Indy News #1: !BANG! TV with Blanchard, AWF Australia

Indy News Update #1 for February 24, 2012
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Dory Funk sent this in.

!BANG! TV Report – “Cold War” Complete show now on !BANG! TV – Plus Tully Blanchard Goes Wild

Now on !BANG! TV the Complete show from last Saturday, Support Your Troops 74, “Cold War.” Plus Tully Blanchard cleaning house on !BANG! TV.

New on !BANG! TV at :

Tully Blanchard Cleans House.

Last Woman Standing Match for the Women’s Championship
Claudia “The Claw” Reiff (Champion) vs Hollywood Heather

6 Man Tag Team Match
Dory Funk, Johnny Magnum and Cory “Wild” Weston
Shane Chung, Blain Rage and Jayson Falcone
Winner for his team, Cory “Wild” Weston

Special Event –
Round Eye Roundup with Shane Chung

World Championship Match
Cory “Wild” Weston (Champion) vs Blain Rage

Light Heavyweight Championship
Jayson Falcone (Champion) vs Johnny Romano

You can watch it all at
The next !BANG! TV Taping Support Your Troops 75, “!BANG! A Mania” with WWE Hall of Fame Inductee, Tully Blanchard comes to the Funking Conservatory Wrestling Sound Stage in Ocala, Florida Saturday March 24th. Tickets are available online now at

!BANG! TV is a division of Funking Conservatory Wrestling Produced by Marti Funk and Directed by Dory Funk Jr.

If you would like to become a professional wrestler call now 352-895-4658 or visit our website at

AWF Australia sent this in.


Welcome to the AWF News Update for Autumn 2012.
Plenty of live events upcoming and lots of big news breaking as we head into the upcoming events over March and April.


AWF Australasian Champion: Iron Jay Coles
1. Dean Draven
2. Jay Law
3. Blakestone
4. Jack Tasman
5. Esteban Molina

AWF Commonwealth Champion: Powerhouse Theo
1. Gladiator Apollo
2. Rob Barnes
3. Wayne The Maniac
4. Con Robinson
5. Samoan Warrior
AWF Young Lion’s Champion: Spaceboy Dacey
1. Diego Del Fuego
2. Magnum Holmes
3. DJ Fusion
4. Shane Saw
5. Anubis

AWF Tag Team Champions: Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
1. Multicultural Society: Anubis & Diego Del Fuego
2. Dean Draven & Gladiator Apollo
3. Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic
4. Elite Wrestling: Freddie Falco & Grant Linstrom
5. Shane Saw & Man Mountain Grizzly


NWA World Title Bout – TNT will return to AWF action in a big way at Blacktown RSL on 4 March as he takes on current National Wrestling Alliance Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce of the USA. The match promises to be one that will go down in history, so be at Blacktown if in NSW, or stay posted to the AWF Website for results post bout. The following are comments from TNT regarding Blacktown:
Here is a clip for Adam Pearce’s tour and bout versus friend of AWF Colt Cabana

AWF @ Sydney Tattoo & Bodyart Expo & Supanova Melbourne & Gold Coast: AWF are preparing for a great few days of action in Sydney 9-11 March, Melbourne 14-15 April and Gold Coast 21-22 April as AWF presents live wrestling in the convention setting at these upcoming fantastic events. Be sure to come and support in your region, as there will be lots of surprises and great action at all these events. Check out and for full event and ticket details.

AWF School of Pro-Wrestling News: AWF will hold training courses in the month of April for new perspective wrestlers, and those continuing courses from 2011. This will be a great time for future wrestlers to get trained in a few weeks of intensive training, with a view to start wrestling in 2012. Visit the AWF School page at for full course details and email for applications.
AWF will also hold a Dreamcamp for students 12 years and above focussing on a fun 4 days teaching some wrestling basics that culminate in a taped bout. The 4 days will run from 9-12 April from 2-5pm and is $300. Email for applications.

NWA World Champion Seminar: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce will hold a 2 hour pro-wrestling seminar on Sunday 4 March at Blacktown RSL from 1-3pm. A great introduction for anyone looking at getting into the wrestling business, and some great knowledge for anyone already involved. All welcome. Cost is $60 . Email to secure your spot.

