Indy News Update #1 for December 21, 2011
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Danny Warren sent this in.

12/21- AOD/CWE Present Power Struggle: The 3 Year Anniversary Show

Friday January 27th- Winnipeg, MB
Location: The Polish Fraternal Hall (768 Mountain Ave.)
Time: Doors Open 7pm, Bell time 7:30pm.
Tickets: $15 in advance, $18 at the door
Advance Tickets Available at: Rudy’s Video (668 Sheppard St.), Blade
Hair Design (3-1341 Henderson Hwy), Aaron’s (1600 Regent Ave)
Purchase tickets online at

It was January 2009 and Manitoba wrestling fans and wrestlers alike
were craving an alternative to what had grown to become a very
stagnant wrestling landscape in the province. Luckily what everyone
had hoped for quickly became a reality with the announcement of the
debuting Canadian Wrestling’s Elite brand. CWE was born and debuted on
January 23rd 2009 with one of the best matches to ever be contested in
Manitoba when now CWE champion Mentallo defeated now WWE World
champion Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) in the company’s first ever
main event. Fast forward three years and CWE continues to be the
driving force in Central Canadian wrestling have ran live events in
over 22 towns and producing close to 100 live events featuring dozens
of former WWE, TNA, ROH, and top independents stars from across the
globe. With the company gearing up for what promises to be it’s
biggest year yet it will celebrate in grand fashion on January 27th
with Power Struggle: The 3 Year Anniversary Show. Here is what is
already confirmed with this blockbuster night of professional

The Return of Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Val Venis!

One of the most popular superstars from WWE’s “Attitude Era” and to
step foot in a CWE ring is The Big Valbowski. Val Venis pushed the
envelope with his porn star persona and backed it up with countless
WWE championships to his resume. Val Venis debuted with CWE apart of
the company’s first ever “supershow” in a 3-way main event against the
now retired Jon Cutler and Shane Madison. Since leaving WWE Val has
still actively been traveling the Globe and competing on a regular
basis and has expressed his excitement to return to his home country
apart of this large event. Many wrestlers in the locker room have made
it very clear they’d like to make a name for themselves at the expense
of Val Venis. Who will get that opportunity on January 27th?

CWE Championship Match- If Duggan Wins CWE Gains Control of the
Company Back, If Duggan Loses He Must Join The Alliance of Defiance
CWE Champion Mentallo vs. “Hotshot” Danny Duggan

One year in the making is this epic rematch from the 2 Year
Anniversary Show. When the two most popular men in the company did
battle in their first singles encounter it was a back and fourth
battle that could have went either way until Mentallo turned his back
on the fans, locker room, and company as a whole when he did the
unthinkable and joined the Alliance of Defiance who just aided him in
retaining the title. In May 2011 they would square off again when a 10
man elimination tag came down to the two with the company on the line
and Mentallo sealed CWE’s fate pinning Duggan once more following help
from former AOD leader TJ Bratt. Since winning the company the AOD
have done everything in their power to prevent Duggan from getting a
title shot with roadblock after roadblock put in his way. After
surviving 49 other competitors in A Rumble to Remember Duggan earned
his title shot on January 27th. Knowing the AOD would put their power
to use if Duggan won the title he asked for everything to be put on
the line with CWE gaining control back if he were to win. Mentallo
agreed on the condition if Duggan lost he must join the AOD and abide
by their rules and ways of doing business. January 27th is the
beginning of a new chapter in the new year or yet another year of
dominance set for the AOD!

CWE Tag Team Championship Match
CWE Tag Team Champions Team Impact (Robby Royce & Anderson Tyson
Moore) vs. The Big Sexy Beasts (AJ Sanchez & Kevy Chevy)

After months and months of AOD power plays Team Impact has been able
to retain their tag team titles although AJ Sanchez has won them on
multiple occassions and should have won them on even more occassions
with Danny Duggan, RHYNO, and Roderick Strong as his tag partner. When
it looked like he played all his cards Kevy Chevy returned to CWE to
aid his long time former tag team partner and friend to re form what
many called the best tag team to ever compete in Canada. Since Chevy’s
return Team Impact has been avoiding a tag team contest between the
two teams. The Beasts won a very hard fought exciting match against
the Murder City Saints to become the number one contenders and have
earned their shot on January 27th. The Beasts have pleaded with Team
Impact to put up or shut up and wrestle them in a fair clean wrestling
contest to prove who the better team is. When CWE first started three
years ago this is a match many fans asked for and now they are getting
it. Could the one year title reign come to an end?

Also scheduled to appear The Original Thug Crew (Spyder & Darren
Dalton), The Murder City Saints (Nate Hardy & Darian Karisma),
“Classic” Matt Fairlane, Zack Mercury, The Sons of Anarchy (“Big”
Cliff Corleone & “Misfit” Mike Mission), Cory Diamond,
Open Rules Champion Moses Luke, B. Brian Rich, Tommy Lee Curtis, and
many more!

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