Indy News Update #3 for September 11, 2011
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CHIKARA sent this in:

Before we get to MA and NY, get caught up with “Previously at CHIKARA”!

A lot’s been going on in CHIKARA’s historic 10th season, and we’re headed for Brockton, MA and Manhattan, NY next weekend…but before we get there, you might want to get all caught up! Some spoiler heavy stuff is ahead – here is the 4-part “Previously at CHIKARA” we just released on our YouTube channel:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Come see our upcoming live events:

“Odyssey of the Twelfth Talisman”
Saturday evening – 9.17.2011
Live @ Brockton Boys & Girls Club
233 Warren Avenue
in Brockton, MA!
The action starts @ 7:00 pm, Doors open @ 6:30 pm!

“Martyr Yourself to Caution”
Sunday afternoon – 9.18.2011
Live @ The Highline Ballroom
431 West 16th Street
in Manhattan, NY!
The action starts @ 4:00 pm, Doors open @ 3:00 pm!

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NWS sent this in:

NWS made their annual appearance at the 2011 Edison, NJ Fall Family Spectacular on Saturday afternoon and evening October 10th. The weather threatened rain early in the day, but the skies cleared and the fans came in droves as NWS presented two free shows right in the middle of Papaianni Park.

Afternoon Show Results:
NWS opened the show with a tribute to the tenth anniversary of 9-11 and a rousing rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner”.

The opening contest was a match between Bobby Youngblood and Edison High School Wrestling standout (recently turned pro) Fast Eddie Franken. Youngblood was accompanied to the ring by his manager Barnabus P. Tightwad and his career advisor “Corrupted” Corey Havoc. Barnabus claimed he was a Real Estate Investment Banker who owned all the mortgage bonds for Edison, and threatened to foreclose on the fans’ homes if they continued to boo him and Youngblood. Youngblood exerted his experience early on, but Fast Eddie battled back, but when he went to the top rope to try and finish off Youngblood, Havoc knocked him off his perch, and Youngblood seized the opportunity and leveled him with a Tombstone Piledriver and got the 1-2-3.
Winner: Bobby Youngblood

After the match, Havoc came into the ring and urged Youngblood to further attack Fast Eddie, but Eddie turned the tables and dropkicked them both out of the ring. Commissioner Moore was furious at Youngblood and Havoc, and ordered a Fast Eddie-Youngblood rematch for the Evening Show.

The second match was a non-title match pitting NWS Hardcore Champion “Corrupted” Corey Havoc, accompanied to the ring by his manager Barnabus P. Tightwad and his career advisor Steve “Monsta” Mack, against the World Famous TV Wrestling Clown. The Clown’s unpredictable style kept Havoc from gaining any advantage in the match, until a distraction from Monsta Mack gave Havoc an opening to take control. But The Clown battled back and took down Havoc with a big boot to the face and a powerslam. The Clown went up to deliver his patented “Whoopee Cushion” finisher on Havoc, but manager Baranabus Tightwad jumped on the ring apron, and The Clown went over to attack him. Havoc then distracted the referee, allowing Monsta Mack to throw a handful of powder in The Clown’s face, blinding him, then Mack got into the ring and leveled The Clown with a huge clothesline. Havoc then covered The Clown and the referee, having seen none of Mack’s actions, counted the 1-2-3 pin for Havoc.
Winner: “Corrupted” Corey Havoc

While Havoc celebrated his victory, Monsta Mack warned that his opponent for the afternoon, former WWE Hall of Famer “The Birdman” Koko B’Ware, would suffer the same fate.

The third match of the afternoon was a tag-team match, pitting the team of “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & luchador Sucio Sanchez against the duo of “Retro Rocker” Ricky Roxx & “The White Urkel” B. Fehrm. Smoothie and Sanchez attacked their opponents early on, and isolated Fehrm in their corner. Eventually Fehrm was able to counter a superplex attempt by Smoothie and tagged in Roxx, who cleaned house on both opponents. Roxx and Sanchez ended up brawling on the outside, leaving Delaware rivals Fehrm and Smoothie fighting in the ring. Fehrm overpowered Smoothie and his his “Nerd Cutter” finisher on Smoothie, but Sanchez returned to the ring, broke up Fehrm’s pin attempt, and leveled Fehrm with a powerbomb. Roxx also returned to the ring and superkicked Sanchez, but Smoothie dropkicked Roxx out of the ring and then back-suplexed Fehrm and went up and delivered a flying “Leg Drop Across The Delaware” on Fehrm and covered him for the 1-2-3.
Winners: “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie & Sucio Sanchez.

