Indy News Update #1 for April 2, 2012
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Devin Cutting sent this in.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Wrestling will be holding events on April 6th, 2012 at D’s Place in East Dubuque, Illinois and April 7th, 2012 at LJ’s Bad Penny Bar in Platteville, Wisconsin.

Appearing are Buck Zumhofe, Erik Lockhart, Ann Brookstone, Starla Love, Chad Strong and Sharon Montana.

Go to or for info about upcoming shows worldwide.

David Nell sent this in.

– Two huge announcements emanating from yesterday’s “The Return” event
at Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre:

The legendary Danie Brits will be returning to the ring once more! The
African Punishment Wrestling Association will be host to the comeback
of the one of the greatest South African wrestlers in memory. At the
next Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre event (date to be announced),
Danie Brits will team up with Ananzi to take on Johnny “Iceman” Sabin
and Vic Scar in an epic main event that you can only see in APWA! This
announcement came after the intense battle between the returning
Ananzi and “The Iceman”, in which Ananzi emerged the victor following
a gargantuan Top Rope Bad Habit. During Ananzi’s post-win celebration,
Vic Scar and Jay Austin took advantage of the situation and launched a
double-team assault on the former All-Africa Champion before Danie
Brits made his way out of the crowd to clean house, even getting a
moment of temporary revenge against the insult-throwing Sabin. “The
Iceman” proceeded to get on the mic and lay out the tag team
challenge, and the duo of Ananzi and Danie Brits accepted. Danie
Brits’ amazing 30-year hall-of-fame career may have culminated more
than five years ago, but Johnny Sabin’s blatant showings of disrespect
have re-ignited a fire in the legend. Danie Brits intends to beat some
respect into Sabin.

In APWA Heavyweight Title news, reigning champion El Mascarado
Mexicano defeated Jay Austin in a submission match, while Vic Scar
became the new number one contender after winning a six-man
elimination match. Mascarado and Austin are far from finished with
each other, because in their next encounter they will put everything
on the line in a ladder match! This extremely high-risk match-up will
be taking place at the next Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre show, and
knowing the lengths to which these warriors have gone before as well
as the danger factor of this rarely-used stipulation, this is sure to
be a breathtaking superfight. The APWA Heavyweight Title will be
suspended 15+ feet in the air. Who will ascend the ladder to
championship glory?

Full results from “The Return” on 1 April at Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre:
– Grudge Match: KO defeated Renegade in a bloody fight
– Ladies Match: Mia Von Doom defeated Lady Emerald Fusion
– Six-Man Elimination Number One Contender’s Match to the APWA
Heavyweight Title: Vic Scar defeated “The Man Mountain” Kilimanjaro,
Afrika, JDX, Blizzard and “Fireman” Tolla to become the new number one
– Submission Match for the APWA Heavyweight Title: “The Masked
Crusader” El Mascarado Mexicano (c) defeated Jay Austin
– Hardcore Clash of Titans: “The Johannesburg Beast” Xterminator
defeated “The Dark One” Crow
– Ananzi Return Match: Ananzi defeated Johnny “Iceman” Sabin

APWA at Danie van Zyl Recreation Centre (Date TBA)
– Ladder Match for the APWA Heavyweight Title: El Mascarado Mexicano
(c) VS Jay Austin
– Tag Team Match: Danie Brits and Ananzi VS Johnny Sabin and Vic Scar

– The King of Africa 2012 tournament continues in two weeks with Round
2 at President Square, Krugersdorp. Semi-finalists El Mascarado
Mexicano, Zizou Middoux, Joe Dozer and Afrika have progressed past the
competitive quarter-final bracket. On 14 April, each semi-finalist
will be faced with tougher opposition than before and fans will
witness never-before-seen dream matches in this elite assortment of
Africa’s best pro wrestlers. Who will join 2011 King of Africa winner
Terri Middoux in the record books? Next week, we will profile each
competitor in more detail. Watch this space.


Date: 14 April 2012
Venue: President Square Shopping Centre, 177 Paardekraal, Krugersdorp,
Gauteng, South Africa
Entrance Fee: FREE!
Time: 12pm
More Info: Contact Kobus at 082 269 8325

Promo Video: King of Africa 2012 Semi-Finals Promo

– Highlights from APWA The Return will be featured on Soweto TV (DSTV
channel 150) this Saturday, 7 April, so if you were not live at that
incredible event, tune in to see what you missed!

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