Indy News Update #3 for November 20, 2011
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C*4 Wrestling sent this in.

C*4 presents “(R)Evolution 613”
Saturday November 19th, 2011
Ottawa, Ontario
Knights of Columbus Hall

Announcer: The Voice
Commentary: Mike Rotch and Adam B.
Attendance: 200+
Referees: Bakais, Sonic, Serge St. Denis

• Buck Gunderson beat D-Man with a Cross-Face-Chicken-Wing.
• Dan Barry defeated Jolly Roger.

Main Show
1 – “The Hacker” Scotty O’Shea successfully defended his MBW Championship in a four corners match, after pinning “Odd’s On” Lucky Sabiti, and outlasting Brent B. and Jae Rukin.

2 – Sebastian Suave pinned Cheech Hernandez, in a highly competitive singles contest. Suave got the win, after Cheech was distracted by Seleziya Sparx.

3 – In a massive upset, the debuting duo of Cecil Nyx and Chaz Lovely, joining forces as the latest incarnation of The Afterparty, defeated The Wolfmun, Twiggy and Beef Wellington.

4 – “Ronin” Josh Alexander overcame his former stable-mates, “The Prince of Persia” Rahim Ali and “MVP” Michael Von Payton, in a triple threat match. Alexander managed to pin both men at the same time. A side note to the contest, Ali suffered a mild injury during the match – but we can confirm he was okay after some medical attention in the locker room.

5 – In a surprisingly competitive match, “Speedball” Mike Bailey fell to the much larger “Big Rig” Brodie Lee. Bailey gave everything he had – but in the end, could not overcome the huge size difference to defeat Lee.

6 – In another shocking upset, Mathieu St. Jacques defeated the debuting Eddie Kingston. Kingston accepted St. Jacques open challenge to the delight of most of the audience. Kingston, who was originally set to debut on the first C*4 event in November 2007 – took St. Jacques to the limit. Both brawled through-out the venue, but in the end, St. Jacques used several shortcuts to score the victory over Kingston.

7 – In very exciting tag team contest, Lionel Knight and Christopher Bishop, of Checkmate, narrowly scored a victory over the debuting Aeroform, Flip Kendrick and Louis Lyndon. Both tandems wowed many in attendance with breathtaking and fast paced maneuvers.

8 – In the main event of the evening, C*4 Champion, “Player Dos” Stupefied once again defeated Player Uno, in a highly competitive match that had a shocking conclusion.

Near the end of the match, Sebastian Suave ran to ringside and jumped on the apron. Suave began to distract the participants in the match. Stupefied leaped from the ring, and knocked Suave to the floor. While the referee was distracted attempting to send Suave to the locker-room, Mathieu St. Jacques ran from the crowd to the ring, and levelled Player Uno with a devastating back-drop-driver onto an open chair.

St. Jacques quickly left the ringside area, as both Stupefied and referee Bakais turned around to see a prone Uno. Stupefied immediately locked in his patented Dragon Sleeper. Uno fought off for a moment, before submitting.

The crowd was very unhappy with the manner in which Stupefied accepted victory, but was only just beginning to see the shortcuts to which he would sink to keep the championship around his waist.

After the match, Suave and St. Jacques returned to the ring, where they stood across from the Super Smash Brothers – as Stupefied defended the fallen Uno. Stupefied challenged both men to fight them. Suave and St. Jacques charged Stupefied, who ducked out of the way, and allowed both men to pummel the fallen Player Uno. Fans could clearly realize that Stupefied had abandoned his brother, Uno. The newly formed trio began to viciously assault Uno, until Mike Bailey and Scotty O’Shea ran into the ring to make the save.

Stupefied pull Suave and St. Jacques back, and told them they made their “statement” and it was time to leave.

C*4’s Season 5 is officially underway. We return to Ottawa on Saturday January 21st, for “LEVEL UP 2012″! Join us next Saturday when we return to Montreal for (R)Evolution 514”, featuring all your C*4 favourites!