Jason “JerseyViper” Namako passed along these results:

ROH Supercard of Honor VI Results 5/21/2011 Chicago Ridge, IL
By: Jason “JerseyViper” Namako

Hello everyone, this is JerseyViper, back bringing you all the results from the historic Supercard of Honor VI show from Ring of Honor in Chicago Ridge.

Now, while the last time ROH was at this area for the 9th Anniversary IPPV back in February, and the fact that it did not go over so well with the vast majority of readers here on Wrestleview, the card for this show is really well done and built nicely.

Also, with the news coming out today of the sale of the company to the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, this show is very important as it opens up a new chapter for the company as a whole with the great news and hope that this benefits the company going forward.

Now, with that out of the way, on to the results from the show.

Jim Cornette comes out to kick off the show. He announces to the crowd about the sale of the company to Sinclair, and then announces that the first set of TV Tapings will be in Chicago Ridge on August 13 and during those set of tapings, all ROH titles will be defended. Cornette states that the website will be upgraded and that the TV show will be shown online on the website, as well as bonus matches exclusive to the website.

The entire Ring of Honor roster comes out and gives their thanks to ROH President, Cary Silkin, who is at ringside. Silkin receives a huge ovation from the crowd.

A 10 bell salute is then done to honor the memory of Randy Savage.

Match Number One: “The Notorious 187” Homicide defeated Michael Elgin w/Truth Martini by pinfall after hitting the Gringo Cutter.

Match Number Two: Adam Cole & Kyle O’Reilly defeated The Bravado Brothers by pinfall.

Steve Corino comes out, with a freshly shaved head for a promo.

Corino says that he is trying to do the right thing on his road to recovery, but it is difficult when he only does 5 moves, and to be a good guy you need 7. Corino is about to introduce who is sponsor is when Mike Bennett interrupts him.

Corino and Bennett talk trash to one another on the mic before Jimmy Jacobs comes out and hugs Corino. Jacobs is revealed as Corino’s sponsor.

Jacobs says that when he departed ROH 2 years ago, everyone was happy he left. Now, he is in the best shape of his life and he is back to help out Corino. He wants to be back in ROH if the ROH officials let him, and he wants to fight for honor.

Jim Cornette then comes out with security to have Jacobs removed from the building.

Match Number Three: “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett defeated “Trouble King” Steve Corino by pinfall after hitting a piledriver. Crowd gave Corino a big ovation after the match.

Match Number Four: “The Generic Luchador” El Generico defeated “That Young Knockout Kid” Chris Hero w/Shane Hagadorn & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey by pinfall after the Yakuza Kick and Half and Half Suplex. Hero originally won the match with a pin and his feet on the ropes, but Todd Sinclair restarted the match after the crowd told him what Hero did. In a fun comedy bit before the match, Generico gave Hero an inflatable Thor hammer, making fun of the uncanny similarity between Hero and Thor.

Match Number Five: “The American Wolf” Davey Richards defeated Charlie Haas by pinfall after hitting 2 enziguris and a Buzzsaw-like kick to the head.

Crowd estimated to be between 600-700, which is somewhat of a disappointment, considering the build to this show. During intermission, 10 bell salutes were done for both Randy Savage and Larry Sweeney.

Match Number Six: “The Gold Standard” Shelton Benjamin defeated “Very European” Claudio Castangoli w/Shane Hagadorn & “The Queen of Wrestling” Sara Del Rey by pinfall after a T-Bone Suplex off the top rope.
After the match, The Kings of Wrestling & Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team faced off, although it did not come to blows.

Match Number Seven: Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana defeated ROH TV Champion “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels by pinfall in a non-title match. Before the match, Cabana appealed to referee Todd Sinclair to get rid of Martini, which Sinclair did.

After the match, Steve Corino came out to try and make amends with Cabana, which Cabana did not want any part of. Then, the rest of The House of Truth came out and laid out Corino.

Match Number Eight: The Briscoe Brothers defeated The All Night Express in a Chicago Street Fight by pinfall after Jay, who was knocked out by a chair from Kenny King, fell on top of Rhett Titus, who was also knocked out for the win.

Main Event for the ROH World Title: “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards defeated Roderick Strong to retain the title by submission after applying the Achilles’ Lock and continuously stomping Strong in the head.

After the match, The House of Truth ran out and attacked Edwards. Davey Richards came out to make the save for Edwards.

Edwards grabs the mic and states that for him to go on in ROH, he has to have a match with Richards, even going so far as to say he will quit ROH if he doesn’t get the match.

Richards says he cannot believe Edwards is this insecure about fighting him, but if its what he wants, then its what he’ll get, and Richards accepts the match. Before leaving, Richards warns Edwards to be careful what you wish for. They shake hands to close the show.

So there you have it for the 6th annual Supercard of Honor show for Ring of Honor. This will be their last show until June the 26th, where they will return to IPPV on GFL with Best in the World, from the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City at a special start time of 4pm. Til then, this is JerseyViper thanking you all for reading my report, and sounding off the only way I know how, HISSSSSSSSS! Later, everyone.