Indy News Update #1 for March 2, 2012
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Smart Mark Video sent this in.

Smart Mark Video’s “What’s Up?” for March 1, 2012


The U.S. Postal services raised their rates in January, significantly raising the shipping charges for our international friends. Well, we heard your feedback, and we hope that this will help: we now are offering the choice of either Priority Mail International (which we’ve been using) and First Class International shipping! First Class International shipping will save you up to $7 in shipping charges!

AIW January 29, 2012 “Girls Night Out 5 & Guys Night Out 3” – Cleveland, OH $9.99
AAW February 24, 2012 “Path of Redemption ’12” Merrionette Park, IL $9.99

DreamWave DVD February 4, 2012 “Season Premiere 2012” – LaSalle, IL $15.00
1. Colin Cambridge vs. Michael Flannery
2. Judd The Janitor vs. Jun Hado
3. The Beck Family vs. The Dudesons vs. Zero Gravity vs. Waylon & DTM vs. P.R.I.D.E.
4. Dan Lawrence vs. Bucky Collins
5. Christian Rose vs. Marshe Rockett
6. Ace Martino vs. Mr 450 Hammett
7. Steve Boz vs. Mason Beck
8. Nick Brubaker vs. Brian Nelson
9. Prince Mustafa vs. Chavo Guerrero Jr.
10. Greg Glover vs. Austin Roberts

AIW DVD January 29, 2012 “Girls Night Out 5 & Guys Night Out 3” – Cleveland, OH $15.00
Guy’s Night Out 3 Pre-show:
1. The Duke vs. The Chad
2. Facade vs. Louis Lyndon
3. Rickey Shane Page vs. Eric Ryan

Girls Night Out 5
1. Mia Yim vs. Marti Belle
2. Luscious Latasha vs. KC
3. “Crazy” Mary Dobson vs. Miss Heidi
4. Gabby Gilbert vs. Angeldust
5. Veda Scott vs. Kimber Lee
6. Allysin Kay vs. Mia Yim
7. Mickie Knuckles vs. Sara Del Rey

AAW DVD January 27, 2012 “The Chaos Theory ’12” Berwyn, IL $15.00
1. Danny Daniels & Jesse Emerson vs. Tweek Phoenix & Marion Fontaine
2. Mat Fitchett vs. BJ Whitmer
3. Samuray Del Sol & TD Thomas vs. Josh Raymond & Christian Able
4. J. Miller vs. Knight Wagner
5. Jordan McEntyre vs. Gregory Iron
6. Irish Airborne vs. Arik Cannon & Jimmy Jacobs
7. Zero Gravity, MsChif & Dan Lawrence vs. The CLASH
8. Shane Hollister vs. Louis Lyndon
9. Ryan Boz & Michael Elgin vs. Mason Beck & Silas Young

wXw DVD January 22, 2012 “18+ Underground Chapter 4 – The Crazy Monkey” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Another Day at the Office Death Match: Jon Ryan vs. Jun Kasai
2. 200 Lighttubes Match – Icemans Retirement Match: Iceman vs. Jimmy Havoc
3. 10.000 Thumkbtacks & Lumberjacks with Leather Straps Death Match – Identity on the Line:
Earl vs. Sasa Keel
4. Bad Bones vs. Marty Scurll
5. Adam Pearce & Big van Walter vs. Axeman & Shinya Ishikawa
6. Road to 16 Carat League FINALS: ??? vs. ???
7. Michael Dante vs. Zack Sabre jr.
8. Freddy Stahl vs. Robert Dreissker
9. Kim Ray vs. Karsten Beck
10. Aaron Insane vs. Bernd Föhr
11. 2Face vs. Jay Skillet

wXw DVD January 21, 2012 “Back 2 The Roots XI” – Oberhausen, Germany $15.00
1. Sumerian Death Squad vs. Absolute Andy & Bad Bones vs. LDRS of the New School
2. Big van Walter vs. Jon Ryan
3. Adam Pearce vs. Emil Sitoci
4. Hardcore Match: Jimmy Havoc vs. Jun Kasai
5. Axeman vs. Shinya Ishikawa
6. Carnage vs. Toby Blunt
7. Michael Kaus vs. Sasa Keel
8. Bernd Föhr vs. Freddy Stahl
9. Jay Skillet vs. Karsten Beck
10. Aaron Insane vs. Robert Dreissker
11. 2Face vs. Kim Ray

