Indy News #3: CHIKARA, AWF Wrestling

Indy News Update #3 for August 24, 2011
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CHIKARA sent this in:

CHIKARA hosts “Ladies Night” this Sunday, Aug 28th in Easton, PA!

This weekend in Easton, live at the Palmer Center, we are proud to deliver the 9th annual Young Lions Cup! Not only will we feature 16 promising up-and-comers from around the globe, but we’ve also got more action in the “12 Large: Summit” round-robin tournament! With non-tourney action on the docket, plus the 30-wrestler “Countdown Showdown” match, you will not want to miss out on YLC IX!
Now, we know it can be tough to drag the females out to see some pro-wrestling. We feel your pain. But we’re convinced that if you can get them to give us a chance, they’re gonna like us. That’s why this Sunday, August 28th in Easton, we’re asking YOU to bring along a special lady. Doesn’t have to be your wife or girlfriend or girlfriend-in-progress. You can bring your mom, your sister, you ever-lovin’ Aunt Petunia. You bring a new female fan to our August 28th card, we’ll admit them FREE of charge with your paid admission, guys!
This is a one-time-only special, so don’t miss out! A first time female fan gets in FREE at CHIKARA’s August 28th event at the Palmer Center with your paid admission. It’s an even cheaper date than usual! Or a great way to score some points with mom/sis/Aunt Petunia. That kind of familial social capital is hard to come by these days. What you can expect on Sunday:

~”12 LARGE: SUMMIT” Block A Match!~
Claudio Castagnoli vs. Icarus
~”12 LARGE: SUMMIT” Block B Match!~
Fire Ant vs. Vin Gerard
30 will enter…only 1 will win! Featuring:
Sara Del Rey, Eddie Kingston, Tursas, Mike Quackenbush, Grizzly Redwood, Dasher Hatfield, Ophidian, Soldier Ant, Delirious, UltraMantis Black and 20 more!

Featuring the final four!

Come see our upcoming live events:

Young Lions Cup IX
Saturday & Sunday – 8.27.2011 & 8.28.2011
Live @ The Palmer Center
4100 Green Pond Rd
in Easton, PA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm on Saturday!
On Sunday, we start @ 4:00 pm!

“Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman”
Saturday afternoon – 9.17.2011
Live @ Brockton Boys & Girls Club
233 Warren Avenue
in Brockton, MA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

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AWF Wrestling sent this in:




It’s Australia’s biggest annual Wrestling event, it’s PsychoticSlam! Since 1999 PsychoticSlam has been AWF’s biggest event of the year, and 2011’s edition promises again to be a great extension of the tradition as we return to Blacktown RSL for a world wide Internet Pay Per View edition of AWF Wrestling.

Elite Wrestling has been continuing to build momentum, as Jay Law has hounded AWF Champion Iron Ben Coles over recent months as he tries to take the Australasian Championship. Now to intensify the war, Law has added Japanese international wrestling star Dick Togo to the squad to continue his assault on Coles. Iron Ben has countered by replying with returning Detonation Crew tag partner Powerhouse Theo. The scene is set for a huge main event, with the balance of power in AWF at stake.
A huge undercard is also in store and will feature Great Aussie Rumble winner Concrete Davidson receiving a Commonwealth Championship shot against The Multicultural Society’s Tama Williams, and the 300 kg tandem of Mass Transit will challenge for the AWF Tag Team Championships against Party Trix.
Other wrestlers scheduled to appear include the arrogant and muscled “Mad Turk” Hussain, the imposing force of Blakestone, the highflying masked sensation El Technico plus many more wrestlers to be announced soon. There will also be DVD givaways of Fast & Furious 5 on the night and more surprises!

Card Line Up:
Tag Team Main Event: Dick Togo (Japan) & Jay Law Vs Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo
Commonwealth Championship: Concrete Davidson Vs Tama Williams
Tag Team Championships: Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic Vs Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
High Fliers Spectacular: Mick Moretti Vs El Technico
Warriors Warfare: Mad Turk Hussain Vs Gladiator Apollo
Commonwealth Contenders: Scotty Club Vs Spaceboy Dacey
Heavyweights Hit Out: Blakestone Vs Dean Draven
Womens Action: Selene Vs Rachel Rose

Plus more surprises TBA on the night!
For all this plus more exciting happenings don’t miss PsychoticSlam live! Book early to avoid disappointment.

