other members of the roster stepped up bigtime, and the booking fully capitalized on the presence of their star attraction, TNA’s Consequences Creed.

Former Peach State Wrestling promoter Ben Masters served as ring announcer and guest television commentator for the evening. He introduced his co-commentator, RPW Cruiserweight Champion Sal Rinauro (who was left without a match due to Adrian Hawkins not being there).

Masters introduced RPW Commissioner Nick Patrick. He talked about Creed coming in from TNA, and how he first heard of Creed when he wrestled for his father (Joe Hamilton during the time he was running independent shows in Locust Grove).

Masters informed the crowd that RPW Heavyweight Champion Bull Buchanan and Rob Adonis a(recently revealed as “Mr. Big”) would not appear as advertised and offered refunds. Nobody took him up on it. I can?t remember the last time I was at a show where refunds were offered. It’s the right thing to do on every level, not the least of which is planting the idea that RPW stars are of such magnitude that fans might want their money back because so and so wasn?t there. Masters said that the new main event was a battle royal with the winner getting a shot at the RPW title of his choosing.

(1) The Slaughter Pit (Sam Slaughter & Pit Bull) beat ?Marvelous? Michael Stevens & Mike Kross in 8:51. Slaughters have grown a personality of late. Pit Bull plays with a Rubik’s cube while he’s waiting for a tag. For some reason, he reminded me of George ?The Animal? Steele. Slaughters were over to begin with, but the gimmick has added an element of uniqueness to their act. Marvelous is one of those guys that totally gets it. He’s a very animated little heel. Crowd was into his bumping and the brutal treatment he received at the hands of Pit Bull. Stevens and Kross weren?t seeing eye to eye. Kross was wrestling clean, while Marv was more than willing to take the shortcuts. After Kross softened Pit Bull up with a weak looking aerial attack, Marvelous made an unwanted tag and said, ?I got this.? Slaughters immediately hit their front slam/neckbreaker combo on Marvelous for the three count.

Postmatch, Slaughters made their way through seating area, slappping hands with the fans and teasing a cube giveaway.

(2) Vordell Walker beat Koonce in 5:36. This was not good. Koonce slipped off the ropes on a springboard move, and the botched spot seemed to take the crowd out of the match. Walker destroyed Koonce with power moves, and refused to sell his chops, which looked more like girly slaps. Koonce finally countered with a Rave running knee. Finish was screwy. Walker hit an overhead belly to belly suplex for an apparent near fall, but referee Danny Starr ruled that Koonce didn?t get his shoulder up. Confusion ensued. Starr called for the bell and raised Walker’s hand. They shook hands and left to mild applause.

(3) Colt Derringer & Dr. Johnny Gayton defeated Untouchable Talent (?Untouchable? Jeremy Vain & JT Talent) in 7:37. Crowd enjoyed this match a ton. Vain and the debuting Talent made for a very entertaining heel team. Vain grabbed a headlock on Derringer, so Derringer hoisted him off the mat, and Vain was kicking his feet to emphasize the futility of his predicament. Funny stuff. Vain then wanted a test of strength with Gayton. You can guess how that ended up. Vain went nuts about his fingers being stomped. ?He’s little but he’s strong,? was Vain’s explanation to Talent. Gayton put Talent in the crossface and Vain had to interfere. The heels eventually got heat on Derringer, who rallied with a double lariat, and the spit was flying. Gayton cleaned house with Polish hammers. Derringer joined in for a double team polish hammer. Gayton hit his Samoan drop and Derringer followed with a springboard leg drop to pin Talent. Untouchable
Talent got a goodbye chant.

(4) Caleb Konley beat Kyle Matthews (with Frankie Valentine) in 11:30. There was something of a pop for Cash Vault. Matthews? Paul Bunyan beard is something else. Konley looked in great shape. He’s added some muscle mass through the shoulder and chest. This was a fine technical bout with Matthews incorporating rule breaking tactics as the match progressed. Konley’s comeback built to a huracanrana for a near fall. Matthews hit a superkick but Konley kicked out. Matthew tried for a second superkick, and Konley countered into a jackknife pin.