The Main Event of the afternoon was a matchup between Steve “Monsta” Mack, with his manager Barnabus P. Tightwad, against former WWE Hall of Famer “The Birdman” Koko B’Ware. After dancing “The Bird” with an Edison High School cheerleader, ring announcer Johnny Falco, and even Commissioner Gino Moore, Koko and Mack began a big man brawl. Koko dominated early, but a distraction by Barnabus allowed Mack to turn the tables and beat down Koko for several minutes. But when Mack went for a flying splash to finish off Koko, Koko rolled out of the way. Barnabus tried to distract Koko before he could take advantage, but Koko knocked him off the ring, and then hit a flying splash of his own on Mack, and covered him for the pin. But before the referee reached the count of three, Corey Havoc and Bobby Youngblood ran into the ring and attacked Koko, breaking up the pin and forcing the referee to ring the bell. Havoc and Youngblood continued to attack Koko until The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown ran into the ring with a chair and chased Havoc and Youngblood out.
Winner: None (Match ruled a double-disqualification)

Commissioner Moore was furious at all the interference during the afternoon matches, including the ruining of the main event, and announed that he was changing the evening match to a tag-team match with Monsta Mack and Corey Havoc against Koko B’Ware and The Clown, and said it would be an “Old School” match, two out of three falls. A furious Koko promised he would show Mack and Havoc what an angry bird can really do.
An even larger crowd, several rows deep, returned for the Evening Show:
The show opened with a commemoration of the 9-11 anniversary weekend, as referees and former armed forces veterans Sargeant Jimmy Storm & Mike Jones led the fans in the singing of “God Bless America”.

The first evening match was a rematch from the afternoon show ordered by Commissioner Moore, pitting Edison High School wrestling standout-turned-pro Fast Eddie Franken against Bobby Youngblood, who was once again managed by Barnabus P. Tightwad. Fast Eddie tore into Youngblood early on, and took the fight to him inside and outside the ring. Youngblood turned the tables on Fast Eddie after a distraction by Barnabus, but Fast Eddie battled back, and after fending off a superplex attempt by Youngblood, leveled him with a Tornado DDT and was poised to pin him when Barnabus distracted the referee once again. Fast Eddie had enough and went after Barnabus, but was attacked by Corey Havoc and Monsta Mack who ran into the ring, and was leveled by a huge clothesline from Mack. Youngblood covered Fast Eddie and the referee turned around and counted the 1-2-3.
Winner: Bobby Youngblood.

Commissioner Moore was once again furious at the tainted outcome, and ordered yet another rematch between Youngblood and Fast Eddie when NWS returns to the Edison area in November, and announced that the match would be No Disqualification, with all managers and cornermen banned from ringside.

The second match of the evening was a Triple-Threat Match between “Mr. Entertainment” J.D. Smoothie, Jack Spade, and “Retro Rocker” Ricky Roxx. Roxx was clearly the crowd favorite, and Smoothie and Spade were determined to take him down. Roxx’s enthusiasm overpowered both his opponents early, but the two-on-one odds caught up with him. Smoothie and Spade dominated Roxx, but each time one attempted to pin him, the other would break it up. Smoothie eventually kicked out Spade and went to work on Roxx. Spade eventually returned to the ring and tried to clothesline Roxx, but missed and leveled Smoothie instead. Roxx dropkicked the dumbfounded Spade and went to work on him, but his pin attempt on Spade was broken up by Smoothie. Spade took down Smoothie with a legdrop, but his momenutum was quickly broken up when Roxx superkicked him. Spade kicked out of the pin attempt and overpowered Roxx, putting him down with a Samoan Drop and putting him up in the corner for a superplex. Smoothie returned to the ring and took down both Spade and Roxx in the corner with a “Tower Of Doom” powerbomb. Smoothie and Spade tried to take out Roxx with a double-team suplex, but Roxx reversed it into a double DDT. The bell then rang, indicating the time limit had expired. All three wrestlers demanded five more minutes, and the match resumed. Smoothie and Spade quickly went back to double-teaming Roxx, but again they could not agree on who should pin Roxx, and the two of them decided that the extra five minutes was not worth it and left the ring. Roxx chased after them all the way to the back, and none of them returned as the referee counted all the way to ten and called for the bell.
Winner: None (All three counted out)

The show paused as the entire company came out to wish ring announcer Johnny Falco a happy birthday.

The Main Event of the evening was a two-out-of-three-falls tag-team grudge match from the afternoon show, with Steve “Monsta” Mack & “Corrupted” Corey Havoc, managed by Barnabus P. Tightwad, against former WWE Hall of Famer Koko B’ Ware & The World Famous TV Wrestling Clown, who were managed by former WWE star Ox Baker (filling in for The Iron Sheik who could not make the trip due to health issues). All four men started brawling instantly before the bell, with the fight spilling outside the ring. After hitting each other with chairs and water bottles, the referee finally got all four men to return to the ring. Mack took down The Clown with a powerful lariat and got the 1-2-3 to win the first fall. The Clown took down Mack with a sleeperhold and almost had him cold until Havoc broke it up. Koko assisted The Clown in taking out Havoc, and The Clown hit a sunset flip from the top rope on Havoc and rolled him up to get a quick 1-2-3 and even the match at one fall apiece. Mack attacked The Clown, but The Clown countered with an Enziguri Kick and tagged in Koko. Koko overpowered Havoc, but Mack came in and the two double-teamed Koko. Barnabus tried to enter the match, but Koko seized him, and Ox Baker came into the ring and leveled Barnabus with a Heart Punch. Koko and The Clown followed suit and leveled their opponents with Heart Punches as well, and covered them for the deciding 1-2-3 pinfall.
Winner (2 pinfalls to 1): Koko B’ Ware & The World Famous TV Clown