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Ground Xero Wrestling presented “World War Xero 2” last Saturday November 21 at it’s home away from home The Hopewell Community Center. Twenty of GXW’s top superstars competed in the second annual Xero Rumble, where every two minutes a new superstar enered the ring in an over the top Rumble. The winner of the Rumble would go on to face GXW World Heavywight Champion December 19 at Xero Hour 2 in Hopewell.

Match 1
GXW Respect Title
Eddie Diamond ? vs. Deacon Strickland vs. Krotch
WWXII kicked off with a fast paced mach upbetween three of the best young talents in the area. Diamond put his belt on the line in a three way dance and was able to score the victory in this hot opener when he forced Krotch to submit to The Tennessee Crossface. The victory however was short lived as Shorty Smalls ran out after the match and laid Diamond out with the Respect Title belt. Smalls then took Diamond down with a Spine Buster and Lariat leaving him out cold.
Winner and STILL GXW Respect Champion: Eddie Diamond

Damien Wayne then came out to make his debut in GXW. Wayne got on the microphone and called out GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh. The Pharaoh soon came out to a thunderous ovation, but Wayne told Pharaoh that he knew the REAL Pharaoh. Wayne told Pharaoh tha even though he could fool Hopewell he couldn’t fool him! Wayne then challenged Pharaoh to a match in the future and then attacked Pharaoh. A brawl quickly ensued between DW and Pharaoh. Before Pharaoh could lock Wayne in the Guerilla Clutch, DW escaped the ring and headed to the back.

Match 2
GXW Television Title
Martin Stanley Fuqua ? vs. Senor Sabado Noche
The hated GXW Television Champion “The Big Easy” Martin Stanley Fuqua came to the ring for a title defense next. Fuqua told the crowd how last Halloween in Charles City, Fuqua defeated Mitch A Palooza clean as a sheet in the middle of a ring in a Loser Leave GXW match. Fuqua then bragged about how he has rid GXW of Mitch A Palooza and has also purchased the coveted Number 20 Spot in the Xero Rumble. Fuqua went on to say that he was going to win the Xero Rumble and go on to unify both the GXW World Heavyweight Title and THe GXW Television Title at Xero Hour 2. Fuqua then quickly defeated Senor Sabado Noche with a Money Clip in a one sided match.
Winner and STILL GXW Television Champion: Martin Stanley Fuqua

Match 3
GXW Tag Team Titles
Standards and Practices ? vs. Landon Thomas & “Big” Treyvon Burr
Kevin Daniels and Gordon Braswell defended their GXW World Tag Team Titles against the new duo of Landon Thomas and Treyvon Burr. Thomas and Burr took it to the champs in their first outing as a team. Burr’s power and Thomas’ speed mixed nicely and gave the champs as definite run for their money. In the end S&P’s experience as a team gave them the upper hand and Daniels pinned Thomas with The Citation to retain the titles.
Winners and STILL GXW Tag Team Champions: Standards and Practices

Match 4:
Deimos w/ Timmy Danger vs. Phil Brown
The now hated Deimos made his way to the ring with his new manager Timmy Danger to battle his former close friend and ally, “The Platinum Icon” Phil Brown.The battle between these two former friendswas intense and hard hitting. However after a back and fourth match up Phil Brown was able to get the upper hand in the end. Brown soon had Deimos set up for The Platinum Kick, but Danger grabbed Brown’s foot! Brown turned around to grab Danger, but Deimos quickly came from behind and rolled up Phil Brown with a handful of tights for the cheap victory.
Winner: Deimos

1 Kevin Daniels
2 Landon Thomas
3 Mimic
4 Krotch
5 Deacon Strickland
6 Gordon Braswell
7 Jefferson Early
8 Rev J Boogie
9 Russell Roberts
10 Shorty Smalls
11 Eddie Diamond
12 Chatch
13 Treyvon Burr
14 The Midnight Phantom
15 Senor Sabado Noche
16 Deimos
17 Phil Brown
18 “Playboy” Peter Spade
19 Raphael
20 Martin Stanley Fuqua

Order Out
1 Landon Thomas by Kevin Daniels
2 Gordon Braswell by Rev J Boogie
3 Rev J Boogie by Jefferson Early
4 Russell Roberts by Shorty Smalls
5 Krotch by Shorty Smalls
6 Mimic by Shorty Smalls
7 Shorty Smalls by Eddie Diamond
8 Eddie Diamond eliminated himself when he planchad himself onto Shorty Smalls
9 Chatch by Treyvon Burr
10 Treyvon Burr by Deimos
11 Deacon Strickland by Deimos
12 The Midnight Phantom by Kevin Daniels
13 Jefferson Early by Phil Brown
14 Kevin Daniels by Phil Brown
15 Peter Spade by Deimos
16 Deimos by Senor Sabado Noche
17 Phil Brown by Raphael
18 Raphael by Senor Sabado Noche
19 Martin Stanley Fuqua by Senor Sabado Noche
Winner: Senor Sabado Noche

After a highly entertaining Xero Rumble that featured twists and turns such as Russell Roberts getting clobbered with his own weapons that he brought to the ring, Eddie Diamond and Shorty Smalls fighting to the back, The RETURN of Rev J Boogie!!, The Pharaoh rushing to the ring and saving his former enemy Phil Brown from a double team attack from Deimos and Raphael, and Peter Spade chasing Timmy Danger out of the building. However nothing could compare with the crowd in complete shock over Senor Sabado Noche eliminating Martin Stanley Fuqua to win the Second Annual Xero Rumble! With the crowd and Martin Stanley speechless, Sabado then removed his masked and showed it was Mitch A Palooza all along under the mask during the rumble!!

The Hopewell Faithful let out a deafening cheer as Mitch A Palooza celebrated in the ring. The Holy Union, Phil Brown, Peter Spade, and Landon Thomas soon came out and threw Fuqua back in the ring. Palooza then gave Fuqua the Party Crasher and celebrated in the ring. GXW President David Cullen then made his way to the ring and congradulated Mitch. President Cullen went on to state that Mitch A Palooza is the official winner of the Xero Rumble and he will go on to face Pharaoh at Xero Hour 2 in December. This then brought out GXW World Heavyweight Champion The Pharaoh. Pharaoh shook Palooza’s hand and said that Mitch better bring his A game on the 19th.

With that set GXW returns for Xero Hour 2 December 19 at 5 PM at The Hopewell Community Center!
Main Event
GXW World Heavyweight Championship
The Pharaoh ? vs. Mitch A Palooza

More to be announced soon!

Also “The Road to Xero Hour 2” is on December 18th at Prince George High School at 7 PM in Prince George VA

More information soon

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