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PWA Headlocks & Takedowns Results
Sunday Dec 13 2009

PWA – Pure Wrestling Association
“Headlocks & Takedowns”
Hamilton, Ontario
Attendance: 70-80
Ring Announcer: Moondog Buddy
Referees: Jon Turnip, Dave Dread
Results credit: Gordo for

Moondog welcomed fans and said the first match was a Battle Royal to determine the #1 contender to the PWA Pure Wrestling Championship, currently held by “Big Dawg” Geza Kalman Jr. The champ came out to the ring and said he wanted to be Hamilton’s adopted son. Geza stayed at ringside for the duration of the bout announcing the eliminations as they happened.

1) 12 Man Battle Royal to Determine #1 Contender to PWA Pure Wrestling Championship:
“High Risk Hero” Rip Impact won [7 min]
Other participants in order of elimination: “Big Ticket” Reggie Marley, El Nino, Joey Allan, “The Iceman” Shawn Arctic, “EZE” Eric Carnie, Mr Atlantis, “Impact” Eddie Osbourne, Super Kamikaze, Moondog Buddy, Rare Breed, “The Sport” Jessy Jones
Impact and Jones as the final two, brawled outside the ring until Jessy ran Rip into the post. Tossing Impact back into the ring it looked like “The Sport” was going to win the match but Geza Kalman punched Jones in the head as he climbed back in the ring leaving both men laying flat on their backs. Impact recovered quicker than Jones and was able to flip Jessy out of the ring to win the match.
Following the match Geza climbed in the ring and congratulated Rip on his victory and then announced that Impact’s title shot would happen immediately and attacked him.

2) PWA Pure Wrestling Championship:
Geza Kalman Jr def “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact by pinfall after a KO punch to retain the title [7 min]

3) “Big Ticket” Reggie Marley def Joey Allan by pinfall after a DDT [5 min]
Both guys are extremely popular and fans were split in their allegiances. Allan gave a good showing but was unable to counter the experience of the veteran from Jamaica.

4) PWA Ontario Championship:
“The Iceman” Shawn Arctic def “Impact” Eddie Osbourne w/ Jessy Jones & Lak Siddartha to retain the title [8 min]
Arctic was attacked by Osbourne & company while he was on his way to the ring. The 3 of them pounded on the popular star then Osbourne busted him wide open by smashing him in the head with the title belt. Osbourne then taunted Arctic to put his title on the line right then and ‘The Iceman” said bring it. Siddartha and Jones interfered constantly until Ref Turnip sent them packing after witnessing Siddartha clobber Arctic with a steel chair. Despite being a bloody mess and badly beaten Arctic managed to surprise Osbourne with a small package to score the win and retain his belt.

5) “EZE” Eric Carnie def Markus “Custom Made” Ryan [10 min]
A bad blood battle between current tag champion Markus and former tag champ EZE, this match raged throughout BOOMERS Pub. Ryan cheated throughout and almost won the match after a vicious low blow. When that didn’t work he grabbed a chain from a tool box under the ring and attempted to punch Carnie’s face through to the other side of his skull but missed and EZE nailed him with a superkick to score the win. After the match EZE wrapped the chain around his own fist and punched Markus in the jaw.

6) PWA Women’s Elite Action:
“The Work of Art” Jodi D’Milo def Holly Hilton [8 min]
Despite the support of fans Hilton was unable to handle D’Milo, still pissed off over losing to Krystal Banks in a Women’s Elite Championship match at the last H&T episode.

**Although not announced at the show, this was Holly Hilton’s last pro wrestling match. Hilton announced it on her Facebook page a week or so ago but many fans, when they heard the news, thought it was some kind of angle or a typical wrestling retirement that lasts only as long as it takes to get booked again. Hilton confirmed to this reporter that she is indeed quitting the wrestling business and a return is not foreseeable in the near future. While this news is bound to upset many fans, both of Hilton and the dwindling women’s scene in Ontario in general, it’s refreshing to see someone have the guts to know when it’s time to step away.

7) PWA Pure Violence Championship:
Super Kamikaze def “Impact” Eddie Osbourne w/ Jessy Jones to retain the title [7 min]
This was not the advertised Main Event. Super K had been set to face Elian Habenero but the Cuban superstar was nowhere to be seen. No mention was made of him but one rumor (unconfirmed) that was circulating among Ontario Indy insiders at the show was that Elian had some issues with authorities in his homeland that prevented him from even leaving the Island country. There was some speculation (again, unconfirmed) that “The Sport” Jessy Jones had something to do with an “anonymous call” to the Cuban Secret Police. Be sure to keep an eye on the PWA website to see if there’s any official confirmation, denial or other explanation for Elian Habenero’s no-show.
Osbourne & Jones worked together throughout the match, though not always to great success. Since the bout was fought under Pure Violence rules (which basically means there are none) it was perfectly legal for Jones to fight alongside Osbourne. Kamikaze proved his worth as champion by keeping things competitive even with the odds against him and when Jones clobbered Osbourne by mistake with a heavy steel garbage can the masked champion was quick to capitalize; spearing “The Sport” and pinning both bad guys at the same time. PWA Pacific Coast Champion Lak Siddartha ran out after the match but didn’t help Osbourne or Jones. Instead, the Middle Eastern powerhouse just smiled and waved goodbye to them as they looked at him in confusion.

A young fan was celebrating his Birthday with friends at the show and after the Main Event he was brought into the ring and presented with a cake by Rip Impact, Joey Allan, EZE and Super Kamikaze. They led the crowd in a chorus of Happy Birthday and then the ring was flooded by a gazillion kids.

This was PWA’s last show of 2009. No word on when “Headlocks & Takedowns” will return to BOOMERS.

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