Valentine called Patrick out. Valentine was surprisingly great on the mic, as the egotistical heel, carelessly shooting off his mouth. Valentine said Cash Vault was obviously having problems. He said Charlie Cash had failed to secure them a tag title shot, and the singles thing wasn?t working out. Valentine demanded a match against anybody in the back to show Matthews how it was done. Patrick introduced Valentine’s opponent ? Consequence Creed.

(5) Consequences Creed defeated Frankie Valentine (with Kyle Matthews) in 9:30. Great pop for Creed’s intro. There were several chants of ?TNA? during the match. Creed used his clear size and power advantage to dominate the early going. Creed went for a springboard move, and Valentine delivered a perfectly timed kick to the ropes to upend him. Valentine started going for submissions, and the crowd really got behind Creed. Creed responded with an electric chair drop that left both men down. Creed’s comeback was awesome. Explosive yet smooth, the kind of thing that separates major league wrestlers from the other guys. Creed with a missile dropkick for a near fall. Valentine cut him off with a dropkick for a near fall. Creed then won it with a DDT. Also a very good match.

(6) Cru Jones vs. AJ Steele (with Murder One & Charlie Cash) ended as a no contest at 8:47. Usual Suspects wanted to gang up on Jones. Jones said he expected that to happen, so he had brought some back up. The returning J-Rod came out to second Jones and got the best babyface pop of the night. Jones was in the zone early. He was always one step ahead of Steele. Usual Suspect finally got Jones where they wanted him and administered a Dark City mugging. Steele beat on Cru’s back. Jones kicked out of the Steele City Bomb. Steele missed with a slingshot senton, and Jones tried to destroy Steele’s back. Murder One pulled Jones out of the ring. A four way brawl ensued. When the smoke cleared, referee Jeff McGowan had thrown the match out and Jones and J-Rod were standing tall.

Patrick declared that there would be a clear cut winner, and called for the match to be restarted as a tag.

(7) Cru Jones & J-Rod beat Usual Suspects (AJ Steele & Murder One with Charlie Cash) in 5:07. J-Rod was on fire from the opening bell. Suspects gave Jones a beating. The hot tag sequence was disjointed. J-Rod cleaned house, but Steele clocked him with a clothesline when he was guilty of dumb and premature celebration. J-Rod foiled a Suspects double team and pinned Steele with an inside cradle. It was OK. Crowd liked it.

(8) Consequence Creed won an 18 man battle royal to earn the RPW title shot of his choosing in 7:26. Everyone on the card was in this match. It was the typical battle royal cluster. Koonce, Stevens and Kross made early exits. Gayton chased Cash to the back. Usual Suspects were making the lion’s share of the eliminations. They got rid of Derringer and Doc Gayton, leaving only Creed against both of them. Suspects were unable to mount any effective double teams against Creed. He managed to flip Steele over the top and then got rid of Murder. Not much of a match, but it got the desired crowd response.

NOTES: Masters announced an additional television taping would be held next Friday night, January 15. That is in addition to the taping that was already scheduled for January 22. Creed is booked for both of those shows?Besides Adonis, Buchanan and Hawkins, other that missed the taping included Josh Stone, Bulldog Raines and television announcer ?Glacier? Ray Lloyd?Jimmy Rave was at the show but in no shape to wrestle. Rave had his tonsils removed just a few days ago and will have to stay out of the ring for several weeks…Joe Hamilton was not at the show?Dr. Gayton recently performed eye surgery to correct Creed’s near-sighted vision…Plans for the RPW Arena include installation of bleachers to increase seating capacity…RPW was well represented among the 2009 Georgia Wrestling Awards as selected by colleagues and the staff of GWH. The promotion won for best television show. McGowan won for best referee. Matthews won for best technical
wrestler. Talent was voted most improved. Rob Adonis was voted best booker. RPW talent dominated the fan favorite voting. Cash Vault won for favorite tag team. Cash won for favorite manager. Jones won best heel. J-Rod won best babfyace. McGowan was also the winner for favorite referee.

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