Wrestleview’s own Jason Namako sent these reports in.

CZW Cage of Death XIII Results 12/3/2011 Philadelphia, PA by Jason Namako

1. Brother vs. Brother for the CZW Wired TV Title: Jake Crist(c) defeated Dave Crist by pinfall to retain the title with a Top Rope Canadian Destroyer. After the match, Jake extended his hand to his brother, who instead slapped him and Jake chased Dave to the back.

2. 6 Person Mixed Tag Team Tables 2/3 Falls Match: BLK-OUT(Ruckus, Alex Colon & Chrissy Rivera) defeated The Runaways(Joe Gazy, Ryan Slater & Kimber Lee). Order of the falls: Rivera via a double powerbomb by Gazy & Slater, Gazy by a Colon leg lariat knocking him off the apron through a table on the outside, and finally Lee by a Ruckus Falcon Arrow through a table on the outside.

3. Six Man Scramble #1 Contenders Match for the CZW World Title: Drew Gulak defeated Alex Payne, tHURTeen, Ryan McBride, Derek Frazier & Dustin Rayz by pinfall when he pinned tHURTeen. Towards the end of the match, Derek Frazier and referee Dru Blood, who have been having problems in recent months, got into a scuffle. After the match, CZW Owner DJ Hyde came out and fired Blood and had security remove him from the building. Then, Frazier and McBride started brawling, and Hyde made their match for their January 28 show. Hyde finally talked down upon the former CZW Owner Jon Zandig and said that the fans would never see him again because he is retired.

4. Weapons Match: Drake Younger defeated Rory Mondo by pinfall with a belly to back superplex through a steel chair. The gruesome encounter featured such weapons like a water jug, a barbed wire board, glass, a trash can and Tekkens.

5. 10 Man Tag: Danshoku Dieno, Kudo, Kengo Mashimo, Takashi Sasaki & Ryuti Ito defeated Kamui, Yoshiko Sasaki, Masa Takanashi, Jun Kasai & Jaki Numazaewa by pinfall when Takashi pinned Kamui with a Falcon Arrow.

6. Tag Team Grudge Match: “The Notorious 187” Homicide & “The War King” Eddie Kingston and Philly’s Most Wanted(Blk Jeez & Joker) went to a no contest after officials & security couldn’t maintain order of the two teams’ out of control brawl.

7. CZW Junior Heavyweight Title: “The Callahan Death Machine” Sami Callahan(c) defeated A.R. Fox by submission to retain the title with the Stretch Muffler. After the match, CZW Owner DJ Hyde, who was feuding with Callahan for many months, came out and said that their feud would never be over and that on February 4, Callahan will be facing Tommy Dreamer. Callahan grabs a microphone and says that although he and Fox don’t like each other, he respects Fox and they shake hands and Callahan says to play Fox’s music as both men leave the ring.

8. Ultraviolent Trial Pit of Death Match: “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont defeated Danny Havoc by pinfall when Drew Gulak ran in and attacked both guys, with Tremont falling on Havoc and Gulak forcing the referee to count the fall. This insane match featured a pit of spikes and a pit of thumbtacks. After the match, Tremont apologized to Havoc, who slammed down a chair in frustration. Tremont then challenged Gulak for the next Arena show on January 28.

9. No Holds Barred Match, if Hyde wins, Excellent leaves CZW, if Excellent wins, he gets 3 wishes to be used at anytime: Greg Excellent defeated CZW Owner DJ Hyde by pinfall to earn 3 wishes after former CZW Owner John Zandig, making his return to the company after almost 2 years, hopped the rail and nailed Hyde with a discus clothesline, leading to the pinfall. This bout also featured interference from an unknown woman, Mia Yim, and Greg Excellent’s mother, who reunited with her son after he laid her out the previous year.

10. Main Event in Cage of Death 13 for the CZW World Title: Devon Moore defeated Masada, Scotty Vortekz & Robert Anthony to retain the title by grabbing the belt. The Cage of Death was constructed with barbed wire ropes, spider web walls, 2 glass partitions and 4 ladders atop to be used to grab the belt. During this insane match, skewers, glass, tables, chairs, and barbed wire were used.

After the match, the entire CZW crew came out and applauded all 4 guys. CZW Owner DJ Hyde then entered the ring and said it was a great Cage of Death. He announced a double header with EVOLVE for January 28 at the Arena. Hyde puts over the 4 guys in the matches and then the whole crew for their effort. He finally thanks the fans, the Japanese talent who came in for the show, and John Zandig and promised that there will be bigger and better things to come for CZW in 2012. The crowd chanted “CZW” as the show came to a close.

CZW International Indie Summit 2011 12/3/2011 Philadelphia, PA by Jason Namako

1. Danshoku Dieno defeated CZW Owner DJ Hyde by pinfall with a piledriver.

2. Philly’s Most Wanted(Blk Jeez & Joker) defeated FREEDOM’s Kamui & CZW World Champion Devon Moore by pinfall when they pinned Kamui with a giant swing/dropkick combination.

3. CZW Junior Heavyweight Title: “The Callahan Death Machine” Sami Callahan(c) defeated Big Japan’s Yoshihito Sasaki by submission with the Stretch Muffler.

4. Kaientai Dojo’s Kengo Mashimo & FREEDOM’s Takashi Sasaki defeated Drake Younger & CZW Ultraviolent Underground Champion Masada by submission when Mashimo made Younger submit with an armbar. After the match, the 2 team shook hands, but then brawled afterwards.

5. Triple Threat Match: Kudo defeated Dick Togo & DDT’s Triangle Ribbon Champion Masa Takahashi by pinfall when he pinned Takahashi with a double knee drop to the chest while Takahashi while hanging on the ropes. After the match, Togo raised Kudo’s hand and then waved goodbye to the crowd, as this was his final Asylum Arena appearance on his farewell tour.

6. Main Event in a Shattered Dreams Match(Glass is Legal): Big Japan’s Ryuti Ito & Danny Havoc defeated Big Japan’s Jaki Numazaewa & FREEDOM’s Jun Kasai by pinfall when Ito pinned Kasai with a Frog Splash.