Indy News Update #1 for January 27, 2012
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PWO TV #143 – Airdate: January 22, 2012 – Dead Wrestling Society vs. Aeroform

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Scheduled for this week’s broadcast…

PWO Tag Team Titles: Aeroform vs. Dead Wrestling Society
New champions Louis Lyndon & Flip Kendrick finally overcame the Sons of Michigan to capture their first PWO Tag Team Titles a couple of months ago, but have had little time to celebrate knowing the hurdle currently in their path. For months, Krimson’s Dead Wrestling Society has been determined to capture all PWO championships, and hold the hopes & dreams of all PWO stars hostage until they are empty enough to want to join his cause. DWS, on this night represented by Krimson & his “Demonic Disciple” Kirst, could finally achieve a second step in that goal. Will two-thirds of the Ninja Elite Squad be enough to thwart two-thirds of DWS? Tag titles will be at stake in this precarious situation!

Michael “The Bomber” Façade vs. “Amazing” N8 Mattson
Aeroform’s ally and partner, Façade, won’t have it any easier when he is scheduled to collide with one-half of the former PWO Tag Champs The Sons of Michigan. However, news reports regarding N8’s future within professional wrestling, reports briefly addressed by Aeroform last week, mean that this match is in serious doubt. However, we do know N8 WILL be in attendance along with “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone. Will the Amazing One have a more than suitable replacement?

Brian Bender vs. Ben Fruith
A week ago, Bender’s best ringside coaching efforts were not enough to lead Bryan Castle to victory against Corey Winters. Indeed, Corey continued his streak of making waves by picking up an impressive win, but this week is his partner’s turn to attempt success, as Ben Fruith meets “The Natural” Brian Bender. Reports have it Bender is looking to, above all else, “show Castle how it’s done”. Will Bender teach Castle a few more much-needed lessons or will his pre-occupation with his tag partner make him a prime victim for the Fruith Roll-Up?

Plus: Kirst addresses Gregory Iron, Sassy Steph responds to Veda Scott’s comments a week ago and more!


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The Union sent this in.

A grudge match that no one on the Ontario indy wrestling scene could have predicted has been signed for WrestleStock on Saturday April 14th in Toronto. RJ City and Rico Montana are no strangers to one another. In fact, they’ve been close friends for a while now. They both have acting careers. (RJ stars as “Gildar” on the popular YTV show “Splatalot”, Rico has acted in Mexican telenovelas for years and they both co-starred in the recent horror-comedy film “Monster Brawl”.) They’re both accomplished professional wrestlers. They spend time together away from the ring. But as the old saying goes “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Maybe the duo have spent TOO much time together. Maybe there have been TOO many discussions about the do’s and don’ts of show business. Maybe there’s been TOO many friendly arguments about professional wrestling. When the Union first contacted each man individually about participating in WrestleStock, they both demanded that the other man be their opponent!

“Rico’s been around the business for a while now. He’s been a lot of places and accomplished a lot in the ring… and he’s never too shy to remind me about it,” said RJ City on the subject. “I’d like to go just ONE stinking day without getting a boring lecture full of Rico’s wisdom. Does he not know who I am? I’m the “Midnight Special” RJ City. I should’ve earned his respect a dozen times over by now.”

Rico, without ever hearing RJ’s comments, had this to say about their friendship: “Look, I try to help this kid but it’s frustrating. Everything’s a joke to RJ. Wrestling’s a joke. The fans are a joke. My advice is a joke. He thinks because he’s a clown on a kiddie show that he’s the next world champion. I just want the boy to see sense… even if I have to beat that sense into him.”