Indy News Update #1 for February 4, 2012
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ECWA Pro Wrestling sent this in.

Former East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) Unified Tag Team Champions Matt Saigon & Damian Dragon, known as FUSION DS, were recently featured in a music video, “Lucha Libre” by Italian rock band NUV.

You can see the video here:

Saigon and Dragon won the Tri-State Wrestling Alliance (TWA) Tag Team Titles from the Best Around, Bruce Maxwell and TJ Cannon, in January 2011 in Voorhees, NJ.

In May 2011, FUSION DS defeated Christopher Rockwell and Sam Shields, the Midnight Sensations, for the vacant ECWA Tag Team Tiles and also to unify both the TWA and ECWA Tag Team Championships to become the first ECWA/TWA Unified Tag Team Champions.

FUSION DS defended the championships throughout 2011 and were ranked the number 10 tag team in the world several weeks by Pro Wrestling Illustrated (PWI) Magazine online at This marked the first time ever that any ECWA champion(s) had ever been ranked in the PWI overall top ten, which is usually reserved for WWE, TNA, NWA and international wrestlers.

FUSION DS’s title reign ended at the ECWA K-CUP Tag Team Tournament in Newark, DE in Nov 2011 when they were defeated by Asylum and Matt Burns, the Flatliners, in the quarter-final round. The Flatliners then lost the championship to the Matt & Bryan Logan in the semi-finals. The Midnight Sensations, old rivals of FUSION DS, then defeated the Logan Brothers in the finals for the Unified Tag Team Title and the K-CUP trophy.

Following their loss at the K-CUP, FUSION felt slighted by the fans who began to rally behind the Midnight Sensations and voted the Sensations ECWA Tag Team, Match and Moment of the Year in ECWA’s Year End Awards in on-line voting.

In January 2012, FUSION DS saved the Midnight Sensations after the Sensations defeated the Nigerian Nightmares in a very tough title defense and a brutal post match attack by the Nightmares. After chasing the Nightmares off with chairs, FUSION helped the Sensations back to their feet only to brutally attack them with a series a chair shots!!!

With the roles now reversed, and the Sensations now the favorite of the ECWA fans, FUSION DS has vowed their new attitude will lead them to become the first ever 2-time Unified ECWA Tag Team Champions. However, the defending champions, who bill themselves as time traveling, karate aliens from the Triton Moon sent from the future to save tag team wrestling, say different and promise to send FUSION DS away empty-handed.

The Midnight Sensations have 2 title defenses scheduled against FUSION DS, first at ECWA SPRING BATTLE!, Mar 3, 2012 in Newark, Delaware and then at the YMCA of Salem County, Mar 10, 2012 in Carney’s Point, NJ.

For tix and info cal 609.220.5598

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“ECWA … become a fan all over again!”

Drew sent this report in.

My name is Drew and these are the belated results for MWA Hastings Havok on
January 28, 2012 in Hastings Nebraska.

Show starts with the announcement of JB Payne being injured and they determined a new challenger for Brian Blade’s MWA Heavyweight championship through a 5-man random drawing. Local Wrestler Alex the Great wins much to the delight of the crowd, especially the full eighth of the audience wearing “Alex the Great” T-shirts from St. Cecillia where Alex coaches wrestling. Preston Maxwell comments on how ‘shocking’ this result is and how it must delight all of the public school rejects of St. Cecillia.

Tommy Snow w/Nugget (a manaquin head) vs. The Canadian Destroyer

Tommy Snow wins via Double Underhook Suplex, although bitting his opponent on the butt probably helped. A note for all of Tommy Snow’s future opponents, don’t hit him in the head…the Canadian Destroyer tried to punch and headbutt Tommy in the head and hurt himself.

Big John (a masked Wrestler from the woods of Oregon) vs. Everest.

Everest is a LARGE man that the masked man couldn’t beat until chopping at Everest’s legs. But Everest rallied back and gave the crowd what they wanted by body slamming the masked man back to Oregon.

T.V. Championship match…wait sorry, it was just announced at the event that the belt is the Multimedia Championship now.

Johnny Deadpool vs. “Cowboy” Troy Hansen (c)

During the patdown for weapons, the referee finds hidden on Deadpool’s body among other things: a screwdriver, a pair of brass knuckles, and possibly a pipe. Deapool assures the ref he has doctor’s permission for all of these things.

This was a physical back and forth match that spilled out to ringside. The ref became destracted at one point allowing Deadpool to hit Troy with a metal sheet pan, but Troy wins in the end. Cerberus, another masked man, comes out and helps Deadpool beatdown Troy and just before they break Troy’s hand, JB Payne shows up to save Troy and talks about how he hopes Alex will win so he can beat Alex up in June when I believe they will return to Hastings.

Fatal Four Way
Angel de la Muerte vs. Cerberus w/Deadpool wearing Troy’s hat vs. Kenji Miasaki
vs. Stryker.
A fatal four way match was called for…and a dance battle broke out. I am not joking. After the first round they remembered it was a wrestling match and they beat down on each other, Deadpool got involved frequently attacking…well anybody. Suddenly, Troy and JB Payne show up to retreive Troy’s hat and chase Deadpool and Cerberus to the back. The match is now a triple-threat and after a lot of back and forth action in the end Angel de la Muereta pulls of the victory over Stryker. “Arriba!”

Tag Team Championship
The American Bulldogs vs. The All Americans Austin Storm and Preston Maxwell (c)

This was a tag team wrestling clinic from double team moves to tagging, to the shouting at the ref by The All Americans, “He’s hurting him ref!” and my favorite Maxwell telling the ref that the Bulldogs were pulling his bald partners hair.

This was an awesome match ending with The All Americans winning after a double
Russian Leg Sweep. I’ve got to give it to these four guys, they did a fantastic job. (Black guy) had trouble with the top rope and fell off and when he got back on and flew he missed his opponent, but he was in the match 90% of the time and both gave and received some hellacious moves. Preston Maxwell was especially good at getting all of us to hate him.
Side thought…how does chanting USA support just one team if both have
“American” in their name?

During the last couple matches and through intermission you could get autographs
and take pictures with various wrestlers and refrees.

Battle Royal
8-10 of the competitors we’ve already seen tonight.

6 guys came together to form a plan to eliminate Everest…but only Preston followed through with it and was eliminated easily for his trouble. In the end it came down to Deadpool and Everest, with the refs distracted by Deadpool’s partner Deadpool was able to pull the chair he tried to sneak into the match into play but before he could hit Everest, JB Payne showed up to pull the chair out of Deadpool’s hands…so that HE could hit Everest (I think it was an accident) but then he worked with Deadpool to eliminate Everest and win the match.

JB Payne gets on the microphone again to explain that it wasn’t Deadpool that broke his hand but the champion Brian Blade and that he will beat Alex in June. So I’m guessing while they were both in the back they aired out their grievences and JB must have felt bad he attacked the masked duo and decided to help him. I’m just speculating.

Main event
MWA Championship match

Brian Blade (c) vs. Alex the Great

Tremendous ovation for Alex.
Back and forth match with both men focusing on taking out the opponent’s knee and both men sending the other out to the cement floor and then diving off the top rope to colide with their opponent. These two put on a superb one-on-one match with a wide array of styles from high flying to ground based submission. In the end, Alex reverses the second F5-like maneuver Brian was about to deliver into a Small Package for the win. And there was much rejoicing in Hastings. JB Payne comes out to remind Alex they will fight in June when they come back to Hastings.

At the end of the night, this was a great experience and for $10 it was more than worth it. If the MWA comes to your neck of the woods check them out, or go to they post their results there as well as some videos.