Indy News Update #1 for April 4, 2012
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Steven Ashe sent these recaps in.

Saturday March 31 2012
CWA – Canadian Wrestling Action
Cornwall, Ontario
Murphys Inn
Ring Announcer: Wayne Trenchard
General Manager: Eddie Weiss
Referees: Jeremy Hogel, Jamie, Tyler Taillon
Results credit: Peter Bisson

Quick Results:

Harley Davison beat “The Sport” Jesse Jones with a stunner.

Damian Styles beat Caster McFear with a pump handle running powerslam.

The Rush & Jae Rukin beat “The Prodigy” Phil Plume & “Big Sug” Shawn McMillan when Rukin pinned McMillan.

Drake Styles beat Derric Hamilton with a superkick.

Xplicit won a fatal 4-way against Travis Toxic, Billy Gibson, and Carlos Gonzales when Xplicit pinned Carlos.

“The Asian Nightmare” Kwan Chang pinned Player Uno with the Near Death Experience.

“The Prophet” Jeremy Barnoff beat Firestorm by submission with a chokehold.

Controversy surrounds Main Event and CWA Champion Jeremy Barnoff

If I have the time, I will write down more details to this show, but one thing I would like to point out is that this guy Jeremy Barnoff, or whatever you want to call him – The Prophet, or Jeremy Prophet, or The Silver Tongued Sex Symbol (as he likes to call himself) is really stirring up alot of controversy lately at CWA. At the previous show, he apparently said some real hurtfull things to one of the best fans out there – Leanne. Then, he apparently laid a “real” beating on general manager Eddie Weiss. I use the term “apparently” cause I wasn’t at that show to witness it with my own eyes, although I have no reason to believe that Mat or Leanne would lie to me, yet, for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to firmly believe that Barnoff would do such a thing. Not that I don’t believe that in real life Barnoff could be a real douchebag, but for him to say the things he said to Leanne would be one of the dumbest things he could do from a business standpoint.

Well, at this show, Barnoff neither admitted nor denied any accusations against him from the previous show, but indicated that he didn’t feel he owed anyone an apology. Noticed he started really pushing the “Christianity” buttons at this show, claiming that Jesus Christ is his saviour and prophet. (On his facebook profile information, pentecostal christian is his religious belief) Other things I noticed, he still shook hands with fans that cheered him, but to any fans that jeered him, he appeared to go out of his way to totally NOT acknowledge ANY negative fan reaction.

Near the conclusion of his match with Firestorm, Barnoff had Firestorm in a chokehold submission, after a brief struggle, Firestorm did tap, but the ref didn’t call for the bell to ring, and the ref looked really confused looking towards the timekeeping table not seeming to know what to make of the situation. Finally the ref called for the bell to ring and Barnoff suddenly bolted for the sidedoor. Randy Berry, who had been hanging around ringside bolted out the door as well, but came back in shortly and went right in the ring along with several others that were checking on the condition of Firestorm. Noticed after Firestorm got up, there was a huge wet area on the mat where he was choked out (sweat, saliva, vomit?)

Serge St. Denis informed me that this was not a work, that the purpose of Randy Berry and Eddie Weiss at ringside was to provide a distraction so Firestorm could hit Barnoff with a moonsault and beat him for the title. He told me that this chokehold was”real”, and that Barnoff had also taken off with Greg’s CWA Belt. Eddie Weiss also took the mic and advised all the fans that despite what they saw, Jeremy Barnoff is fired and no longer the CWA champion.

This is all the information I can gather as fans were told to leave ASAP.

Editor’s Note OWIE has confirmed the Jeremy Barnoff/Firestorm match ended with Firestorm being choked unconscious as Peter Bisson related in his post-results notes. It’s also been confirmed that Barnoff grabbed his entrance robe and CWA title belt before leaving the venue and driving off (still wearing his ring gear) while Randy Berry and others attempted but failed to prevent “The Prophet” from leaving the scene.