Remembering OJ Fitzpatrick- AWF remembered our late referee Owen “OJ” Fitzpatrick with an emotion charged event at Parramatta RSL on 17 February. A great night of action was had, which even saw Owen’s brother Glen “Gee Jay” and father Robert get involved in refereeing duties. AWF overall raised $1300 for the Fitzpatrick Family to assist with costs resulting from Owen’s passing. At Panthers on 20 January the OJ Fitzpatrick Memorial Cup was inaugurated at the Best of the Best Tournament, with Dean Draven taking the honours. The OJ Cup will appear annually. AWF wishes the Fitzpatrick family and friends strength in the times ahead. OJ will be missed by all AWF staff and fans.

Iron Ben Coles & Spaceboy Dacey Fighting Champions- Iron Ben Coles remains Australasian Champion, successfully defending against Victoria’s Matt Silva in an epic battle at January’s Best of the Best. Iron Ben will have his hands full with the impressive Blakestone at Blacktown on 4 March. The last time these two phenomenal athletes met the result was a disqualification with Powerhouse Theo interjecting himself. Be there live to see if Blakestone can take the AWF Title.
Young Lion’s Champion Spaceboy Dacey has been enjoying being Young Lion’s Champion since defeating Jay Law at WrestleFest in October. Spaceboy battled a fantastic contest against impressive newcomer Detective Magnum Holmes at Best of the Best, and was equally as sharp defeating former YLC Mick Moretti at Parramatta on 17 Feb. Spaceboy will have a whole host of Young Lion’s gunning for his title at Blacktown on 4 March in a huge scramble match. AWF wishes Spaceboy Dacey continued success as Young Lion’s Champion.

Dean Draven Wins Best of the Best: The experienced and skilled Dean Draven defeated Jay Law and Blakestone to become the 2012 Best of the Best winner in his home town of Penrith on 20 January. The win has secured Draven a future title shot of his chosing. Dean said he was inspired by the life of referee OJ Fitzpatrick to go that mile further and win the tournament, and is honoured to be the first holder of the annual OJ Fitzpatrick Memorial Cup. Another inspired wrestler has been Gladiator Apollo, who after battling Draven many times and trading wins over recent months, both have formed a mutual fighting respect and successfully teamed at Parramatta at A Night To Remember winning the 3 big way tag bout. It will be interesting to see how the Draven-Apollo tag team fairs at upcoming AWF events, as they face the colossus team of Mass Transit at Blacktown on 4 March in their biggest test to date.

Injuries Update – Powerhouse Theo will return to AWF with an interview at Blacktown RSL on 4 March, after suffering a shoulder injury at the hands of Iron Ben Coles at the 3 December last Blacktown event. Theo has just been given the all clear to re-enter the squared circle, so expect anything to happen at Blacktown and beyond, as “The Menace” returns! As 2011 closed out the tensions between Theo and Coles were out of control with a Championship Vs Championship bout in the works. It will be interesting to see this match back on track for a huge bout to take place in a mid 2012.
One half of the AWF Tag Team Champions The Illusionist will return to action at the upcoming AWF @ Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo from 9-11 March. The Illusionist is recovering from a torn tendon in the knee, and can’t wait to bring the magic to his fans once again at upcoming AWF events.

New AWF DVDs– Our DVD gurus Swanee & Hey Bro Print have been working extra hard to bring the AWF DVD catalogue up to date.
All DVDs are $25 postage paid in Australia and $30 Internationally available at the AWF Store
New Releases include:
PsychoticSlam 2011:
November To Dismember:
Final Battle 2011:
Upcoming Releases for March and April include: Supanova 2011, AWF Year In Review 2011, AWF Extravaganza, Best of the Best 2012 and A Night To Remember.
Please support these releases and keep up to date with AWF!

Elite Wrestling Tighten Up for War with Rob Barnes: After a few months of internal squabbling, especially after the loss of the Young Lion’s Championship, Elite Wrestling bought the game to Parramatta RSL on 17 February as a united team, and were strong even in defeat to the Detonation Crew. The Elite faction seems to be unified, as former partner “Scientific” Rob Barnes has returned to wage revenge on his former allies, and the current Elite team seems hell bent on taking Barnes out. Blacktown RSL will see Jay Law and Robert Barnes go to war in a No Holds Barred Anything Goes match which will be one of the highlights of the massive Blacktown show on 4 March.

