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Welcome to the AWF News Update for Summer 2010.


AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Iron Bone
2. Krackerjack
3. Blakestone
4. Tommy Helfire
5. Mana The Polynesian Warrior

AWF Australasian Champion: Vacant
1. Massive Q
2. Iron Jay Coles
3. Mark Hilton
4. Obie Cartel
5. Adam Hoffman
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti
1. Jarred Slate
2. Grant Linstrom
3. Spaceboy Dacey
4. Tama Williams
5. Julian Ross

AWF Tag Team Champions: The Corner Shop Connection: Traffic & Frankie Fettucini
1. Tama Williams & The Samoan Warrior
2. Bill Flyswat & ?Greatness? Grant Linstrom
3. The Freakshow: Toxin & Rigga Mortis
4. Team Astrnomy: Rob “The Scientist” & “Spaceboy” Dacey
5. Iron Condition: Mick Moretti & Iron Jay Coles


FRI 15 JANUARY, 2010

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) comes to Panthers World of Entertainment, Penrith, NSW on Friday 15 January to kick start the year with a huge night of pro-wrestling excitement, featuring Australia’s top professional wrestlers bar none.
The AWF will deliver 2 1/2 hours of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters to kick start the beginning of 2010 in the best way possible.
The awesome Panthers Evan Theatre will be the perfect setting to host this hi tech event, and AWF will utilize the venue’s great video walls and sound and lighting to make this a visually spectacular extravaganza.

The ?Best of the Best? event will feature a huge 4 man tournament, plus Championship bouts to make this the supercard of all Australian wrestling to kick off 2010 in a huge way.
If you are someone who has never seen Australian Wrestling, or is curious or skeptical, come to this event and we are sure you will be won over by the talent and work ethic the wrestlers on this event demonstrate.

The 4 man tournament will be an awesome night of action to follow, and will unravel who is the best in this format in all of the country.
The country’s top wrestlers have been announced with the 191 cm 120 kg muscular Blakestone to represent NSW, the madness of Krackerjack to be the face of Victoria, while Qld will be represented by the calculating Obie Cartel, and wild card entry from NSW will be the returning former AWF Champion Mark Hilton.
In other major action, the culmination of a 5 month quest to crown a new Australasian Champion will come to a head as heated rivals Massive Q and the popular Iron Jay Coles will meet in the final for the most prestigious championship in the region.
Elsewhere on the card the Commonwealth Championship will be defended in an international battle pitting Powerhouse Theo (Australia) Vs Iron Bone (Africa) and the Tag Team and Young Lion’s Championships will also be defended.

This is set to be possibly the Australian event of the year with surprises galore, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Best of The Best event @ Penrith Panthers and see the most talented wrestlers in the country come together for a very special night of wrestling.
We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as tickets for this event will be in high demand. Tickets are on sale now at the club.

– 4 Man Best of the Best Tournament featuring Blakestone Vs Obie Cartel, Mark Hilton Vs Krackerjack & Final
– AWF Australasian Championship Final: Massive Q Vs Iron Jay Coles
– AWF Commonwealth Championship: Iron Bone (Nigeria) Vs Powerhouse Theo
– AWF Young Lions Championship: Mick Moretti Vs Jarred Slate
– AWF Tag Team Championship bout: Cornershop Connection Vs Tama Williams & Samoan Warrior
* Subject to Change

SHOW INFO: The AWF will deliver over 2 hours of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.
Show Enquiries call 0410 691 377


SAT 16 JANUARY, 2010

The Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) excitingly returns to the state of the art Campbelltown Convention & Entertainment Complex venue ?The Cube? on Saturday 16 January, 2010 to kick start the year with a massive evening of live sports entertainment entitled ?AWF Hot Wrestling Action?.

The Summer Tour event will showcase the best AWF has to offer in six feature bouts, jam packed with excitement for over 2 hours of live pro-wrestling action suitable for the whole family.

