The following press release was issued by PCW:

Preston City Wrestling would like to announce that the next show in their 2012 calendar, Spring Slam on March 30th 2012, will be the first wrestling event in the world to be filmed in 3D for release on 3D Blu Ray.

PCW have a track record of delivering some of the highest quality wrestling in the UK featuring the best talent that Britain has to offer as well as select imports, and since their October 2011 show have also been releasing events on both DVD and Blu Ray disc – the first company in England to deliver their content in full 1080p HD quality via this medium.

Their YouTube channel – – also utilises the ability to upload in 1080p and all content available online is also in full high definition.

3D Blu Ray is the next step in pushing boundaries to deliver the best wrestling experience and taking advantage of new technologies as they become available.

PCW would also like to proudly announce that former WWE superstar John Morrison will be wrestling on their Festive Fury event on Sunday 9th December 2012. This will be Morrison’s only appearance in England.

In addition to wrestling, Morrison will also be taking part in a meet & greet event as well as a Q&A Session earlier in the day.

This date is also detailed on his management’s website: