Indy News Update #2 for October 9, 2011
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AWE sent this in.

AWE obtains footage of attack on CEO

What happened on that May afternoon outside Augusta Expo between Ricky Morton and Marvin Ward has been the subject of some controversy. Footage obtained by Awesome Wrestling Entertainment on the eve of the AWE Night of Legends pay-per-view is now telling us a different story than we’d been told by the two participants.

A video shot apparently at the direction of Morton shows the veteran wrestler confronting Ward in a parking lot outside the Expo building that houses the AWE Training Center. The footage shows Morton sneak-attacking Ward, throwing several punches, rubbing Ward’s face into gravel in the lot and finishing the attack with a hard kick to the head that Ward partially blocks with his left hand.

Ward had said in the aftermath of the incident that he and Morton had only exchanged words, and that later Ward had blacked out from rage at what had been said between the two, sending him to a local hospital for observation. Morton, for his part, had suggested all along that more had happened than Ward had been willing to concede, but he stopped short of spelling out exactly what had happened.


It is unclear why the video is just now surfacing, though we know what happened as a result of the incident in the parking lot. Morton was able to goad Ward into booking him and Rock-n-Roll Express tag-team partner Robert Gibson into the main event of the Night of Legends pay-per-view, and was also able to coax Kevin Nash into the match by posting a shoot video on YouTube calling out Nash.

Ward had been scheduled to take part in the match as Nash’s partner, but The Rock-n-Roll Express took Ward out in a post-match attack at AWE Night of the Superstars, breaking his right arm and forcing Nash to search for a replacement.

We have been able to confirm that Ward also suffered injuries in the attack by Morton in May – a broken bone in his left hand and a concussion, both from the impact of the kick to the head.

Neither Ward nor Morton returned calls and e-mails seeking comment on the video of the May attack.