The last Cube event in October, 2009 saw over 500 fans enjoy a fantastic evening of quality wrestling, and the 16 January, 2010 event will no doubt be aiming to top the electricity of that evening. The AWF talents will be looking to avenge results from their last encounters in Campbelltown, and all wrestlers will be looking to impress fans and management as the level of competition will be at it’s highest.

As part of the massive line up all AWF Championships will be on the line, there will be women’s action, as well as special feature bouts. In attendance will be AWF standouts Iron Jay Coles, Powerhouse Theo, Massive Q, Spaceboy Dacey, Bombshell Bo plus international guest, Africa’s top professional wrestler ?Iron Bone?.

?AWF Hot Wrestling Action? is sure to be great evening packed with surprises galore, so if you are looking for a fun night out be sure to make it along and support the Australasian Wrestling Federation when it comes to the Cube on 16 January, 2010.

We advise to book early to avoid disappointment as this event will be highly anticipated and will be the hottest school holiday entertainment ticket in town.

TICKETS: Fan friendly special price! All tickets $10
PH: 02 46250000 OR AT THE VENUE
SHOW INFO: The AWF will deliver 2 hours plus of action packed sports entertainment suitable for all ages in a huge card that will showcase a variety of different matches, fighting styles and characters.


Get ready for the ride of your life when WRESTLERAGE unleashes hell over 3 exciting nights!
Featuring Ring of Honour cult hero El Generico, Mana The Polynesian Warrior, TNT and Iron Jay. WRESTLERAGE promises audiences high flying, chair swinging, table breaking, wrestling mayhem! If that’s not enough there will also be live bands performing, making these unmissable incredible events!

When: 19, 20, 21 February, 2010 ? 7:30 start
3 Nights ? 3 different cards!
Where: The Hungarian Club of SA Inc
82 Osmond Tce, Norwood, SA
Tickets: $25 On Sale 9 from 9 January at

Break Out Campbelltown
Fri 9 October, 2009
The Cube
Campbelltown, NSW

Blakestone b Krackerjack, 4 Way Elimination Tag Titles: Comic & Flyswat b Bathory & Mortis, Dacey & Best b Traffic & Fettucini, Dacey & Best b Comic & Flyswat to win Tag Titles, Iron Jay b Adam Danzig, Massive Q b Mick Moretti, Adam Hoffman b Scotty Club, Harley Wonderland & Selene b Bombshell Bo & Mighty Mel, Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b ?Kizarny? Sinn Bodhi

Show Notes:
– 540 fans packed the Cube for a great night top to bottom.
– Gosford Giddyups imploded after their loss to Team Astronomy for the Tag Titles, with Billy Flyswat attacking Comic after the bout and leaving him laying.
– Massive Q advanced in the Australasian Title tournament, defeating Mint Condition Moretti with the big Q splash.
– Powerhouse Theo bested Sinn Bodhi in the main event with ?The Powerbomb?.
– Music video of the event visit
* To purchase the DVD of this event send $25 to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761 or order at by Paypal at
– AWF returns to The Cube on 16 January, 2010 with Hot Wrestling Action.

Break Out Wallsend
Sat 10 October, 2009
Wallsend Pioneers Hall
Wallsend, NSW

Adam Danzig b Adam Hoffman, Mighty Mel b Harley Wonderland, Tag Titles: Team Astronomy b Massive Q & Rigga Mortis, Young Lions Title: Mick Moretti b Zander Bathory to win YL Championship, Bill Flyswat b Iron Jay Coles, Grant Lindstrom & Chris Goode b Traffic & Tama Williams, Sinn Bodhi b Max Comic

