Indy News Update #2 for October 30, 2011
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RESULTS & A NEW WORLD CHAMPION: Power Trip Wrestling, 29th October 2011, Kettering, Northamptonshire

* P.T. Player, PTW General Manager Drewy Staniforth, P.T’s personal security J-P, all came to the ring. P.T was in his usual arrogant and crowd baiting mood, even telling the women in the crowd that they were ‘ugly tarts, and not as pretty as his new girlfriend’, and then offered out ‘The BlackHeart’ Rudi to the ring. The situation soon broke down quite badly, a scuffle broke out, Rudi hit the ‘kick of doom’ superkick on J-P, which saw Zizou Middoux run to the ring to attack Rudi, and as Rudi was about to get the upper hand; the bad guys powdered out, laughed, and told Rudi they’d just outsmarted him, and that they would do so again in the main event.

* Jordan E defeated TJ Ski.
– PTW’s primary female, who was featured earlier in the year on television programme ‘Come Dine With Me’, showed once again why she is a serious force to be reckoned with, with this win over the exciting young star, TJ Ski.

* Wolf defeated Stevie James.
– Wolf is on something of a roll in PTW currently, and is making a statement as he climbs up the rankings and becomes a credible contender in the company to title belts.

* ArkAngel w/Grace defeated Draven.
– In this ‘PTW Opportunity Knocks’ match, designed to showcase talent, ArkAngel took the pin and the win.

* Tyler Star defeated Dragonian.
– Local wrestler Tyler Star, took a popular victory over the evil Dragonian.

* (PTW World Tag Team Title Match) Thomas Stevens & Mason Storm defeated Anton Green & Gabriel Myers
– New PTW World Tag Team Champions were crowned, but there was controversy everywhere in this one. Green & Myers won the titles by cheating, and the distraction of Danny Stevens attacking his brother Thomas, and turning his back on both Thomas, and the fans as well. This was all orchestrated by P.T. Player, who was laughing evilly at ringside. But P.T decided that this wasn’t enough, and that he would bait his former best friend Thomas Stevens some more, by restarting the match as both a triple threat tag team match, with the addition of the Super Thrash Brothers (Saint Vio & The Nail), and a table; with the rule being that whoever put their opponent through a table; would win the match and the tag team titles. Green & Myers were not one bit happy, but the match began again, and even saw an insane plancha dive to the outside from the 6’6 tall Mason Storm!!! The victory came, when Stevens & Storm put The Nail through the table with a double chokeslam, and literally looked like they broken The Nail in half. More controversy came after, as P.T. Player, Drewy Staniforth, J-P, and Zizou Middoux brutally attacked the Super Thrash Brothers. This saw P.T. Player nearly take Saint Vio’s head off with a violent clothesline, and also a disturbing and uncalled for kick below the belt whilst Saint Vio was being kicked on the floor by P.T. Player’s entourage. We have serious problems in the PTW Office with this situation, and will be looking to address it all very soon.

* Dow Jones defeated Psycho Steve.
– This was a veritable clinic, with both comedy, and wrestling; and saw Dow Jones win; which must surely be bringing him to the point where he is one of the very top stars in Power Trip Wrestling.

* In a over the top rope battle royal, Spatch made a victorious comeback after 4 years away from PTW, and was extremely dominant in throwing out many of the stars in the match. Spatch is back in PTW – and he is clearly back to make a statement.

* (PTW World Title Match) Zizou Middoux w/ P.T. Player defeated Rudi.
– A new PTW World Champion was crowned, as ‘South African Superstar’ Zizou Middoux, became the new champion. Albeit with a lot of interference and cheating and distraction tactics from P.T. Player, Drewy Staniforth, and J-P. This one was a back and forth contest, hard hitting, and saw some crazy action. After the match, P.T. Player kicked Rudi straight in the head, and the bad guys looked to rub salt into the wound of Rudi’s loss, but Rudi came back to hit the ‘Kick of Doom’ superkick on all of them (bar Drewy), and knocked Zizou, P.T Player, and J-P out cold in the ring. Zizou Middoux is the new PTW World Champion…..but Rudi made his point clear to Zizou and entourage, and to his hometown fans, that he is now a serious contender in Power Trip Wrestling.

And we’ll see you Wednesday 30th November 2011, in Luton, as PTW present a fundraising show for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Watch the PTW media and press releases, as we have some huge things planned for the show!
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