Ring of Honor returns to The Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD on April 7th for another set of “Ring of Honor Wrestling” TV Tapings and with that return comes another; the return of Rhino to ROH competition!

The Embassy’s bodyguard-for-hire hasn’t been seen in Ring of Honor since “Death Before Dishonor IX” but his extensive list of credentials, along with Prince Nana’s managerial influence, have earned him a Proving Ground match with a shot at the ROH World Title on the line…

“The bodyguard Rhino is coming back!” proclaimed Prince Nana, “What has Rhino being doing since he last graced you fools with his presence? That’s Embassy business and Embassy business is no business of yours!” attempted to pry further into the details of how Nana secured Rhino this Proving Ground match but were abruptly shut down with repeated “no comments” from the Barrister RD Evans who co-opted the telephone conversation.

All we know is what you, the ROH faithful, now know; that Rhino will receive a Proving Ground match on 4/7 when ROH hits Baltimore once again. Who will he face? While that is still to be determined in Ft. Lauderdale during “Showdown in the Sun” weekend. With 2 World Title matches, and 6 potential champions in Richards, Strong, Edwards, Lethal, Steen, or Elgin, The Embassy Ltd & Rhino will most certainly keep a close on the happenings at The War Memorial.

Its Rhino stepping onto The Proving Ground on 4/7, and just as a quick refresher, a Proving Ground match is when an ROH champion battles in a non-title match & if the opponent either defeats him or goes the time limit, they shall earn a title bout. In this case, Rhino is shooting for a World Title bout, it just remains to be seen who his Proving Ground will be against in Baltimore.