Show Notes:
– TNT interviewed Billy Flyswat to start the show. TNT asked about the bust up of the Gosford Giddyups and what they should do about the situation, how it effected them, and the Detonation Crew. After a resolve was seemingly come to, Flyswat attacked TNT’s injured shoulder, and beat up TNT until Max Comic came to his rescue, with Flyswat fleeing from the scene.
– Team Astronomy’s first title defence was successful, nailing Rigga Mortis with the double spine buster for the win and breaking his leg in the process, putting Mortis out for the next few months.
– ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti ended Zander Bathory’s Young Lion’s Championship reign with the ?Mintsault? to become the new champion to the fans delight.
– Billy Flyswat announced he would now be called ?Bill? Flyswat, and then reverted to his former underhanded ways and defeated Iron Jay.
– In the AWF Tournament Qualifying Main Event ?Kizarny? Sinn Bodhi defeated Max Comic after a distraction from Bill Flyswat. In the finale Comic was about to go for ?The Punchline?, but Bill came out and got the attention of Max allowing Kizarny to capitalize and score with his capture DDT for the win and advance to the finals of the tournament.
* To purchase the DVD of this event send $25 to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761 or order by Paypal at

Break Out Fairy Meadow
Sun 11 October, 2009
Fairy Meadow Fraternity Club
Fairy Meadow, NSW

Max Comic b Toxin, Massive Q b Krackerjack, Adam Hoffman b Kyle Semenoff, Tag Team Titles: Team Astronomy b The Cornershop Connection, Young Lions Championship: Mick Moretti b Adam Danzig, Harley Wonderland & Aroura b Bombshell Bo & Mighty Mel, Iron Jay b Sinn Bodhi

– Adam Hoffman scored one of the biggest singles wins of his career over Kyle Seminoff in the Aust Vs NZ challenge match.
– Mick Moretti was successful in his first Young Lion’s Championship defence, overcoming Adam Danzig and sending him home to the UK.
– The hometown crowd encouraged Iron Jay Coles to victory over Sinn Bodhi in the biggest win of his career. Iron Jay advances to the final of the Australasian Championship Tournament where he will face Massive Q at Panthers on 15 January.
* To purchase the DVD of this event send $25 to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761 or order by Paypal at

Break Out SA
Fri 16 October, 2009
Eastern Park Wolves
Elizabeth East, SA

Blake Mitchell b Tama Williams, Puro Loco & Mystic b The Hall Bros, NSW Vs SA: Spaceboy Dacey b David Hawk, 3 Way: Toxin b Jamie Baker & Joe Mundie, Sinn Bodhi b TNT, David Hawk won a 10 Man Rumble.

Show Notes:
– Blake Mitchell out cheated Tama Williams in the opener.
– The masked tandem of Puro Loco & Mystic upset the Hall Bros in a competitive tag encounter.
– In a highly contested back and forth bout the size of Spaceboy Dacey was too much for the high energy of David Hawk.
– ?Kizarny? Sinn Bodhi defeated TNT when Blake Mitchell & The Hall Brothers distracted TNT, leading to Bodhi capitalizing and scoring with his capture DDT. TNT’s shoulder was re-dislocated in the process. After the bout ?The Youth? seemed set to attack TNT, but Cannonball Chris Taylor emerged to make the save, and a match was set for down the line.
– David Hall took out the AWF Rumble to the fans delight to round out the show.
* AWF returns to South Australia 19-21 February at the Hungarian Club for WrestleRage


Break Out Parramatta – Monsters & Madness
Sat 17 October, 2009
Parramatta PCYC
Parramatta, NSW

Mick Moretti b Blakestone, Mystery Partners: Bill Flyswat & Chris Goode b Max Comic & Grant Linstrom, Sinn Bodhi b Traffic, Sinn Bodhi b Tama Williams, Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo b Tommy Hellfire, 3 Way: Mighty Mel b Bombshell Bo & Aroura, Tag Titles Anything Gos Rules: Team Astronomy b The Freakshow’s Massive Q & Zander Bathory