In AWF over Autumn: The impressive Esteban Molina of Puerto Rico will be gracing rings on upcoming AWF events at Blacktown, the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Convention and Supanova Gold Coast. Esteban will be a regular roster member in 2012 and says he is looking to add championship gold to his waist during the year.
South Australia’s “The Maniac” Wayne Mattei returns to AWF rings over the Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo weekend 9-11 March. The massive man will appear all three days and says he is looking to take down Massive Q in a heavyweights showdown. That will be epic!
Former Young Lion’s Champion & Tag Team Champion Rob Barnes returned to AWF rings at Best of the Best surprising Jay Law, and starting a war with Elite Wrestling. It will be interesting to see what tricks the Scientists brings in the coming months and it’s great to see him back in AWF.
Adam Pearce of the USA will defend the NWA Championship against the returning TNT at Blacktown RSL on 4 March.
Expect some surprises in May for outside participation.

Multicultural Society Get Mean: After an up and down end to 2011 with Tama Williams being ousted as the groups head at PsychoticSlam, and Tony Kebab being ousted as a referee for corruption, A Night To Remember saw tensions between Anubis & Del Fuego & the returning Samoan Warrior erupt, with Warrior quitting the group, and then setting a challenge for a match to his old partners. Former AWF Champion Steve Ravenous then emerged from the back claiming he’d aid the Samoan Warrior, but after suckering him during a match, Ravenous turned on the Samoan costing him the victory, and aligning himself with the Multicultural Society. Anubis & Del Fuego say they have more big surprises in store in the coming months, Samoan Warrior will pay for leaving the group, and the Multicultural Society are going to add championship gold to the group in the very near future.

Tag Team Scene Heats Up: With AWF Tag Team Champions Party Trix ready to return to action in March, the tag scene has built up a huge list of contenders to try to dethrone the current champions. New teams of Shane Saw and Man Mountain Grizzly, Gladiator Apollo & Dean Draven and Nothing Personal Just Business look poised to try and challenge for the titles, plus establish tandems of The Multicultural Society, Elite Tag Team and Mass Transit are also knocking down the door. With The Illusionist’s knee in doubt, it will be interesting to see if Party Trix can continue their fantastic reign over the coming months.



Local Blacktown area wrestler and former 6 Time former AWF Australasian, & AWA World Champion TNT, returns to the championship scene on Sunday 4 March as he gets ready to explode in the biggest bout of his career upcoming at Blacktown RSL. TNT will challenge for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against 4 time and reigning Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce of the USA in a match AWF is billing as the most important they have ever staged. This main event anywhere in the world bout will see two professional wrestlers with over 30 years of combined experienced vying for one of the most prestigious title in the world and will be an afternoon any sports fan will not want to miss.

TNT commented “This bout will be a culmination of 17 years of passion to make it to the NWA World Championship stage. It is something I dreamt about as a child, and now I have the chance to compete for this prestigious title in the town where I grew up. It is really going to be an afternoon full of emotion, and I urge everyone who has ever seen me wrestle or is a supporter of sports to come along and be part of this historic night, because I will be giving it my all like never before, and I am striving for the match to be one people will talk about for a long time to come. Please support the event and I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday 4 March.”
NWA Champion Adam Pearce commented “Sure TNT is the big man Down Under, but he’s not the NWA World Champion. I will be coming to Australia as NWA Champion, and heading back to the good ol’ US of A as NWA Champion, and there is nothing anybody can do about it!”

A huge undercard is also promised making for a card of world class, high quality pro-wrestling action no doubt.
The Australasian Championship is on the line in a rematch from October Wrestlefest as Iron Ben Coles defends against the brutality of Blakestone. The last time these superior athletes met it ended in a disqualification, with Powerhouse Theo interrupting, with the outcome leaving both Coles & Blakestone furious. This rematch should be classic.
Some of the other excitement will include a heavyweight tag match with Apollo & Draven battling Mass Transit for the first time, the skills of Puerto Rico’s Esteban Molina taking on the power of The Samoan Warrior, a women’s tag team bout pitting Selene & Charlene West-Dee against Mighty Mel & Rachel Rose, and a big No Holds Barred showdown pitting heated rivals and former team partners Jay Law and “Scientific” Robbie Barnes against each other, plus a Young Lion’s four way with partners, and Powerhouse Theo will return with an interview, plus more surprises on the afternoon.