When: Sat 27 August, 2011 – 7pm
Where: Blacktown RSL, Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
Tickets: $25 available via Paypal from AWF Website at, at the venue or at the door if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
Card Subject to Change



Monthly AWF Live Pro-Wrestling returns to the AWF Dojo Minto, NSW on Sat 17 August at 7pm to present AWF September Spectacular!
Be sure to book early and come and be part of all the up close fun and festivities as part of September Spectacular featuring the rising wrestlers of the AWF!

Event Card TBA post PsychoticSlam.

For all this plus more exciting happenings don’t miss September Spectacular, and be on hand for a great night of AWF Wrestling!

When: Sat 17 September, 2011 – 7pm
Where: AWF Dojo / Southwest Kickboxing- 7/32 Swettenham Rd, Minto
Tickets: $15 available via Paypal from AWF Website at, or at the door on the night if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
Card Subject to Change


AWF Live Pro-Wrestling returns to the Parramatta RSL for the first time in many years on Saturday 8 October at 7pm to present AWF October Wrestlefest.

Be sure to book early and come and be part of all the festivities as part of October Wrestlefest featuring the men & women of the AWF!

Event Card TBA post PsychoticSlam. See all your favourites of the AWF in action!

When: Sat 8 October, 2011 – 7pm
Where: Parramatta RSL: Cnr Macquarie & O’connell Sts, Parramatta, NSW
Tickets: $20 available via Paypal from AWF Website at, at the venue, or at the door on the night if not sold out
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or
Card Subject to Change



Australia’s top wrestlers converge for the biggest AWF event of 2011, it’s Aussie Mania! Introduce yourself to the wrestlers of the AWF in a 2 hour plus internet pay per view. Come in intrigued, exit an AWF fan. Screening at for $9.99 US
View and Purchase On Demand now!
Event from Panthers Penrith, NSW, Australia

Feature Bouts
– Tag Team Showdown: Tama Williams (NZ) & The Samoan Warrior (Samoa) Vs Iron Ben Coles & U-Gene (USA)
– SA Vs NSW: Mimic Vs Blakestone
– Tag Titles: Space Tech Vs Party Trix
– Technical Bout: Jay Law Vs Mason Childs
– Size Vs Strength: Massive Q Vs Concrete Davidson
– Newcomer Vs Veteran: Jack Tasman Vs Dean Draven
– The Great Aussie Rumble! : 20 Participants, Entry every minute, Elimination by pin or being tossed over the top rope, 1 winner.
– Plus more surprises and excitement!

Support AWF Wrestling and purchase AussieMania – AWF’s 1st IPPV event
Visit to witness AWF AussieMania On Demand. View and Purchase Now!

Here is interview by Gabe Sapolsky of World Wrestling Network for promo of AussieMania IPPV. Please purchase the event at only $9.99


AUSTRALIA- The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is now on worldwide iPPV exclusively at On Demand. Watch “Aussie Mania!” right now featuring the top stars of the Land Down Under. Introduce yourself to the wrestlers of the AWF in a 2 hour plus internet pay per view. Come in intrigued, exit an AWF fan!

When you order this event you can watch it as many times as you want forever. You can also make money off this show with the affiliate program. Go to Affiliate section for more info.

We have an exclusive interview with AWF promoter and booker Greg Bownds. Please feel free to use it on your website.

1) Greg, what is your background?

GB: I began wrestling professionally in 1994, began promoting live events in 1997, and formed the Australasian Wrestling Federation in 1999. I am the promoter and booker for AWF to this day, and also wrestle as TNT and on occasion as Aussie Ozbone.

2) Can you give us some background on AWF?

GB: Since forming in 1999, AWF has run shows primarily in Australia, using the top wrestlers in the country, along with from time to time incorporating some of the best independents from around the world. Our website is and will give fans a chance to see our wrestlers, results and latest happenings.

