Indy News Update #2 for February 21, 2012
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KSWA Wrestling sent this in.


Pittsburgh – KSWA Wrestling at the Lawrenceville Moose: Dave Diamond pinned Nick Crane…JP Goulet pinned Ric Rumskey…Lord Zoltan pinned Del Douglas…Legion of the Apocalypse defeated Kris Kash, Jay Flash, Tony Johnson & Jack Massacre…Justin Sane defeated The Jester via DQ…Jr Heavyweight Champion Shane Starr pinned Drew Belanger…Shawn Blanchard & Lou Martin defeated The Latin Assass & Mitch Napier in a Lawrenceville Street Fight

WSU sent this in.

STATE OF WSU For 2/21/12
– WSU RETURNS to iPPV on 3/3, Complete Details
– New FREE VIDEO INTERVIEWS with LEXUS, Marti Belle,Mercedes Martinez; Jennifer Cruz/Becky Bayless Altercation
– FREE VIDEOS Uploaded to WSU’s YouTube Page
– Updated DVD Release Information
– WSU To Film Becky Bayless Shoot Interview

WSU RETURNS TO iPPV with Our Biggest Show Ever
iPPV Can Be Seen on all Apple and Roku Devices, Among Other Outlets, Check GoFightLive.TV For All Available Options
WHAT: WSU’s 5th Anniversary Show, with Hall of Fame Ceremony & Meet/Greet
WHEN: March 3rd, 2012
WHERE: The NYWC Sporatorium
ADDRESS: 435-13 Brook Ave, Deer Park, NY
MEET & GREET: 3PM-5PM with all talent
WSU 5th Anniversary Show: 7PM
TICKETS: Front Row, $40, General Admission $35 (Tickets guarantee you access to all three events)
Tickets Now On Sale at and

When WSU returns to iPPV on March 3rd, WSU will be presenting our biggest show of all time, as we present the WSU 5th Anniversary Show. Don’t forget, you can order the iPPV and get all the details about the show at

Remember, you can watch the iPPV on iPads, iPhones, Droids and other electronic devices!

This show will feature the main event one year in the making and promises to be the most intense, violent and historic match in WSU history, as Mercedes Martinez, the WSU World Champion who has been champion for 3 years and has racked up 50+ title defenses in that time, will take on WSU Spirit Champion, the person undefeated in singles competition, Jessicka Havok. To make matters more personal, the last time these two saw each other in the ring, Jessicka Havok tried to stab Mercedes Martinez with a machete! These two have also been on a war of words on the WSU YouTube page, as we count down to the biggest match ever in WSU history.

Here are matches you will see on 3/3 (More Matches to Be Announced in Upcoming Weeks)

WSU World Champion vs WSU Spirit Champion
Three Year Championship Reign vs Undefeated Streak
(c) Mercedes Martinez (WSU) vs (c) Jessicka Havok (Mid-West Militia)

Uncensored Rules Tag Team Match
Alicia & Brittney Savage (WSU) vs Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay (Mid-West Militia)

First Time Ever
Lexus vs Rain

Grudge Match
Belle Saints Implode
Tina San Antonio vs Marti Belle

J-CUP Qualifier Match
April Hunter vs Annie Social

J-CUP Qualifier Match
The Rematch
Athena vs Leva Bates

Becky Bayless vs Jennifer Cruz

WSU Tag Team Title Match
(c) Lexus & ??? vs The Soul Sisters

Jessie Brooks & Jenny Rose vs Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena

More Matches to Be Announced

Also don’t forget, WSU will be hosting our 4th annual Hall of Fame Ceremony on this date. Scheduled to be inducted on 3/3/12 are Cindy Rogers, Jana, Dixie Carter & Georgianne Makropolous.

WSU is proud to announce the inductors for the Hall of Fame!
Mercedes Martinez will be inducting Cindy Rogers!
Latasha will be inducting Jana!
April Hunter will be inducting Georgianne Makropolous!
Dixie Carter’s inductor to be announced soon!

You can buy tickets at or order the iPPV today at
WSU prides ourselves on being interactive all the time. WSU recently caught up with Lexus, who currently holds both WSU Tag Team titles in light of Amber’s retirement from pro wrestling. Lexus’s video, where she has choice words for Amber, a challenge to Mercedes Martinez and Jessicka Havok as well as her thoughts on Rain and the tag team title scene can all be seen below:

WSU 5YA Main Event Preview Video:

WSU also caught up with Marti Belle this weekend, and was able to get the following via cell phone video. Please note the quality of this video is low due to us using a cellphone, as we caught Marti spontaneously:

WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez has returned to talk more about Jessicka Havok & actually mocks the current WSU Spirit Champion. For the video check out:

Also up on the WSU Youtube Page is an altercation which was caught backstage by “Undefeated in 2012” Jennifer Cruz & WSU Original Becky Bayless. You can check it out here:

WSU is also proud to announce we have come to an agreement with Becky Bayless, the former Cookie in TNA for a SHOOT INTERVIEW! We will ask everything about Becky’s career. Feel free to email questions to or twitter your questions to us @WSUWrestling
Upcoming WSU EVENTS:
3/3/12, “The Fifth Anniversary Show” iPPV from Deer Park, NY
4/14/12 “King & Queen of the Ring Tournament” from Dunnellen, NJ (NWS Joint Show)
4/28 “J-Cup Tournament” Double DVD Taping from Deer Park, NY
6/16, “Uncensored Rumble V” iPPV from Deer Park, NY
Stay tuned to the updated and your email as we will announce more details on everything WSU. Make sure to follow us on Twitter at as we always provide live updates and breaking news.

Don’t forget WSU has brand new DVD’s on sale. They are “The Best of 2011”, “Best of Traci Brooks”, “Blitzkreig: 1/21 Live Event” & “Face 2 Face: Alicia & Brittney Savage” Shoot Interview. For more on these titles, check out

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