Beyond Wrestling DVD “Miracle Workers” $15.00
1. Doom Patrol (The Pitboss, Jonny Mangue, Robbie Roller) vs. Academy Of Anatomy (Nick Talent & Mark Angel) and Darius Carter
2. Josh Thor vs. Stan Styles vs. Steve Weiner vs. Jack Verville
3. Davey Vega vs. Jarek 1:20
4. Sugar Dunkerton vs. Johnny Cockstrong
5. The Pitboss vs. Tim Hughes
6. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Aaron Epic
7. Corvis Fear vs. Eddie Graves
8. Nick Talent vs. Chris Dickinson
9. Mark Angel vs. Nick Talent
10. Chase Burnett vs. Flip Kendrick vs. Leon Del Admon vs. Fredo Majors
11. Johnny Cockstrong vs. Davey Vega

Beyond Wrestling DVD “Miracle Workers: 5 For $5”
1. Pinkie Sanchez vs. Flip Kendrick
2. Corvis Fear vs. Ryan Eagles
3. Team ISW (Frankie Arion & Dan Barry) vs. Doom Patrol (Jonny Mangue & Robbie Roller)
4. Darius Carter vs. Jack Verville
5. Jonathan Gresham vs. Zane Silver

IWA Unlimited DVD November 11, 2011 “Adverse Conditions” – Olney, IL $15.00
1. Scott Parker vs. Cash Bordin
2. Oliver Cain vs. Joey O’Riley
3. Matt Cage vs. Shank Barzini
4. Generation Kill vs. Tony Flood & A.T. Brooks vs. Alex Castle & Cody Strong
5. No DQ Match: Christian Rose vs. Danny Cannon

ACW DVD October 23, 2011 “Beyond Good & Evil” – Austin, TX $15.00
1. Chingo Del Santo vs. Ken Carson
2. The Lost Boys vs. Team Sex
3. Jaykus Plisken vs. Shawn Vexx
4. JC Bravo vs. Killah Ka$h vs. Gregory James vs. Khris Wolfe vs. Slim Sexy vs. Berry Breeze
5. Barbi Hayden vs. Angel Blue
6. Darin Childs vs. Jeffery Gant
7. The Submission Squad & Athena vs. Bolt Brady, Ricky Romida & Just Willie & Jessica James
8. Davey Vega vs. Scot Summers
9. ACH vs. Matthew Palmer
10. Mat Fitchett vs. ACH
11. Dream Tag Team Match: Portia Perez & a mystery partner vs. Darin Childs & a mystery partner

3/2 AIW – Cleveland, OH
3/3 IWA East Coast – Nitro, WV
3/2 – 3/4/12 wXw – Oberhausen, Germany
3/10/12 WIF! – Hazleton, PA
3/11/12 WIF! – Fountain Hill, PA
3/24/12 Chikara – Vaughan, Canada
3/25/12 Chikara – Ottawa, Canada
3/31 & 4/1/12 IWA Deep South – Elkmont, AL


Danny Warren sent this in.

3/1- CWE Title Match Added to Mar 8th.

We are exactly one week out from CWE’s debut event at Cowboy’s Roadhouse in Winnipeg! With Executive Ambassador Shane Madison making his final decision just days ago regarding Mentallo’s rematch request and forcing him to defeat fellow Alliance of Defiance members Team Impact in order to challenge for the title a new contender had to be named and Madison has made his decision!

CWE Championship Match
CWE Champion “Hotshot” Danny Duggan vs. “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews w/JJ Sanchez

If Duggan is able to retain his title on CWE’s double shot weekend this Friday and Saturday he will be put right back to the test next Thursday night against a man he is no stranger to, “Pimp Daddy” Rick Matthews. These two men engaged in one of the company’s first heated rivalries that saw many months of brutality including a shattered ankle for Rick Matthews and a torn MCL for Duggan. When both men healed they finally did battle at Collision Course 2010 in what saw Rick Matthews left in one of the most bloody sights the company has seen even to this day. Oddly enough it was on that same show the first ever CWE champion ws crowned. Although Duggan was in the tournament Matthews baited him out with a match against himself costing Duggan the chance of becoming the company’s first champion.

Since then both men have gone their separate ways with both finding great success. Duggan capturing the CWE title and tag team titles since and Matthews winning the Open Rules title on two occasions. These two CWE all stars will lace up the boots and go into war again with the top prize in the company on the line. This time Matthews has a trick up his sleeve with his new running buddy JJ Sanchez expected in his corner. Duggan is forced into an underdog situation as champion while Matthews is in a situation he is all too familiar with, the win at all costs mentality. Can Duggan’s celebrated title win come crashing down as soon as it began?! It sure will if Rick Matthews has anything to do about it!

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