In regards Barnoff’s status as CWA Champion, promoter Greg Ezard told OWIE today (Apr 1) he had yet to hear from his champion since he left the venue with the belt on Saturday night. Ezard refused to confirm Barnoff was fired and said only that “everything is crazy right now. Until I confer with Prophet, the Championship Committee, and others involved in this situation – including the CWA legal department – Jeremy Barnoff is still CWA Champion.”

Ezard refused further comment at this time aside from saying “CWA’s next show is April 22nd in Cornwall. Fans can follow our Facebook Group for CWA information.”


Saturday March 31 2012
NPW – Niagara Pro Wrestling
Fort Erie, Ontario
Fort Erie Legion
Ring Announcer: Chris Gullo
Referees: Jack Terry & Andrew Mollon
Attendance: 100+
Results credit: Bert McEwen

NPW President William Irvine came to the ring to announce the card. As soon as the Main Event was announced, “Every Ladies Dream” Marc Krieger came to the ring. He stated that he was the greatest thing in NPW and that if the rumblings of a NPW Championship are true, he wants it, he deserves it, he’s going to get it.

Derek Platinum pinned “Maverick” Matt Milan
-Good opener between a couple of young prospects. Get some ring time into both these guys and you will have a couple of very solid hands. Platinum in particular will be something special.

Troy “The Boy” Buchanan pinned Nick Paradise with his feet on the ropes.

Kevin Graham pinned Steve McKenzie with a hand full of tights.

Bryan Jennings pinned Jeramiah Bradley
Bradley has a lot in his favor. Big guy, good look, exceptional work in the ring and a good amount of charisma with no fear to talk.

Superbeast w/ Xavier Sterling pinned “Retro” Rex Atkins

Rip Impact defeated Marc Krieger
Solid match as you would certainly expect from these two. Originally, Krieger made use of some brass knuckles to gain the pinfall. However, Irvine came to ringside and ordered the match restarted. Allowing Impact to gain the victory.

Very solid show. A very, very solid show. If I was to emphasize anything about this show, is that it was certainly a…solid show.
There wasn’t anything particularly special about this show. There were few errors and when there were, they were quickly made to be forgotten. Expected steady hands like Rex Atkins, Troy Buchanan and Rip Impact did exactly what was expected of them and put in solid efforts. And although he may not be there yet, Marc Krieger will be one of those steady hands soon enough. Not quite there, but you can see it happening.

On the topic of future steady hands, this show also featured impressively strong outings from Derek Platinum and Matt Milan. I know I said it earlier, but get some ring time onto these guys, clear some of the clouds from their minds and both of these guys can be special.

Jeramiah Bradley can also be a future big player. Some toning on an already large frame would help the look. Perhaps a nastier attitude may suit him a little more. He’s only a couple pieces short of a complete puzzle.

If I have any problem with the show is the lack of a “hook”. There was no story or rivalry of any kind that would cause people to say “I’m going to be at the next show (June 2nd back at the Legion).” It was six solid matches with great flow and, again, solid performances from everyone, but there was nothing that any fan would want to follow up on.

Insert a hook or two to future solid outings and NPW will outgrow the Fort Erie Legion. Those solid outings have almost done it regardless.

Niagara Pro Wrestling returns to the Fort Erie Legion June 2, 2012


Saturday March 31 2012
CLASH Wrestling

Taylor, Michigan
TaylorTown Trade Center
Attendance 250+
Ring announcer “B”
Referees, D. Morningstar and Brian Gorie
Results credit: Derek M.

“Swagg Starr” Dave Manzo def. Tim Donst via pinfall

The Painkillers def Wreckingforce (Dragon Kreed & Wreckingball) via pinfall

Leah Von Dutch def. Mena Libra via count out

H3RD ( Tommy Treznik & Ded Vaughn ) def. Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti) via pinfall

Will Vendetta def. Austin Manix

Too Sweet (Bryce Benjamin & Joey Marx) def. Mason & Jason Conrad via pinfall

“Caveman” Tyler Elkins defeats “Viking Warrior” Usurper in a battle of bearded brutes!

In the Main Event Cameron Skyy & Gavin Quinn defeat Petey Williams & J. Miller when Skyy pinned Pe