Scheduled Card:
NWA World Title: TNT Vs Adam Pearce
AWF Title: Blakestone Vs Iron Ben Coles
YLC: DJ Fusion Vs Diego Del Fuego Vs Anubis Vs Spaceboy Dacey
No Holds Barred: Robert Barnes Vs Jay Law
Mass Transit Vs Draven & Apollo
Samoan Warrior Vs Esteban Molina
Jack Tasman, Falco & Linstrom Vs Man Mountain Grizzly, Shane Saw & Con Robinson
Charlene West-Dee & Selene Vs Mighty Mel & Rachel Rose
Powerhouse Theo Speaks!

Please book early and go out of your way to attend, as this will be a fantastic card and a strong attendance will see AWF host more future World Title bouts in Australia.

When: Sun 4 March – 4pm
Where: Blacktown RSL, Second Ave, Blacktown, NSW
Tickets: $25 available via Paypal from AWF Website at , at the Blacktown RSL in advance or at the door if not sold out. All Ages Event.
Enquiries: 0410 691 377 or

9 – 11 MARCH, 2012
AWF presents Live Pro-Wrestling with shows twice daily over 3 big days 9-11 March as part of the 2012 Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo.
See the likes of Iron Ben Coles, TNT, Wayne “The Maniac” Mattei, Party Trix, Estaban Molina, Mass Transit, Spaceboy Dacey, Detective Magnum Holmes and many more do battle!
This event is sure to get wild!

Friday: 4pm – 4:45pm, 7pm – 8pm
Saturday: 2pm – 2:45pm, 6:10pm -7:10pm
Sunday: 1:30pm – 2:15pm, 3:55pm – 4:55pm


Halls 3 & 4 Sydney Showground :Corner Australia Ave & Riverina Ave, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW

Friday 9th March 2012: 12noon – 10pm
Saturday 10th March 2012: 12noon – 10pm
Sunday 11th March 2012: 11am – 7pm
Online .. Door
Single Day … $25 ….. $30
Two Day Pass … $40 ….. $45
Three Day Pass … $50 ….. $55
Child 12 to 16 … $10 ….. $10
Child 12 and under … FREE

Full Expo details at

Australasian Wrestling Federation (AWF) is excited to unleash live pro-wrestling once again as part of the upcoming Supanova Pop Culture Conventions Melbourne & Gold Coast.
The 2 day showcases will see AWF present live matches during the events at 12, 2 & 4pm Daily, and will also feature meet and greet appearances by AWF’s top stars during the day. AWF Merchandise and Photo opportunities will also be available.
Supanova is the number one Pop Culture Expo in Australia, so please come along and support these events, as they are huge and you are sure to see and find plenty of cool things to interest and excite!

In Melbourne see appearances by Krackerjak, Jack Tasman, Matt Silva and many more!
On the Gold Coast see TNT, Esteban Molina, Jack Tasman and many more!

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Melbourne
Shows: Sat 14 & Sun 15 April: 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
Melbourne Showgrounds, Epsom Road, Ascot Vale, Victoria

AWF Wrestling @ Supanova Pop Culture Expo Gold Coast
Shows: Sat 21 & Sun 22 April: 12am, 2pm, 4pm daily
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre: Cnr Gold Coast Highway & TE Peters Drive, Broadbeach, Queensland

Details on Supanova Pop Culture Expo & Tickets on sale from 1 March can be found at










Applications for our next AWF School of Pro-Wrestling Courses starting 9 April, 2012 are now being accepted, along with Applications for our next 12 years and above Dreamcamp on 16-19 April.

Under the new AWF School intensive training system, you are able to enroll for Beginners, Intermediate and Competent and if you were able to pass each component each week you would be at a level of competence in 3 weeks, to have you ready to prepare for shows thereafter. If enrolled in extra courses and you do not pass the test at end of course, you will be required to redo the course next semester (September 2012). Any advance payments made for future courses can be held for future dates, or refunded shortly after if your circumstances change. Each level of training costs $400 each.

