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WXW C4 Kicks Off 2010 With Winter Warfare TONIGHT!
12/23/09 – WXW C4 kicks off 2010 with our first live event on TONIGHT with Winter Warfare! Tickets are $15 for front row and $12 for GA. The battle begins at 7:30pm live at the New Mountainville Memorial Hall in Allentown, PA. This will be the first Blast TV taping of the new year so be sure to be there to kick of 2010 the right way!

Just added TODAY… “Rotten” Tommy Suede of the Daniels Dynasty returns to take on “The Lariat” DJ Hyde of the Extreme Horsemen!

Already Scheduled:

After our last event, Havoc approached the World Champion AC Anderson during a friendly basketball game to let him know it was time for the student to take on the teacher and put the title on the line. Havoc, a former WXW World Champion, has seen a lot of success through out his career and seems to be ready to be on the top of the mountain once again. Anderson, who successfully defended his World Title for the first time against Danny Demanto a few weeks ago, is eager to prove that the student is ready to become the teacher.

One person who had a stellar 2009 did so in her first and only night in the company: Amy Lee. Amy Lee stormed into the Empress Of The Ring Tournament, making her C4 debut and defeating one of the top WSTC students, a former Elite 8 winner and former multiple time womens champion, and the only 2 time Elite 8 winner and the current womens champion (albeit after a distraction and a handful of tights) all in one night. Amy Lee was able to do in one night what some women haven’t been able to pull off in a career. As the first Empress of the Ring, Amy Lee has earned a shot at Mercedes Martinez and her womens championship and she’s made it clear that she’s confident that she beat Martinez once, and she’ll easily do it again. On January 2nd, Empress Amy Lee will be in action, and will have the opportunity to find out from Commissioner Bentley when she’ll get her shot at Martinez and the gold. Who will she take on and when will she get the shot that she rightfully “earned”?

Be sure to be there TONIGHT for WINTER WARFARE!

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