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This past Friday/Saturday, Full Impact Pro Wrestling in conjunction with WWN hosted the 2009 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup this. Here are the results:

Friday November 20th, 2009 Brooksville, FL

Pro Wrestling Riot Pre-Show Results:

(1) Tony Kozina defeated QT Marshall.

(2) “Tokyo Monster” Kahagas defeated Leon Scott.

(3) Craig Classic defeated Jaison Moore.

(4) Erick Stevens defeated Kyle O?Reilly.

(5) PWR Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated 911 Inc.’s Francisco Ciatso (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi.) Erick Stevens will face Santee tomorrow night in Crystal River.

2009 JPC First Round Results
Davey Richards (FIP) defeated Drake Younger (CZW)
Egotistico Fantastico (CZW) defeated Scotty Vortekz (CZW)

TJ Perkins (FIP) defeated Arik Cannon (AAW)
Shane Hollister (AAW) defeated Flip Kendrick (Hybrid)

Silas Young (AAW) defeated Dave Cole (Hybrid)
Jon Moxley (CZW) defeated Brad Attitude (FIP)

Johnny Gargano (AAW) defeated Chris Jones (FIP)
Louis Lyndon (Hybrid) defeated Marion Fontaine (Hybrid)

In a non-tournament match, Bumz R Us won the tag team rumble to become Pro Wrestling Riot Tag Team champions.

Saturday November 21st, 2009 Crystal River, FL

Pro Wrestling Riot Pre-Show Results:

(1) Kyle O’Reilly defeated Craig Classic.

(2) Raymond “Killing Machine” Snow (w/ Amy Vitale & Phil Davis) defeated Lou Gotham.

(3) Tony Kozina defeated Jaison Moore.

(4) FIP World Tag Team champion Christopher Gray (w/Phil Davis) defeated Jerrelle Clark of 2 Fast 2 Furious & PWR Tag Team champion Milo Beasley (w/Milo Bearsley)

(5) PWR Heavyweight champion “the Marquee” Bruce Santee defeated Erick Stevens via DQ.

Before the match Stevens gave his reason for attacking his former partner Roderick Strong on October 3rd. He said when Strong hit him with the boot in the corner it brought back horrible memories. Stevens realized he cared only about one person, Erick Stevens and no one in Riot or FIP was going to stop “the Train.”

2009 JPC Quarterfinals Results

Davey Richards defeated Egotistico Fantastico

TJ Perkins defeated Shane Hollister

Johnny Gargano defeated Louis Lyndon

Silas Young defeated Jon Moxley

2009 JPC Semifinals Results

Davey Richards defeated TJ Perkins

Silas Young defeated Johnny Gargano

2009 JPC Finals

Davey Richards defeated Silas Young

In non tournament matches:

Dark City Fight Club (Jon Davis & Kory Chavis) defeated the James Gang.

Texas Bullrope Match, Wrestling Legend “Outlaw” Ron Bass vs. “Superstar” Sean Davis (w/Phil Davis & Amy Vitale)

Drake Younger won the Dragon Gate USA Fray! Match. Also in the match was: Chris Jones, Brad Attitude, Flip Kendrick, Arik Cannon, Dave Cole, Scotty Vortekz & Marion Fontaine.

FIP World Heavyweight Title to be defended in Japan!

Davey Richards dominant 2009 continued this past weekend as he became the 7th man to win the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup. There is seemingly no stopping Davey in his quest to show the wrestling world just who is the very best in the business today. His ?hunt? for the best in competition is taking him to the Land of the Rising Sun in December, as Davey makes his first tour of Dragon Gate Pro Wrestling. He has signed an open contract to defend the FIP World Title while on this tour, but we are awaiting confirmation from the Dragon Gate office in Japan as to when/where those defenses will take place, and versus whom.

One thing is certain, if Richards has his druthers, one of his opponents will be Masaaki Mochizuki, about who Richards said, ?One person I’m coming for with a vengeance is Masaaki Mochizuki. He defeated me in 2007 in Detroit and I’m going to avenge that loss. Get ready Dragon Gate, the hunt is on!”

Dragon Gate USA crowns its first Champion THIS Saturday in Philly!

The eyes of the wrestling world will be on Philadelphia this weekend as 14 men will vie to become the very first Open the Freedom Gate Champion.

The tournament format is:

First Round Matches (to take place during 1st half of card, all matches one fall with no time limit):

Salute To Skayde
CIMA vs. Mike Quackenbush vs. Super Crazy vs. Jorge “Skayde” Rivera

Brian Kendrick vs. BxB Hulk

Next Level
YAMATO vs. Davey Richards

Generation New
Nick Jackson vs. Matt Jackson vs. Jigsaw vs. Gran Akuma vs. Lince Dorado vs. Johnny Gargano

1st Half of Double Main Event – Non-Tournament Tag Team Challenge
Dragon Kid & Shingo vs. Masato Yoshino & Naruki Doi

Tournament Finals – 2nd Half Of Double Main Event – Elimination Match
X vs. X vs. X vs. X (four winners of first round matches)

Dark City Fight Club to Evolve on January 16th IN Rahway, New Jersey

After a particularly impressive outing in Crystal River on Saturday night by the Dark City Fight Club which saw them absolutely destroy their opponents, Kory Chavis took the microphone and announced to the wrestling world that they too would be coming to Rahway, NJ January 16th, and were ready to Evolve.

See the entire violent episode unfold right here:

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