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Pro Wrestling Ignition kicked off the new decade in style as it roared back into the Eastern Park Wolves soccer and social club in Elizabeth, South Australia for Judgement where the World Title was on the line and 6 men would compete in a round robin tournament to decide the #1 contender to Nick Eclipse’s championship.

The Tournament would be 2 blocks of 3 wrestlers with 1 point awarded for a draw, 3 for a win and 0 for a loss. The blocks were as follows

Block A

PWI South Pacific Champion Alexi Papadopolous
ICW Champion Joe Mundie
PWI Hard Knocks Champion ?Modern Day Samurai? Heath Fury

Block B
Dante Slade
Azza Bullet
?Superbeast? Paul Thornton

In results from the show

In Block A of the #1 contenders tournament

Joe Mundie d Alexi Papadopolous

Points: Mundie 3 Alexi 0

In Block B of the #1 contenders tournament

Azza Bullet d Dante Slade

Points: Bullet 3 Slade 0

In Block A of the #1 contenders tournament

?Modern Day Samurai? Heath Fury and Alexi Papadopolous went to a time limit draw

After the match Heath Fury and Alexi Papadopolous formed an alliance in order to watch each other’s backs.

Points: Fury 1 Alexi 1

In Block B of the #1 contenders tournament

?Superbeast? Paul Thornton vs. Dante Slade

Before the match it was announced that Paul Thornton had sold his slot in the title contenders tournament to ?The Smash Hit? Joel Bateman! Less than 1 month after dropping a loser leaves town match to Heath Fury Bateman was back following through on his threat to return at all costs

?The Smash Hit? Joel Bateman d Dante Slade

Points: Bateman 3 Slade 0

In Block A of the #1 contenders tournament

?Modern Day Samurai? Heath Fury w/ Alexi Papadopolous d Joe Mundie w/ Riley Rave via count out.

Points: Fury 4 Mundie 3

?Modern Day Samurai? Heath Fury qualifies for the final of the #1 Contender Title Tournament

In Block B of the #1 contenders tournament

Joel Bateman d Azza Bullet

Points: Bateman 6 Bullet 3

?Smash Hit? Joel Bateman qualifies for the final of the #1 Contender title tournament and we have a rematch of the man event from PWI Payback to determine the #1 Contender to the PWI Heavyweight Championship

For the Pro Wrestling Ignition Heavyweight Title

PWI Heavyweight Champion ?The God of Pro Wrestling? Nick Eclipse d Josh Adamz by reverse decision to retain the title

During this heated back and forth contest the referee was knocked down and Eclipse attempted to take advantage by using brass knuckles to knock out Adamz and strongly tucked the weapon in the challengers tights as the referee came around Eclipse was covering Adamz but the plucky challenger kicked out at 2! He then hit the champion with a flurry of moves culminating in the 1-2-3 and seemingly PWI has a new World Champion in Josh Adamz but Eclipse was yelling at the ref that Adamz hit him with brass knucks and to check his shorts as a bemused Adamz reached into his shorts he retrieved the knucks that Eclipse had put there earlier! The Ref reversed the decision and awarded the match to the champion as the crowd showered boos over Nick Eclipse the Champ made his way to the commentary table to offer his view on the match to determine his next challenger

Final of the #1 Contender Title Tournament

?Modern Day Samurai? Heath Fury d ?The Smash Hit? Joel Bateman to become the #1 contender to the PWI Heavyweight Title

After the match a bloody and clearly exhausted Fury challenged Eclipse to put the title up right there and then but Eclipse ignored his latest challenger and walked away as Fury celebrated his win with the crowd

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