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This Saturday night, December 5, PWO Champion Johnny Gargano defends the championship against #1 contender ?The Greatest Thing Going Today? Mike Tolar as part of PWO Live at the Hispanic UMADAOP Youth Center (formerly St. Michael’s Gruss Hall), located at 3115 Scranton Road, Cleveland, Ohio, 44109.

Now, days before this PWO Championship rematch, we set the stage by taking a look back at their first meeting just a few short weeks ago, the tensions that developed, and the controversy surrounding the conclusion of their match.

Mike Tolar Interrupts Johnny Gargano’s First Interview As PWO Champion:

Conclusion of Johnny Gargano vs. Mike Tolar PWO Title Match:

How will this impact the PWO Championship rematch between Gargano and Tolar this Saturday night at the Youth Center? Will Gargano be able to escape with his title in tact? Has Tolar learned from his previous experience? Can ?The Greatest Thing Going Today? live up to his moniker? What other individuals will step forward and proclaim their desire to be PWO champion? Join us this Saturday night in Cleveland to find out.

Collegiate All-American and self-proclaimed ?Greatest Thing Going Today? Mike Tolar narrowly came up short in his first attempt at the PWO Championship, however Tolar has done anything but accept the loss in stride. Tolar has spent a number of days petitioning PWO management for an immediate rematch, claiming that he was unfairly victimized by the outside interference of Ben Fruith of all people. Fruith has spent much of the past year as Tolar’s gullible lackey, not realizing he is being used, and it seems Tolar has used this convenient relationship to his benefit again, claiming Fruith jumped into the ring WITHOUT Tolar’s permission with the intent of assaulting Gargano. Tolar also claimed that he himself, ever the gentleman, attempted to calmly ask Fruith to please leave the ring, and in the ensuing confusion Gargano suckered Tolar from behind to cheaply retain his championship.

Anyone watching that match knows that story is far from true, and Tolar has only himself to blame for both Fruith’s involvement and the eventual loss, but after a lengthy meeting PWO officials conceded and granted Tolar his rematch. Gargano, who has vowed to be a fighting champion, shown by already granting an eventual title match to M-Dogg 20 Matt Cross in the future, was quick to accept this challenge as well. Will Gargano be successful for a second time against arguably the best pure athlete in PWO today? Or can Mike Tolar achieve what he believes to be his destiny and truly prove his status as ?The Greatest Thing Going Today??

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