Show Notes:
– New Young Lion’s Champion Mick Moretti continued his excellent form upsetting the larger and more experienced Blakestone in the opening bout. The two raised each others hand at the conclusion of the bout.
– In the mystery tag team bout, Grant Linstrom showed his true colours attacking partner Max Comic, leading to a win for Billy Flyswat. Afterwoods big rookie Chris Goode saved Max Comic from a beating. Flyswat & Linstrom left together.
– Sinn Bodhi’s Carnival of Sinn Monsters Ball saw Traffic answer the call, and after much shinnanigans and use of the stop sign, was pinned with the capture DDT. After stating what a great time he?d had in Oz, Tama Williams entered and dissed Australia and a match broke out. Sinn used a cinder block to William’s crotch en route to defeating him to the fans delight.
– Powerhouse Theo and Victoria’s Tommy Hellfire put on a very hard hitting heavyweight battle, with Theo muscling ?The Powerbomb? for the victory. Hellfire’s championship effort was strong and he will be one to watch in 2010.
– Mighty Mel snuck in and rolled up friend Bombshell Bo to win the ladies 3 way. Bo appeared shocked after the loss.
– In the main event it was ?Anything Gos? and things got wild. Chairs, road signs, tables, crutches and anything else in the way was used. Rigga Mortis with a cast on his leg also tried to interfere. In the end Barry The Boost cup of Boost Juice Bars fame came to the ring and distracted Q, and Bathory was isolated in ring and hit with the double spine buster on debris for the win. Bathory was knocked out as a result and has returned to the Carpathian Mountains and will take a leave of absence to recover.

Break Out Niagara Park – Central Coast Showdown
Sat 14 November, 2009
Central Coast Youth Club
Niagara Park, NSW

Adam Hoffman b Mark Hilton, Corner Shop Connection (Traffic & Frankie Fettecini) became new AWF Tag Team Champions via forfiet, Corner Shop Connection b Iron Jay Coles & TNT, Commonwealth Title: Powerhouse Theo b Toxin, Gosford Ghetto Street Fight: Max Comic b Billy Flyswat, Strap Match: Harley Wonderland b Bombshell Bo, AWF Rumble Winner: Traffic (eliminated Adam Hoffman in the final, with help from Frankie Fettucini)

Show Notes:
– Former AWF Champion Mark Hilton returned to action, but was bested by “The Aerialist” Adam Hoffman in a high flying battle of the shooting star presses.
– Cornershop Connection became the new Tag Team Champions by forfiet when Team Astronomy did not make the event. Bombshell Bo then came out and informed she had a team for them to face in their first defence: TNT & Iron Jay! After looking like they were about to take the titles, TNT dislocated his finger and then Iron Jay was smashed with the AWF Championship by the interfering Massive Q which led to Jay being pinned with the Lunch Break legdrop-sideslam combination.
– Powerhouse Theo retained against the deranged Toxin winning with the Powerbomb.
– Max Comic avenged Billy Flyswat’s recent antics by defeating him with the punchline fit drop in the finale. Grant Linstrom interfered on Flyswats behalf many times.
– Harley Wonderland downed arch rival Bombshell Bo after assistance from Massive Q and a pie to the face.
– After an exciting 20 man pins and over the top elimination AWF Rumble which featured many debuting wrestlers, and even an appearance by Gravity, it ended upo coming down to the Cornershop Connection and Adam Hoffman. Hoffman disposed of Fettecini, but the new Tag Team Champions sneaky tactics were too much in the end and Frankie pulled “The Arialist” out in the end giving Traffic the win. The Cornershop Connection celebrated with the Tag Team Championships to end the show.

