Indy News Update #2 for February 5, 2012
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Wrestleview’s own Josh Boutwell sent this in.

Impact Pro Wrestling
New Brockton, Alabama (Old Town Hall)
February 4, 2012
Report by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Pro Wrestling made it’s return to New Brockton, Alabama on 02/04/12 in front of easily the biggest and hottest/loudest crowd they’ve had since I started coming to IPW shows in 2010.

Tonight’s show kicked off with a hot Triple Threat Match.

-Maze def. The California Kid & Sledge in a Triple Threat Match.

After a hard hitting, fast paced match up that got the crowd going early Cali Kid nailed Maze with a Superkick and then turned around to hit the newcomer, Sledge, with one. Sledge dodged it and then caught Cali Kid with a Pump Handle Slam. Sledge looked to be ready to pickup an upset win but Maze kicked him in the head and then covered Cali Kid for the pin!

Next up the Fusion Championship was on the line.

-IPW Fusion Champion Davie Prime def. T-Bird to retain his title!

After a back and forth fight T-Bird caught Prime with a DDT and then climbed up top for his Swanton Bomb, but Prime shoved the referee into the ropes causing Bird to crash and burn. Prime then grabbed his title belt and leveled T-Bird with it to retain his title.

Following the title match was an unadvertised 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match!

-Chris Corbin, Doug “Chain” Williams, Chief Little Bear, & Lane Smart def. Nathan Beast, Chuck N Dales, Preston Veston III, & Lil’ Luscious in a wild 8-Man Tag Team Elimination Match!

The communication to the fans in this one could have been a lot better as it was announced as a Four Corners Tag Elimination Match but ended up being an 8-Man Tag. Corbin was easily the highlight of the match here as he CONTINOUSLY messed with the crowd the entire match and got tons of heat in the process. Before the match Dandy Jack could be seen giving the referee (much like last month) an envelope of something. This wild match came down to Chuck N Dales against Corbin & Williams with Chuck surviving a shot from Doug’s chains, but Doug actually pulled something out of the back pocket of the referee and tossed it to Corbin. When the referee turned around Corbin blasted Chuck with it and then Doug covered him for the win.

After the match JT Angel and one of the gorgeous Monroe Twins came out and confronted the referee for what has been several months of screwjobs.

-The California Kid & T-Bird def. IPW Tag Team Champions: The Sadist Kingdom (Michael DeSade & Victor Cru) w/Jimmy Hinder to win the titles!

Next up the Tag belts were on the line and it saw the champs, the Sadist Kingdom, issuing an open challenge to defned their belts since their booked challengers couldn’t make the event. The Cali Kid & T-Bird (who both already wrestled earlier in the show) answered the challenge. The dominating champions got shocked by the challengers when T-Bird rolled Cru up and pinned him to take the belts! After the match DeSade grabbed the microphone and said they would come back for their titles and would kill Cali & T-Bird in the process.

-“Scarface” Waylon Barley & “Ever So Popular” Mike Freska def. “Shogun” Shane Gibson & “BTY” Colby Godwin

This was supposed to be a rematch (with a twist) from last months WILD Fatal 4-Way between Scarface, Freska, Shogun, & Milo, but Milo was unable to make the show so the local legend “BTY” stepped up to replace him and be Shogun’s partner. The former ROH star, BTY, has been away from the wrestling scene for awhile due to injuries so this was a rare treat for those of us in attendance (and actually surprised the hell out of me). Freska actually rolled a big garbage can out to the ring and then Scarface got on the mic and made it clear what the reasoning was for. A few months ago the town of New Brockton actually had their garbage trucks REPOSSED (the town is bankrupt) and Scarface & Freska really laid it on about that. The usually very serious BTY showed a more nuttier side teaming with Shogun and obviously had loads of fun in the process and was easily the most loved in the match by the fans. All 4 guys worked hard and though it wasn’t as wild as last months 4-Way, it was more of an old school Tag Match with the heels (Scarface & Freska) working Shogun over for the majority of the match until he was finally able to make the hot tag to BTY. One of the more funnier moments was when Scarface (with his back to those in the ring) was given BTY’s arm by Freska and then started really beating on the arm, and then BTY turned it around and gave Scarface his own partners arm (unknown to Scarface) so Scarface could beat on it. In the end BTY seemed to be in control with a Belly-to-Belly Overhead Suplex on Freska and then a big Lariat on Scarface, but Freska broke up the pin attempt. BTY tossed Freska out of the ring but then turned right around into a big Fireman’s Carry Slam followed by a huge Backsplash Senton from the monstrous Scarface to end the match.

After the match Scarface proved that he doesn’t like ANYONE as he laid out his partner as well.

-Cameron Frost def. IWP Heavyweight Champion: Trooper w/Canadian Kid to win the title!

Last month Cameron Frost won this shot at the belt after winning a big Battle Royal. The Old School Outlaws came out with Trooper but Trooper said he could do it without them so he sent all of them except the one guy that they have been abusing for months. Frost took it to the veteran champion all night long and eventually the referee was taken out in the match leading to the Outlaws to come back down, but Cali Kid, JT Angel, & T-Bird ran out and cut them off! Trooper then tried to get the Outlaw member that they have been abusing for months to hand him the Heavyweight Title belt, but he blasted Trooper with it instead! Frost then hit the TKO and got the win and regained his title!

-“Busti” Becki Kennedi & Joshua “Bulldozer” Brewer def. Jessie Belle Smothers & “Diamond Steel” Ryan Howe in the Main Event Mixed Tag Team Match

Becki was scheduled to face the 2nd generation star, Jessie Belle Smothers (daughter of the legendary Tracy Smothers), but after Ryan Howe accompanied his fiancĂ© to the ring and the two verbally beat Becki down The Bulldozer made his way out and the match was made a Mixed Tag Team Match! There were a few hilarious moments here with Howe attempting to take Bulldozer down and then actually tagging Smothers in and talking her into attempting to take Bulldozer down with a Shoulder Block. The fans were really getting on Howe with the “skid mark” chant (Hugh Morris nicknamed him “skid marks” on WWE’s Tough Enough). Eventually Brewer caught Howe on the top rope and chunked him off. The gorgeous Becki then made her way to the top and Brewer aided her in a big Splash off the top for the win.

Another fun show from the folks and absolutely everyone seemed to enjoy themselves with some good shows, some surprises, and everything in between. Jessie Belle was as good as advertised and as visually appealing as advertising (though she still had to stand by the GORGEOUS Becki Kennedi in this match!), but who would have ever thought that a hot chick wearing a confederate flag cape (Jessie) would get ANY boos in Alabama. IPW returns to New Brockton on March 17th.