Indy News Update #2 for February 29, 2012
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Joe Dombrowski sent this in.

PWO TV #146 – February 26, 2012 – Ski Masked Man Revealed

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For a year now, an unknown man disguised by a ski mask has been tormenting the career of Johnny Gargano, making his presence known at Gargano’s most vulnerable moments. In recent months, this individual has made himself known through Sex Appeal, Shields, Valentino & Beverly, who have been seen with the mask in their possession a number of times. Reports have stated whomever is behind the ski mask has been mentoring Sex Appeal and helping them through their most recent slump, which has since subsided in favor of an extended win streak. Gargano has been consumed by this mystery, but has found no information as to the man’s identity instead that it is NOT one of the three members of Sex Appeal. Reports state the masked man plans to appear this Sunday’s episode of PWO TV and he and Gargano WILL meet each other face to face for the very first time. Who is this masked? We get our answers in a few short days.

Façade has been considered uncrowned PWO TV Champion for many months now, however the stranglehold that Gory and the rest of The Dead Wrestling Society have had on the PWO championship scene has made it difficult for everyone to chase their ultimate goals. Façade’s most high profile attempt at the title, Wrestlelution 4, was spoiled by a blatant Gory low blow, an incident Façade has certainly not forgotten. After months of anticipation, and the six-man tag team victory last week, Façade has finally worked his way to another one-on-one opportunity. With his friend Flip Kendrick on the injured list, can Façade capture the title in tribute or will Gory continue to dominate the PWO TV Title scene?

A couple of months ago, “One Man Militia” Matthew Justice left the world of corporate wrestling to return home to PWO to showcase his anti-establishment, counter-culture nature. Matt has already delivered a verbal warning to Krimson & The Dead Wrestling Society, however he has another tough test this week in his official in-ring return, Sons of Michigan member “Big Bear” Benjamin Boone. The former PWO Tag Champion has returned to singles competition following the retirement of his partner “Amazing” N8 Mattson but sources say N8 will still be in attendance for this match! Will Matt’s first match back result in victory or will Boone spoil his homecoming?

“Late Night” makes his return to the ring after several weeks away, reportedly seeking advice and guidance from the unknown man behind the ski mask. Both Shields & Beverly have shown newfound aggressive sides lately, and both even hold a pinfall victory over Johnny Gargano himself. Valentino will have a bit easier of a task, but still all eyes will be on his demeanor and performance. Will Sex Appeal’s win streak continue?

Plus: Words from PWO Champion Matt Cross & challenger Bobby Beverly as both prepare for a PWO Title battle next week… An update on last week’s closed door meeting between Commissioner Justin LaBar & Marion Fontaine… “World’s Most Huggable Wrestler” Bryan Castle joins us and much more!


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