AWF Final Battle 2009
Sat 12 December, 2009
AWF Dojo,
Minto, NSW

Young Lion’s Title: Mick Moretti b Tama Williams, Selene & Maximum Chris b Mighty Mel & Spaceboy Dacey, ?The Illiusionist? Paul Galic, Rob Madeddu & Julian Ross b Joel ?Taint Falco? Fullerton, ?Shane Saw? Herbert & Michael Matthews, Handicap Match: Iron Jay Coles b Massive Q & Toxin, Tag Titles: Frankie Fettucini & Traffic b Billy Flyswat & Grant Linstrom, Scotty ?The Samoan Warrior? Paulo b ?Sir Loin? Chris Goode, Commonwealth Title: Powerhouse Theo b Max Comic

Show Notes:
– Last show of the year saw a packed standing room only AWF Dojo providing a great atmosphere from AWF supporters, friends and family.
– Many new graduates from the AWF School of pro-wrestling made their in ring match debuts, and showed passion, good skill and energy.
– In the Young Lions Opener, Mick Moretti outshone newcomer Tama William’s with the Mintsault.
– Selene & Maximum Chris upset Mighty Mel & Spaceboy, when Mel was caught and fullnelson slammed by Selene for the fall.
– 6 man action saw Julian Ross gain the victory for his team with a skytwister.
– Iron Jay outsmarted Q & Toxin, scoring the win in the handicap bout, with Q leveling Toxin with a huge chairshot and misguided Q splash leading to the big Iron Jay splash & win.
– The Cornershop Connection entertained the crowd before finishing Lindstrom in the end.
-The Samoan Warrior had tremendous crowd support, as he rallied to victory over the larger Sir Loin with a cutter.
-In the battle of the Detonation Crew main event, after a back and forth bout, Max Comic was powerbombed in the end so hard he broke his humorous and was pinned. Medics came after the bout and Comic is now in an arm cast for 6 weeks, and another 8 weeks rehab.
– AWF Year Awards were presented with Tag Team of the Year going to The Gosford Giddyups, Most Popular going to Iron Jay, Supporter of The Year going to Alex Kelly, and Wrestler of the Year going to Powerhouse Theo.
– A good way to round out the year. Next event is Best of The Best – 15 January, 2010 at Panthers Penrith, NSW.


– 2009 was a good year in wrestling for AWF with many shows and fans being entertained across Australia. New talent was groomed, and many stepped up. AWF would like to thank its fans world wide for their continued interest and support during the year.
The AWF 2009 Year Awards are as follows:
Match of the Year: TNT Vs Il Cognito Steel Cage Match (18 April, 2009)
Wrestler of the Year: Powerhouse Theo
Tag Team of the Year: The Gosford Giddyups
Most Popular: Iron Jay Coles
Most Hated: Massive Q
Rookie of the Year: ?Mint Condition? Mick Moretti
Future Prospect: Tama Williams
Supporter of the Year: Alex Kelly

– As the new year rolls in the focus shifts to the huge Best of the Best year opener event scheduled for Panthers on Friday 15 January. After a tournament spanning the second half of 2009, the final for the Australasian Championship will finally take place, with Iron Jay Coles & Massive Q meeting in the final in what will be the biggest bout of both men’s careers. Also featuring on the show will be a 4 man tournament with Blakestone (NSW), Obie Cartel (Qld), Mark Hilton (NSW) & Krackerjack (VIC), plus all other AWF Championships being defended. This will be a show not to be missed and will set the tone for 2010 events. Book now at Panthers Penrith.

– AWF will return to Adelaide, South Australia from 19-21 February to take part in the Adelaide Fringe Festival. The festival brings Adelaide alive during February, and with AWF in town it will be even more exciting as we present WrestleRage over 3 big nights. As part of the shows international wrestler extraordinaire, Dragon Gate & ROH favourite El Generico will be in town, plus NZ’s Mana The Polynesian Warrior, TNT, Iron Jay and more of AWF’s best. Book from Jan 9 at

– Obie Cartel of Queensland will make his AWF debut the weekend of 15 & 16 January. Obie was impressive at the TNA media day in Sydney in mid 09, and says he is coming to AWF to prove he is ?The Best? in Australia. Be on hand at Panthers to see if Queensland’s best can defeat one of NSW’s best, Blakestone.

