Indy News Update #1 for September 22, 2011
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Video From Joe Panzarino Touting Shows In Manville and Staten Island

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Attendance 212

Dark Match
The A-List def. Chris Ellis & Robert Hall

Adam Ginsberg came out to welcome the fans to the show, during which, Jacob Diez in the crowd began heckling Ginsberg. Adam invited Jacob into the ring to get whatever he wanted to say out to the Lake Elsinore crowd. After a heated exchange, Adam told Jacob to go to the back, and they will talk over their differences. As Adam was leaving, Jacob viciously attacked him. When Adam finally got up, he told Jacob he got his wish, and tonight he will kick his ass.

5 Man Ladder Match to be # 1 contender for the Wild Card Title
Vintage Dragon def. Riki De La Paz, Ray Rosas, Jarek Matthews & Todd Chandler
What an experience seeing all of these men go. There was one point when Dragon and Rosas hung from a pipe on the ceiling going at it. Bodies, and ladders flew through the air as all of the men competed for a contract hanging 20 ft in the air. In the end, Vintage Dragon was the man, and walked out with a guaranteed shot.

Chris Kadilak w/ Mondo Vega def Mike Cordova w/ Gary Yap via count out
To say Cordova, and Kadilak have a little history is an understatement. A few years ago, these men had an altercation that left both to hate each other for years. In the end, as Kadilak had the match on his side, Yap pulled Cordova out leaving Kadilak to take a 10 count. This is a story that will definitely be continued.

Wild Card Title
Gatson def Famous B
There’s a reason these men went to the finals. What they diod in this match was take each other beyond the limits. As Famous landed a swanton, Gatson was able to grab one arm, and get the pin. Sitting at ringside watching, Vintage Dragon made his way in to congratulate the champ, but Gatson unlike we have seen him before, blew him off. Was it a bad time for Gatson, or is he starting to change his ways?

Jacob Diez came out to call out Adam. From behind, Adam nailed Diez with a chair, and from there it was a back and forth brawl into the crowd. Adam then sent Diez through a table via an elbow drop. Adam was then confronted by AJ Wright, and the A- List, who beat Adam down to a bloody pulp. It was announced that the Forgotten has reunited, and were going to kill Ginsberg, and his company.

Ric Ellis def Willie Mack
This was a first time meeting for both men in a singles match. It was back and forth the whole match, until Willie made one small mistake, and Ellis capitalized on it for the win.

Mixed Gender Tag Team Match
Raze & Bateman def Ryan Kidd & Haystacks
For Haystacks, this was his chance to finally get his hands on the women who cost him the Wild Card title, and many other opportunities. As soon as Haystacks had his hands on her, Bateman came from behind with a chair, and leveled Haystacks, and Raze pinned Haystacks for the win.

West Coast Heavyweight Championship
Joey Ryan def Devin Sparks w/ Ric Ellis to become the new champion

Magnum came to the West Coast to prove one point, he was the best at what he does. Devin and Joey gave the fans everything in the book in a roller coaster of a match. In the end, while the ref was down, Devin asked Ellis to hit Joey with the belt, and Ellis refused. When Devin turned around, Joey was waiting for him with a super kick for the win. Post match, saw Devin and Ellis come apart at the seams.

The fallout from Wrestle War 3 happens on October 1st 7:00 PM at Trevi Entertainment Center in Lake Elsinore when we present Wrestle War Revenge.
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West Coast Heavyweight Championship Re Match
(C) Joey Ryan vs. Devin Sparks