Indy News Update #3 for November 6, 2011
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CWE sent this in.

11/6- A Rumble To Remember Final Card

Friday November 11th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: The Polish Fraternal Hall (768 Mountain Ave.)
Time: Doors Open 7pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
Advance tickets available at: Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), Blade Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy), Aaron’s (1600 Regent Ave)
Purchase tickets online at

We are just days away from has become the most talked about show perhaps ever in the history of CWE with top stars from all across Canada and many of the area’s top stars from the past 30 plus years coming out of retirement for a shot at the CWE title at the 3rd Year Anniversary show. Friday’s rumble is literally a list of the who’s who in Central Canada spanning over three decades. Fans are being treated to a very special evening and opportunity to see many greats they otherwise would never get to see again. Here is what the line up looks like for this Friday night!

CWE Title Match
CWE Champion Mentallo vs. “Supreme Adonna” Heavy Metal

CWE Tag Team Title Match
CWE Tag Team Champions Team Impact w/Lacey vs. “The Cat Daddy” Bobby Sharp & Bucky Briggs

123Approved.Ca Open Rules Title Match
Open Rules Champion Moses Luke vs. Tyler Colton

The Big Sexy Beasts (AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy) vs. “The Infamous” Steven Styles & “Asian Assassin” KATO

First ever 50 man rumble to determine the challenger for Mentallo’s CWE championship (Or Heavy Metal’s if he wins November 11th) at the 3rd Year Anniversary show. Two men will start and one will enter every minute until one man remains. Participants are as followed,

1) “Hotshot” Danny Duggan
2) “Big” Cliff Corleone
3) “Misfit” Mike Mission
4) Open Rules Champion Moses Luke
5) B. Brian Rich
6) “Big Sexy Beast” AJ Sanchez
7) “Big Sexy Beast” Kevy Chevy
8) Cory Diamond
9) Kory Kinkade
10) Darren “The Bomb” Dalton
11) “Classic” Matt Fairlane
12) “Murder City Saint” Nate Hardy
13) HUMP!
14) CWE Tag Team Champion Anderson Tyson Moore
15) CWE Tag Team Champion “Pissed Off Pitbull” Robby Royce
16) “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews
17) “Supreme Adonna” Tommy Lee Curtis
18) “Supreme Adonna” Heavy Metal
19) Tyler Colton
20) Zack Mercury
21) “The Infamous” Steve Stylez
22) “The Cat Daddy” Bobby Sharp
23) Bucky Briggs
24) “The Asian Assassin” KATO
25) Tony Condello
26) “Psycho Banger” Jerin Rose
27) “Iron” Ike Idol
28) Sgt, Tom Steele
29) Ricky Cena
30) Marc Merric
31) Paul Riviera
32) Mad Man Muir
33) Scottie Stylez
34) Lord Wolfstein
35) Chris Raine
36) Unannounced entrant
37) Unannounced entrant
38) Unannounced entrant
39) Unannounced entrant
40) Unannounced entrant
41) Unannounced entrant

Six top local competitors have signed on the dotted line to appear in A Rumble to Remember but stipulated they wanted to keep their identity unknown until match time for various reasons. You’ll be very surprised at who is coming through the curtain this Friday night. Newly signed competitors for Friday include,

42) The Outpatient- The unpredictable and crazy veteran is being released from the insane asylum for one night one only. Should he succeed he will be released again for a title shot. It has been 7 years since the experienced grappler has competed and he’d like nothing more than a full time release from custody!

43) Kevin Cannon- Another one of the province’s top junior heavyweight wrestlers is looking to step up to the main event with a win in the rumble. Trained by former WWE/ECW star Don “Cyrus” Callis, Cannon has always been viewed as the breakout star from his wrestling class with great success in every local wrestling company he has competed for.

44) Pete Chee- Cult favorite Pete Chee has confirmed his attendance on this big night in what will be his CWE debut. The Chee has promised he isn’t coming just to wrestle but will be on hand for one of his infamous promos. One can only wonder and be afraid of what Pete Chee will have to say in regards to 49 other opponents!

45) Scottie Raver- Boyz in Da Hood alumni Scottie Rapper is back but with his old attitude. After a nearly two and a half year losing streak Rapper left the wrestling business to continue his passion in life, raving. It’s been a non stop party for the now reformed Raver and he is looking to make it a memorable return.

46) Caveman Broda- After hearing the announcement of Tony Condello coming out of retirement for the rumble Manitoba wrestling icon Caveman Broda contacted officials about doing the same. A staple on local wrestling, Broda has entertained audiences for longer than anyone can remember. The legendary Broda was also featured in Chris Jericho’s autobiography as someone who helped break in the future World champion.

47) The Machine- In one of the most shocking returns to happen in the rumble The Machine returns on November 11th! The Machine was long and far the most dominant wrestler to compete in Manitoba for some time with size very rarely matched. The Machine was the holder of many championships including heavyweight gold in a time “extreme wrestling” was most prominent in Manitoba. The Machine rises again November 11th!

48) “Dynamite” Dave Petro- The experience and success level continues to grow in the rumble with the announcement of “Dynamite” Dave Petro. Petro was a successful competitor from 1981-1994 with a New Brand Wrestling TV title and 5 NBW tag team title reigns on his resume. Petro has competed all over North America most notably for Vancouver based All Star Wrestling and the Minnesota based AWA.

49) The Axe- In one of the biggest acquisitions in the rumble in star power and size The Axe returns to the ring on November 11th. Very few left a path of bodies and destruction like The Axe did for many years in Manitoba wrestling rings. The 400lbs monster has countless rumble victories to his name simply based on the fact so few can move this monster of a man. Always agile for his size The Axe delivered some of the most powerful and devastating moves to his opponents ever seen with many men never being able to return from the aftermath.

50) The Great Pepito- When the announcement of A Rumble to Remember was made no man was requested as an entrant by both fans and fellow wrestlers alike as much as The Great Pepito. The Great Pepito has become legendary throughout the province with his unique promo style amongst other valuable attributes. Claiming to be trained by the Guerrero’s and Mysterio’s Pepito has gone on to great success with many championships to his name over the past decade. Pepito rose further to fame when showing up at a competitors show and for seemingly no reason hit the ring and assaulted the promoter. Pepito’s legend doesn’t end there as his elimination from a local battle royal rose him to further fame but also nearly ended his career ( Pepito plans to make it another legendary night this Friday!