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Friday November 27 2009

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“Genesis 11:27:09”
Port Perry, Ontario
Scugog Community Recreation Centre
Attendance: 70-80
Ring Announcer: Jess Redden
Referees: Sean Cassidy, “The Iron Zebra” Bryan Renda
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1) GCW Ontario Independent Championship:
Rico Montana def Anthony Darko w/ Jamie Virtue by DQ to retain the title. [4 min]
Virtue distracted Ref Cassidy and Rico at the ropes while tossing the title belt to Darko. Rico hoisted Darko up for his twirling powerbomb and Darko blasted him in the head with the belt in full view of the official who quickly called for the bell to end the match.
Tyler Tirva ran to the ring to stop Darko from laying in a post match beatdown. He nailed the villain with a DVD and sent him scurrying to the back.

2) Amazing Darkstone & Boris Brechnev def Rip Impact & Buck (Gunderson) [7 min]
Darkstone picked up the pin on Impact after Brechnev destroyed Rip with a chokeslam into a backbreaker.

3) “The Destroyer” Hayden Avery def Crazzy Steve [9 min]

4) “The Million Dollar Champion” Virgil w/ Jaime Virtue def Tyler Tirva by submission [14 min]
Virgil wasn’t happy about Virtue’s interference and antics during the bout and tossed him from the ring after the match before shaking Tirva’s hand and posing with him in the ring.

5) Santa Claus def Primo Scordino [8 min]
Santa pinned Primo after clobbering him in the head with his sack full of presents.

6) GCW National Championship:
Jake O’Reilly def Cody Deaner to retain the title [7 min]
O’Reilly pinned Deaner after an underhook piledriver. Crazzy Steve joined O’Reilly in a post match beatdown on Deaner until Hayden Avery ran out with a chair and chased them off.

7) “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin [13 min]
Great main event with a solid effort from both guys. Match could have gone either way although fans were certainly happy about Robbie scoring the pin after an underhook faceplant

Saturday November 28 2009

GCW – Great Canadian Wrestling
“WILD Showdown ’09”
Oshawa, Ontario
@ The Legion
Attendance: 200 – 250
Ring Announcer: Gentleman Geoff
Referees: Sean Cassidy, “Old School” Eddington James
Results credit: Gordo for

1) JT Playa def Primo Scordino [7 min]

2) WILD Fatal 4-Way; Winner to advance to WILD Championship Finals:
“The Original Glamazon From The Amazon” Deanna Conda (2008 WILD Champion) def Sabrina Kyle, Mercy and Melissa Coates [5 min]
With Coates knocked out of the ring, Conda slammed Mercy onto a prone Sabrina Kyle and covered them both to win the match and advance to the finals. Coates got into Conda’s face after the match but was tossed from the ring by the 2008 WILD Champion.

3) GCW Ontario Independent Championship:
“Midnight Special” RJ City def defending champion Rico Montana by DQ. – Rico retains the belt. [6 min]
Ref Cassidy was knocked down in a collision with RJ who then grabbed the belt and attempted to hit Rico with it. Montana ducked the blow and punched RJ in the gut causing him to drop the belt. Rico then DDT’d RJ onto the belt and covered him for the pin but a recovering referee saw Rico toss the belt to the apron as he covered RJ and called for the bell, awarding the victory but not the title to the “Midnight Special”

-Jake O’Reilly and Crazzy Steve came out and Jale declared he and Steve would not wrestle Cody Deaner and Hayden Avery. Deaner and Avery showed up and with the fans help, they persuaded GCW promoter David Wildstar to order Jake and Steve to face Cody and Hayden in an unsanctioned Motor City Street Fight in the main event. O’Reilly and Steve were pissed and left while Deaner and Avery congratulated themselves and fans for making the match. Before they returned to the back, Deaner and Avery stashed a table under the ring.

4) “Former Million Dollar Champion” Virgil def “Bam Bam” Bruno Davis [6 min]
Virgil’s entrance was 2 minutes longer than the match. He made a kid cry on the way to the ring and made Bruno cry uncle to a Million Dollar Dream to win the match.

-1st Intermission

5) WILD Fatal 4-Way; Winner to face Deanna Conda in the WILD Championship Finals:
PJ Tyler def Mary Lee Rose, Evilyn and Anna Minoushka w/ M. Rachel [7 min]
Tyler pinned Minoushka after a crossbody from the top rope.

6) GCW Tag Team Championship:
The Gunners (“The Hit” Ashley Sixx & Cody 45) def Tyler Tirva to retain the titles [10 min]
Tirva’s Bro Stars partner Josh Alexander was nowhere to be seen. Tirva said Josh was “on the way” and elected to take on the champs by himself. Big mistake. Sixx mercifully ended the carnage with a superkick at the 10 minute mark.

7) Special Intergender Match:
“Super Hardcore Anime” LuFisto w/ Pegaboo def Phil Latio [7 min]
Quite possibly Phil Latio’s last match in Ontario. LuFisto made sure it was one to remember as she practically removed Phil’s nutsack from his body with a variety of grabs, bites and squeezes. LuFisto pinned Phil after a ‘rana off the top turnbuckle.

8) “Highlander” Robbie MacAllister def “The Titan” Chakal [8 min]

-2nd Intermission

9) WILD Championship Final:
PJ Tyler der Deanna Conda to become the 2009 WILD Champion [4 min]
Conda controlled much of the action but PJ was able to counter a Boston Crab and turn it into a roll-up for the victory.

10) “Canadian Crazyhorse” Michael Elgin def Sexxxy Eddy [11 min]

11) Motor City Street Fight:
Cody Deaner & Hayden Avery def Jake O’Reilly & Crazzy Steve [25 min]
A lot of time spent before the bell as Cody & Hayden tried to convince Steve that Jake wasn’t really his friend. They wanted Steve to join them in a 3 on 1 beatdown of O’Reilly. It looked like Steve was going for it when he shook Cody’s hand but then he slugged him and the fight was on.
The match was a riotous affair that spent more time out on the floor than it did in the ring. Tables, chairs and garbage cans were used as weapons by all 4 guys. A few times during the fight it looked like Steve was going to turn on Jake but he remained true. The advantage shifted back and forth until Steve backdropped Hayden on the apron and then powerbombed him through the table that had been stashed under the ring earlier on the show. Steve and Jake then doubled up on Deaner until he shoved O’Reilly into his partner and then hit Jake with Sliced Bread #2. Avery re-entered the fight and crushed Steve with a running DVD.
At that point Jake & Steve bailed to the outside and many fans thought the match had somehow ended even though they had both escaped with 2 counts after Cody & Hayden’s big moves. Deaner grabbed O’Reilly’s GCW National Championship title belt and put it on Avery who said if Jake was any kind of man at all, he’d climb in the ring and get it back. Instead Jake grabbed Steve and tossed him into the ring to get the belt. What Steve got was a stunner from Hayden and then Deaner before they teamed up to spike piledrive him and Hayden covered him to win the match.
Avery challenged O’Reilly to face him Dec 28th for the belt with the stipulation that whoever won never had to defend against the loser again.

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