AWF will also hold an all ages Dreamcamp suitable for students 12 years and above focussing on a fun 4 days teaching some wrestling basics that culminate in a taped bout. The 4 days will run from 9-12 April from 2-5pm and cost is $300.

Email for an application and join now! See full course details at

NWA World Champion Seminar: “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce will hold a 2 hour pro-wrestling seminar on Sunday 4 March at Blacktown RSL: Second Avenue, Blacktown, NSW from 1-3pm. A great introduction for anyone looking at getting into the wrestling business, and some great knowledge for anyone already involved. All welcome. Cost is $60 . Email to secure your spot.

All correspondence to the AWF School of Pro-Wrestling can be made by emailing or calling 0410 691 377.



20 January, 2012
Panthers Penrith, NSW
Attendence: 220

Results: BOB RD1: Dean Draven b Jay Law, BOB RD1: Blakestone b Estaban Molina, Future 4 Way: Gladiator Apollo b Man Mountain Grizzly, Dodgy Con Robinson & Mikey Lord, Australasian Championship: Iron Ben Coles b Matt Silva, Young Lion’s Championship: Spaceboy Dacey b Detective Magnum Holmes, 6 Person Mixed Tag: DJ Fusion, Robert Barnes & Mighty Mel b Mass Transit & Selene, Comedy Match: Jack Tasman b Max Comic, BOB Final: Dean Draven b Blakestone

– AWF staff came to the ring to start the show and paid a tribute to referee OJ Fitzpatrick who recently passed away. Owen’s brother Glenn said a few words and TNT announced a tribute show for 17 Feb.
– Matt Silva & Detective Magnum Holmes both came close in their Championship bouts to becoming champion, but the current champions Iron Ben Coles & Spaceboy Dacey were too skilled and retained their titles.
– Dean Draven won the Best of the Best tournament, and was awarded the OJ Fitzpatrick Memorial Cup, and will receive a future title shot of his choosing.
Robert Barnes made a surprise return to AWF catching Jay Law off guard in the opening bout, and joining DJ Fusion and former valet Mighty Mel in victory in the mixed 6 person bout.
– A great start to 2012. This is going to be an excellent year of wrestling! Thanks to all the great AWF supporters who attended Best of the Best! We appreciate your donations to the Fitzpatrick family who received almost $700 in contributions.

Event photos by Neil Wells:


17 February, 2012
Parramatta RSL, Parramatta, NSW
Attendance: 200

DJ Fusion b Magnum Holmes, Mass Transit b CRSM & Randal, YLC: Spaceboy Dacey b Mick Moretti, 3 Way Tag Elimination: Draven & Apollo b Saw & Grizzly & Damage & Mitra, Rachel Rose b Charlene West-Dee, Anubis & Del Fuego b Samoan Warrior & Steve Ravenous, G J Fitzpatrick won 20 Man Battle Royal, Factions Elimination Bout: Jay Law and Rob Barnes DCO, Iron Ben Coles b Freddie Falco, Iron Ben Coles b Grant Linstrom. Winners: Detonation Crew

Thank you to all that attended and participated as part of the “A Night To Remember” OJ Fitzpatrick memorial event tonight at Parramatta RSL. There was a great energy at the show, and was a really good spirited event from the crowd to the wrestlers.
Extra money was raised for the Fitzpatrick family, and friends got to pay a nice tribute. The night was one that makes us all proud to be pro-wrestling.
Hope you enjoyed the show OJ – that one was for you mate 🙂

Photos by Samuel Dickinson at Hey Bro Photo It:



Fun year end card at AWF Dojo Minto to round out 2011! A great night of AWF action and a tremendous addition to any DVD collection!
OJ Fitzpatrick’s final event refereeing. A special tribute video is included.