3) Why should people buy “Aussie Mania!” iPPV on on demand?

GB: People should buy “Aussie Mania!” to see a great show that showcases some of Australia’s best and rising wrestling talents. It will be a good chance for fans internationally to see Australian wrestling possibly for the first time and get to know some of the top wrestlers in our country.

4) How would you describe the style and influences of AWF?

GB: AWF is for the most part a hybrid of all major world styles, including US, Puro, Lucha, Brit, with an Australian take. Some of our wrestlers gimmicks are localised to reflect our region. We aim for our show to appeal to all age groups and to bring exciting in ring action in a fun environment.

5) What talent should new fans look out for and can you give a brief description of that talent?

GB: The current Australasian Champion is “Iron” Ben Coles. He is AWF’s top fan favourite currently, and even has his own national TV advertisement playing here in Australia. He is youthful, well built, trained under the AWF and Lance Storm and is good talent. A member of “The Detonation Crew”.

AWF’s current Young Lion’s Champion Jay Law is another great talent to look out for. Still in his early 20’s he has 7 years of experience, and was trained by AWF, Jesse Hernandez and Dragon Gate Japan. Heads up the “Elite Wrestling” faction.

Tama Williams of New Zealand is another who has a bright future as he is young, fit and has great in ring presence. He currently heads up “The Multicultural Society” faction.

Blakestone is a tremendous physical specimen and is world class in his look and intensity in ring.

For fun Concrete Davidson is a standout. This 1920’s strongman is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face with his old school attitude and wrestling abilities.

6) Any final thoughts?

GB: In all AWF has something unique to offer, and we urge wrestling fans worldwide to check out our IPPV’s at as they will provide a chance to see some good wrestling and new talent emanating from Australia. Ultimately, we hope to build a following of international fans and a carve a worldwide identity for Australian wrestling. Hope you can give it a go and join us for the fun ride!




AWF School of Pro-Wrestling at Minto, NSW is starting its next Beginners Course on 3 September, 2011, so if you have been considering taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, referee, or involved behind the scenes, applications for the Spring 2011 Semester (September, October, November) are available now and should be returned asap.
Visit the school page for course details and email for an application form today!
Make your wrestling dreams come true and get involved in pro-wrestling in 2011!


TNT is accepting private wrestling sessions once again at the AWF Dojo in Minto, NSW. Mon – Fri, 10am – 3pm from 4 July. Anyone from anywhere, experience or no experience. Contact him at to schedule sessions.
Below is a link to a short “TNT in Pics” video showing wrestling photos from the last few years.

All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377.


Sat 20 August, 2011
AWF Dojo, Minto, NSW

RESULTS: Diego Del Fuego pinned Shane Saw … Frankie Fettucini pinned Sir Loin … Gladiator Apollo (debut) pinned Jack Tasman … Space Tech pinned Island Tribe … Young Lions Championship: Jay Law pinned Anubis, DJ Fusion pinned Massive Q, Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo pinned Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom

– After Kieran Burns introduced the show, he invited TNT out. TNT thanked all for coming and reminded that PsychoticSlam was next week and marked 12 year anniversary of the event. Diego Del Fuego came out and interrupted TNT again, and TNT set a match right there with Shane Saw. Del Fuego countered by announcing “Mad” Tony Kebab as referee sneakily defeated Saw with feet on the ropes and a fast count.
– TNT introduced The Detonation Crew for a few words. Rachel Rose said shes focussing to beat Selene again at PsychoticSlam. Powerhouse Theo snatched the mic and told fans he would be taking charge tonight and leading his team to victory here and at Psychoticslam, and that Coles should pick up his game as he has lost the last 2 bouts to Jay Law. TNT eased Theo down and Coles added he’ll be ready. Elite Wrestling then entered and stated they’d kick their butts tonight, and have a surprise. Jay Law proclaimed that Baby Devine wasn’t Elite enough and she was sacked, and that their new ally was Team Mascot Franko The Elite Wolf. The main event was set.
– Frankie Fettucini returned to the AWF Dojo accompanied by Selene, using dojo equipment and anything else he could find to down Sir Loin.
– Jack Tasman’s mystery opponent was announced as the debuting Gladiator Apollo. Apollo outmuscled Tasman and beat him all over the Dojo until finishing him off with a pump handle powerslam.
– Spaceboy and El Technico defeated The Island Tribe when Tony Kebab was pulled from the ring by ref CB Cochran, then Spaceboy speared Tama Williams for the revenge victory from last month. Afterwoods The Samoan Warrior, Tama and Kebab argued and Del Fuego & Anubis came to the ring to ease things down.
– Jay Law kept the Young Lion’s Championship, using his smarts to move away from a belt shot from the interfering Tama Williams, which in turn cracked Anubis, and lead to Law powerbombing Anubis for the win. This set off Anubis who came to blows with Tama, and then the whole Multicultural Society came out and all went at it as they seemed become frustrated with themselves.
– DJ Fusion scored the biggest singles win of his career as he downed the much larger Massive Q with a frogsplash from the top rope. The crowd where stunned as was Q afterwoods.
– In the main event after Elite Wrestling entered, but Iron Ben Coles came to the ring alone without Powerhouse Theo. As the Elite Tag Team doubled up on Coles TNT left to look for Theo, and made calls to his phone to no avail. Coles fought valiantly but was almost done when Theo finally showed up and tagged himself in. Theo cleaned house destroyed Falco and Linstrom, bloodying Falco with a forarm and then hitting The Powerbomb for the devastating victory. After the bout TNT asked Theo were he was. Theo claimed strategy and that he got the job done, and that was a message to Elite Wrestling and also his Tag Team partner Ben Coles. It’s time to step up and he told Elite Wrestling that was just a taste of what to expect at PsychoticSlam. Coles said he’ll be ready and urged all to be there. TNT told Coles and Theo we’ll talk about what happened tonight in private and thanked all for coming and supporting AWF!
– Next Dojo event is 17 September entitles September Spectacular. Will be another great night and will follow the fallout from PsychoticSlam.

See the show in pics gallery at

Sat 23 July, 2011
AWF Dojo, Minto, NSW

RESULTS: Anubis pinned Shane Saw … Powerhouse Theo pinned Samoan Warrior … AWF Commonwealth Championship: Tama William pinned Spaceboy Dacey … AWF Tag Team Championships: Party Trix beat Elite Tag Team via DQ … El Technico pinned Jack Tasman, Young Lions Champion Vs Australasian Champion: Jay Law beat Iron Ben Coles via DQ.

