Indy News Update #2 for October 12, 2011
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Dawayne Capshew sent this in.

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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PWO TV #135 – Three Title Matches!

Original Airdate: October 9, 2011

PWO Wrestling – your televised pro wrestling alternative, with more guts, more desire, and more heart, from a young hungry roster competing to steal the show. Old school meets new age and tradition meets tomorrow, its pro wrestling the way you want it to be! It’s Cleveland-owned, nationally renowned!

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Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

PWO Title: Jason Bane vs. Marion Fontaine
Last week, Fontaine screwed Matt Cross out of the #1 Contendership by convincing the referee that Cross had struck Fontaine with a steel chair illegally, even though the entire scenario was concocted by Fontaine to cut corners and manipulate the system to get ahead yet again. Jason Bane has not backed down from a fight yet, and was the man who originally beat Fontaine for the PWO Title, and is determined to do the same to retain it. Rumors say however that Matt Cross plans to be close-by, and no doubt has a vested interest in the outcome of this title match.

PWO TV Title: Gory vs. Gregory Iron
Two weeks ago Gory, Krimson & Kirst, The Dead Wrestling Society, claimed an innocent victim in their quest to spread misery, as a 3-on-1 assault on Hobo Joe left the popular underdog on the shelf indefinitely. Last week, we heard emotional words from Greg on what pain truly is. Greg has his chance to show the DWS first-hand as he challenges one of the men responsible for the assault, PWO TV Champion Jason Gory. But with rumors of Iron himself being less than 100% thanks to attempting to rescue Hobo, will Greg have enough to overcome the sick and sadistic nature of Gory? PWO management has managed all DWS members from the building for this title match!

PWO Tag Team Titles: Sons of Michigan vs. Ben Fruith & Corey Winters
PWO Tag Champs N8 Mattson & Benjamin Boone defeated the three top-contending tag teams at Wrestlelution 4, and now once again have Aeroform in their future, but first must overcome former lackey Ben Fruith and his newfound-neighbor Corey Winters. Fruith has had success against the group before, pinning N8 Mattson to win the WrestleRama Trophy last spring in what many are calling the upset of the decade. Can he and his Bucyrus buddy do it again and capture tag gold? Or can The Sons continue the roll they’ve been on?

Plus: Comments from New #1 Tag Title Contenders Aeroform, Sex Appeal, and a special sit-down interview with Brian Bender.


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NWA Amarillo sent this in.

This past Saturday night, alot of questions came up. Although the Texas Panhandle Championship is in the rightful owner’s grasp, it looks as though one title may be retired. And, as if that wasn’t enough, one champion looks to be turning away from the fans who helped him…

NWA Amarillo Heavyweight Champion Al Farat is a very iconic face in wrestling. So much so, that he has won titles all over, and even is a member of the NWA Amarillo Hall of Fame. But, when he announced that he was going to retire AS the NWA Amarillo Champion, everyone could not believe what they heard, and Jastin Taylor would make sure he did not leave Amarillo with the strap. But, thanks to some unfortunate luck, as well as what appeared to be a handful of tight, Al Farat walked out of Amarillo with the gold! Will we see the NWA Amarillo Heavyweight Title again?

The NWA Amarillo Panhandle Championship has switched hands many times over the past month, but they were never by a victory. Brandon MacGreggor felt that he was the rightful champion after his hand was raised over a month ago, but his actions against Jake Logan after their title match would cost him the belt. He attacked the referee and kept hold of the belt. Over the last month, the two kept battling for the belt, but after a match between Jake Logan, Josh Jackson, and Shawn Sanders, Sanders would claim the belt, though Brandon kept the belt in his grasp. It took The Colonel forcing Brandon to either give the belt to ACW or giving up his contract to get Brandon to relinquish the belt. Brandon’s only request: A rematch for the NWA Amarillo Panhandle Title. When will that match take place?

JB Sneaux has been a lovable member to NWA Amarillo since he first joined. His dancing, taunting, and wrestling made him a standout in the ladder for the Junior Heavyweight Championship. We were all excited when he won the belt away from Brice Payne! Not only because he got it away from ACW, but he also won something we all knew he worked so hard for. But now, he seems to be upset with all the challenges the NWA has put in front of him. First, he complains that Shawn Mills had cheated somehow in their match 2 weeks ago. This past Saturday, he then claimed Josh Jackson could not have a title match because they were in different weight classes and that he had not earned the shot. Why has our favorite child from the 90’s turned away from his loyal fans?

Also, Dameon Blood and Nemesis continue to destroy each other, ACW continues to try and run the show, The Sarge and The Voice get set for their Cow Pie Match, and much, MUCH more comes to you this Saturday night at The WrestlePlex!

We Are the King of Saturday Nights! Come check us out at The WrestlePlex, right across the highway from Wonderland Park! Tickets are $10 Adults and $5 Children! Come see the future of professional wrestling in our ring TODAY!

***Card Subject To Change***

*Josh Jackson def. JB Sneaux via Count-Out. This match was for the NWA Amarillo Junior Heavyweight Championship, but due to NWA Rules and Regulations, JB Sneaux retains the title
*Hot Shotz def. Brandon MacGreggor & Chris Cambridge
*Dameon Blood -VS- Nemesis never officially started as the two would brawl to the back
*The Benitez Brothers def. Cady Jones & Brice Payne to retain the NWA Amarillo Tag Team Championships
*Shawn Sanders def. Jerry Bostic to retain the ACW Texas Panhandle Championship
*Prince Al Farat def. Jastin Taylor to retain the NWA Amarillo Heavyweight Championship