Final Battle 2011
AWF Dojo, Minto, NSW, Australia
18 December, 2011

DVD Features:
– Selene joins Mass Transit
– 3 Way Bout: Gladiator Apollo Vs Anubis Vs Rainbow Savage
– Young Lion’s Championship: Traffic Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– Loser Leaves Town: Jack Tasman Vs El Technico
– Australasian Championship: Massive Q Vs Iron Ben Coles
– Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo Contract Signing
Plus Highlights of:
– Man Mountain Grizzly Vs Brayden Jaxon
– Freddie Falco Vs Magnum Holmes
– 3 Way Women’s Bout: Selene Vs Mighty Mel Vs Charlene West-Dee
-Tag Team Titles: Jay Law & Con Robinson Vs Party Trix
– Plus special video Tribute to OJ Fitzpatrick Video

Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at



8 huge bouts of pro-wrestling action all wrapped into one DVD, it’s Wrestlefest!
The Wrestlefest home DVD sees all the action of AWF’s return to Parramatta RSL after many years absence. A great night of action took place with surprises in Championship bouts, and lots of excitement and madness throughout the evening. A great addition to any DVD collection!

Wrestlefest 2011
Parramatta RSL, Parramatta, NSW, Australia
8 October, 2011

The Card:
– 3 Way Bout: Dean Draven Vs Jack Tasman Vs Gladiator Apollo
– 6 Person Tag: Samoan Warrior, Del Fuego & Anubis Vs El Technico & Party Trix
– Women’s Action: Aroura Vs Rachel Rose
– Young Lion’s Championship: Jay Law Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– Commonwealth Championship: Powerhouse Theo Vs Concrete Davidson
– Mass Transit Vs Elite Tag Team
– Referees Showdown: Mad Tony Kebab Vs CB Cochran
– Australasian Championship: Blakestone Vs Iron Ben Coles

Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at



See the action of the 2011 edition of Australia’s longest running annual event PsychoticSlam!
The PsychoticSlam home DVD sees excitement galore, with the main event pitting Elite Wrestling consisting of Jay Law and Japan’s Dick Togo versus The Detonation Crew comprising of “Iron” Ben Coles and Powerhouse Theo in the AWF 2011 Match of the Year. The DVD is also supported by a massive undercard with action and surprises galore making PsychoticSlam on DVD a must have for any true wrestling fan!

PsychoticSlam 2011
Blacktown RSL, Blacktown, NSW, Australia
27 August, 2011
Commentary: Mark Williamson & TNT
The Card:
– Mick Moretti Vs El Technico
– Blakestone Vs Dean Draven
– Mad Turk Hussain Vs Gladiator Apollo
– AWF Tag Team Championships: Mass Transit: Massive Q & Traffic Vs Party Trix: DJ Fusion & The Illusionist
– Scotty Club Vs Spaceboy Dacey
– Commonwealth Championship: Concrete Davidson Vs Tama Williams
– Selene Vs Rachel Rose
– Factions Tag Team Main Event: Jay Law & Dick Togo Vs Iron Ben Coles & Powerhouse Theo

Running Time: 2 hours

$25 in Australia
$30 International
Prices include delivery
Available online at


More DVD releases to follow soon, and up to date monthly releases through 2012.
Stay tuned to the store page at for the latest releases.
Please follow and support AWF on home DVD so we can continue to release regular titles.


AWF would like to thank our awesome sponsor UltraFit Fitness Centre. Visit their website at or pop in and become a member at 11D Zoe Place, Mount Druitt, NSW.

For any sponsors wanting to be seen by thousands and thousands of supporters via AWF’s networks around Australia please call AWF on 0410691377 or email Opportunities exist at live shows, in our events program, websites, and in snail and email listings. Catering to all budgets and can customize a campaign to your needs. Get your business out there today, and support AWF at the same time! Even sponsor a single wrestler! Please help support AWF Wrestling financially in 2012!

Sun 4 March
NWA Title Bout: TNT Vs Adam Pearce (USA)
Blacktown RSL
Blacktown, NSW

Fri 9 – Sun 11 March
AWF @ Sydney Tattoo & Body Art Expo
Homebush, NSW

Sat 14 – Sun 15 April
Supanova Melbourne
Melbourne Showgrounds
Melbourne, VIC

Sat 21 – Sun 22 April
Supanova Gold Coast
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre
Gold Coast, QLD

More dates to be announced! To keep up to date visit the AWF Website!

Thank you for your support of AWF Wrestling!
For up to date AWF news, show info and merchandise please visit

Join & Visit AWF on Facebook at

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