– The opening bout started with Anubis all over Shane Saw. After a big back body drop Shane Saw started to come back. Anubis then managed to keep the Victorian grounded and ma de a few chokes that referee Tony Kebab didn’t call a DQ. Anubis continued to dominate until Shane Saw got a big swinging neckbreaker. Shane Saw went to the top rope for a double axe handle but Anubis caught him and hit a big T-bone capture suplex and got the three count.
– In his second match back in the AWF Powerhouse Theo locked horns with the Samoan Warrior in what began as a battle of strength. After being dominated by Theo The Samoan Warrior escaped a powerbomb attempt and went outside the ring, he then gained the upper hand after he snapped Theo off the top rope. With the Reff distracted Diego Del Fuego, the ring announcer for the night, chocked Powerhouse with the bottom rope. The Samoan Warrior remained on top until Theo came back with some big forearm shots and a bulldog. The Samoan Warrior nearly had the pin after a counter into a back breaker. The pair then went slam for slam first Theo hit the Samoan with a huge spinbuster for a two count, then The Samoan Warrior hit a huge Samoan drop with the same result. Theo then got the Samoan on his back with a double leg takedown with a rollover pin. After the match Selene interviewed the Victor who let the fans no he and the rest of the Detonation Crew were just getting started.
– The Commonwealth title match started with Tama struggling to take the bigger man down. Spaceboy continued to drop the champion with clotheslines and shoulder tackles. Tama reversed a neckbreaker then followed up with a scoop slam for a two count. The New Zealander continued to attack and taunt the challenger. With the crowd behind him Dacey began to fight back but was stopped by a picture perfect dropkick. Tama managed to keep the big man down until Spaceboy hit a huge German Suplex. Tama was lucky to escape a powerslam attempt and hit a superkick a big kick to the back. Both men landing big slams followed by two counts seemed to frustrate the combatants. It took a chair shot from The Samoan Warrior to keep Spaceboy down but after an Air New Zealand Splash Tama finally picked up the win and retained the Commonwealth championship. The Island Tribe then began to beat down the fallen Spaceboy, but luckily El Technico came to Dacey aide which led to TNT announcing a tag match for the next show at the AWF Dojo.
– Before the Tag Team Championship match could begin, the newly formed tag team Mass Transit, Traffic and Massive Q came to stake the claim for their Tag Title match at Psychotic Slam next month.
The match then began with The Illusionist out maneuvering Greatness Grant Lindstrom. Party Trix then double teamed the challangers forcing them to regroup outside the ring. Once Falco and DJ Fusion tagged in Elite had the upper hand. Party Trix again double teamed and took control of the match. Falco then distracted the reff to allow Lindstrom to attack The Illusionist from behind. Elite remained on top until The Illusionist counter a badly time Clothesline Leg Sweep combo and tagged in his partner. Elite couldn’t get their hands on DJ Fusion who continued to out wrestle the pair. Elite then tackled both champions and had them in painful submissions but Party Trix crawled to the ropes. Party Trix hit the finisher and were about to win the match when Mass Transit entered the ring and layed waste to the tag champs as Elite high-tailed it out of the Dojo. When DJ Fusion managed to chase Q and Traffic from the ring with a chair, Party Trix got on the mic and warned the big men that they wouldn’t go down without a fight at Psychotic Slam.
– The Grudge match of the night began by El Technico attacking Jack Tasman before the bell had rung. Tasman couldn’t seem to find his bearings until he throw the high flyer into the ring post outside the ring. The Bad Apple of the AWF then continued to beat down the Mexican and was nearly disqualified for a four count from a choke on the ropes. El Technico began to fight back with Clotheslines and a Hurrincanranna. El Technico attempted a top rope Hurricanranna only to fall from the top rope face first. The battle then went back and forth until Tasman counter a top rope dive into a Powerbomb but only got a two count. El Technico countered a DDT into a roll up pin and won the match.
– The Main Event for July Justice was a Champion v Champion match that saw the Young Lions Champion Jay Law take on the AWF Heavyweight Champion Iron Ben Coles. When the match got under way both men seemed to be at a standoff going move for move, counter for counter. The match continued back and forth until Jay Law distracted the reff and Falco choked Ben Coles on the turnbuckle. Jay Law landed a picture perfect Capture Suplex that left the AWF champion lying on the mat. Ben Coles the managed to escape a Powerbomb attempt but fell victim to a vicious Sleeper Hold. Even with an interference from Falco Ben Coles managed to escape the sleeper and began to dominate his fellow champion. Jay Law went to attack Ben Coles with a metal water bottle but Coles took the bottle and hit the Young Lions Champion and was disqualified. When Elite Wrestling began to beat down Iron Ben Coles, Powerhouse Theo came to the rescue running off Elite Wrestling. TNT entered the ring and the main event of Coles and Theo Vs Falco and Linstrom was made for the next AWF Dojo card on 20 August .
Now with two tag team matches scheduled for next month, Faclo and Linstrom v Coles and Theo at the next Dojo show and Jay Law and International Superstar Dick Togo v Coles and Theo at Psychotic Slam the Detonation Crew have their work cut out for them.
Show Video Final:
Show Pics –
(Show Report by Brendan Burman)

Show Photography thanks to Neil Wells



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Sat 27 August, 2011
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW

Sat 3 September, 2011
New School Students
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sat 17 September, 2011
September Spectacular
AWF Dojo
Minto, NSW

Sat 8 October, 2011
Parramatta RSL
Parramatta, NSW

More Sept & Oct Dates TBA soon including Wollongong & Newcastle Area.

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