Indy News Update #1 for October 2, 2011
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CZW Wrestling sent this in.

One Week from CZW \’Cerebral\’; CZW in Germany; Rory Mondo in Big Japan CZW IN GERMANY THIS WEEKEND! THE CZW WORLD TOUR 2011 CONTINUES! Sunday, October 2 & Monday, October 3 – The ‘Triangle of Ultraviolence’ kicks off with action from Combat Zone Wrestling, Westside Xtreme Wrestling, & Big Japan Wrestling! In a Two-Day Death Match Tournament: * CZW Owner DJ Hyde vs. CZW Ultraviolent Underground champion MASADA * BJW Death Match Heavyweight champion Ryuji Ito vs. Jimmy Havoc * Yuko Miyamoto vs. Bernd Fohr * Yoshihito Sasaki vs. Jon Ryan * Danny Havoc vs. Kenkuro Hoshino * CZW World Heavyweight champion Devon Moore vs. Jake Numazawa And for Monday, October 3rd? DJ Hyde has promised, “There will be a cage!” And MASADA has words for everyone on the Official CZW Facebook. ALL OF THIS and SO MUCH MORE! Tickets for the ‘Triangle of Ultraviolence’ are available at Show your support for CZW’s Germany Tour on Facebook! – – – – – – – – – – ‘DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS 2011′ ON DVD & ON-DEMAND HybridEnt.TV – AVAILABLE NOW – \’Down With The Sickness 2011\’ on DVD and On-Demand Streaming! Also available – new CZW Pro Shop merchandise and footage from CZW, BJW, IPW, and much more! – – – – – – – – – – CZW RETURNS FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7 FOR ‘CEREBRAL’ – Friday, October 7, CZW returns to The Asylum Arena (former ECW Arena), 7 W Ritner ST in Philadelphia, PA with a 7:30 pm bell time. Just added: AR Fox vs. Jon Gresham. Welcome back to the United States and welcome back to CZW! Also, Azrieal and Bandido face The Set (Lance Luce & J-Sinn)! – In a Death Match Trial – Matt Tremont vs. Brain Damage! (See\’s Preview of Tremont vs. Brain Damage) – After their match last month, BLK OUT & The Runaways had words for each other (see what they had to say by visiting the Official CZW Facebook): BLK OUT’s Alex Colon w/ Robbie Mireno will face Runaway…and his former tag partner…Joe Gacy w. Kimber Lee! BLK OUT’s Ruckus w/ Robbie Mireno will also face Runaway Ryan Slater w/ Kimber Lee! – Dustin Rayz challenges Dave Crist after costing him his title shot! (Visit the Official CZW Facebook to try and find out what Dave Crist is up to.) CZW, DJ Hyde, and a slide…is Greg Excellent stuck? Watch his awkward position at the Official CZW Facebook. Also featuring Junior Heavyweight champion Adam Cole, CZW Tag Team champions Philly’s Most Wanted (See’s Tag Team review and visit the Official CZW Facebook to hear PMW in their own words), and more! Tickets available at! Show your support on the \’Cerebral\’ Facebook Event Site! – – – – – – – – – – JUST $1 – CZW ‘WIRED TV’ TAPING – OCTOBER 9 IN PHILADELPHIA! – CZW returns just TWO DAYS LATER to the Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanicsville Rd in Philadelphia, PA with a 2:30 pm bell time. TICKETS JUST $1 * In honor of JT Robert, friends The Poor Horsemen (Greg Excllent/Simon Rhyme) vs. JT\’s tag partners, Core and Niles Young * CZW Owner DJ Hyde vs. Fredo Majors * The Rematch: Latin Dragon vs. Alex Payne * Young Money w/ Maxamillion vs. The Runaways (Joe Gacy/Ryan Slater) w/ Kimber Lee * Also featuring CZW Junior Heavyweigh champion Adam Cole, Matt Tremont, Drew Gulak, a Battle Royal, and more. Show Your Support at the \’Wired TV\’ Facebook Event Site! – – – – – – – – – – JAPAN DOUBLE HEADER WITH ‘CAGE OF DEATH’ ON DECEMBER 3! KAIENTAI DOJO, DDT, FREEDOMS, & BIG JAPAN WRESTLING COME TO PHILLY – On Saturday, December 3, not only will CZW host it’s biggest event this year, ‘Cage of Death’ at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia, it will be a double header with Japanese promotions K-Dojo, DDT, FREEDOMS, & BJW! Some of the international talent on hand will include: * K-Dojo’s Kengo Mashimo * DDT’s KUDO & Danshoku Dino * FREEDOM’s Jun Kasai, Takashi Sasaki, & Kamui * Big Japan’s Ryuji Ito & Jaki Numazawa See’s Preview of this International Wrestling Summit. – – – – – – – – – – RORY MONDO HEADS TO BIG JAPAN FOR DEATH MATCH TRIAL Official CZW Facebook – Last month, CZW Owner DJ Hyde stepped in the middle of the “constant interruption of his events” with Matt Tremont and Rory Mondo. Now they must prove themselves in a Death Match Trial. Matt Tremont faces his trial on Friday, October 7 at ‘Cerebral’ against Brain Damage at the Asylum Arena in Philadelphia. But, Rory Mondo will face his trial first as he heads to Big Japan Wrestling. See what he has to say on the Official CZW Facebook. – – – – – CZW LIVE EVENTS! SUNDAY, 10/2 \’Triangle of Ultraviolence\’ Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfield 23, 46047 in Oberhausen, Germany MONDAY, 10/3 \’Triangle of Ultraviolence\’ Turbinenhalle, Im Lipperfield 23, 46047 in Oberhausen, Germany FRIDAY, 10/7 – 7:30 pm \’Cerebral\’ Asylum Arena, 7 W Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA SUNDAY, 10/9 – 2:30 pm \’Wired TV\’ Taping Parkwood Youth Organization, 3301 Mechanicsville RD, Philadelphia, PA TICKETS JUST $1 SATURDAY, 11/5 CZW and IPW in Indy! Fountain Square Salvation Army Gym, 1337 S. Shelby ST, Indianapolis, IN CZW Fan Hotel Information SATURDAY, 11/12 *DOUBLE HEADER with DRAGONGATE USA* DGUSA – 5 pm, CZW – 8 pm Asylum Arena, 7 W. Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA SATURDAY, 12/3 *DOUBLE HEADER with BJW, DDT, K-Dojo, & FREEDOMS* Asylum Arena, 7 W Ritner ST, Philadelphia, PA