– ?Iron Bone? of Africa will look to invade AWF rings in January. The mysterious Iron Bone is a many time African Heavyweight Champion and has been keen to compete in AWF for sometime. His impressive background has granted him a Commonwealth Championship bout Vs Powerhouse Theo at Panthers on 15 Jan, and he will also be on hand on the 16th at The Cube. ?Iron Bone? says he will win the Commonwealth Belt and represent his people as a real champion.

– AWF is excited to be appearing as part of Supanova Pop Culture Expo events in April, 2010. 10 & 11 April will see Brisbane & 17 & 18 April will host Melbourne events, plus June will see Sydney and Perth spectaculars. Past years Supanova’s have been fun filled weekends, with great AWF action being some of the highlights, so be sure to mark the events on your 2010 calendar! Visit for up to date info on pop culture stars that will be on hand.

– AWF School of Pro-Wrestling at Minto, NSW is starting it’s next Beginners Course on 6 March, 2010,so if you have been considering taking the correct steps to becoming a highly skilled pro-wrestler, applications for the Autumn Semester (March – May) are available now and should be returned asap. Visit for course details and email for an application form.

– TNT will return to action in 2009 in a limited capacity while he continues to rehabilitate injuries. He is scheduled to wrestle on 18 Jan in Adelaide for HRPW Reborn Tour, then will appear in Adelaide on 23 January Vs Ahmed Iblis (along with AWF’s Iron Jay Vs Rocky Manero) at the AWS event. TNT says ?I will also be at upcoming AWF January events, watching what goes down, so I?ll definitely be around. I want to ensure that my shoulder is good so I can be at 100% again soon. Thank you to all the fans of AWF who have given me support in 2009. I truly appreciate it. I want 2010 to end up being a great year. We deserve it! ?

– Get well wishes go to Max Comic, who has an injured humorous and will be out of action till approx April.

– Rigga Mortis will return to in ring action in early 2009 after suffering a broken leg in October.

– Former AWF Tag Team Champion Rob ?The Scientist? is in the USA until March for further training with Booker T and match opportunities.

– AWF is on Facebook. Make sure you visit & join our Facebook page at to get more of the latest from AWF. Interact with AWF and many of our wrestlers and get the latest info.

– There will be many new AWF DVD releases in January. Please see the AWF website in coming weeks for new titles.
Available now:
A Decade of AWF – The best moments of AWF over the last 10 years – 2 DVD set ? Featuring Mad Dog Vs Krackerjack (Hardcore), TNT Vs Il Cognito 30 Mins, Thug Thomas Vs Lobo, Hilton Vs Danielson, 4 Way for AWF Title, AWF Documentaries and Extras – $30
AWF PsychoticSlam Sydney, 18 April, 09 – $25
AWF Break Out @ Mt Druitt, 25 Sept, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ The Cube, 9 Oct, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ Wallsend, 10 Oct, 09 – $20
AWF Break Out @ The Cube, 11 Oct, 09 – $20
Coming Soon: Best of AWF in 2009

To order send a cheque or money order to AWF Wrestling: PO Box 473, Plumpton, NSW, 2761. (Add $5 postage per order in Aust, $15 International) or by Paypal at

– AWF ?Pro-Wrestling Is The Only Real Sport!? shirts are still available at the merchandise stand at AWF events and the AWF Website now for $30.

– Thanks for your support of AWF, & hope to see you at the upcoming Summer events! Tell your friends about AWF and spread this news update. Become involved and let’s continue to make AWF grow each month in 2010! See you at the matches!


Fri 15 Jan, 2010
Best Of The Best
Panthers Evans Theatre
Penrith, NSW

Sat 16 Jan, 2010
Hot Wrestling Action
The Cube
Campbelltown, NSW

Fri 19, Sat 20, Sun 21 Feb, 2010
WrestleRage @ The Fringe
The Hungarian Club
Norwood, SA

Sat 6 March, 2010
AWF School of Pro-Wrestling
Autumn Semester Begins

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!


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