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Northern Championship Wrestling
Results of the November 21, 2009
Center St Bartholomew
Montreal, QC

Dark Match

Seth Seifer vs. Diablero vs. Eddie Morales vs. Alex Miller

Winner: Seth Seifer

TNT is crowned King

Earlier gala 4 The Forsaken arrive and decreed that they were chosen to crown the new king of the NCW. Under the leadership of Mr. Cobra, TNT is being given this honor, this honor he earned by winning the Battle Royal Vachon November 7 last. Unfortunately, the celebration was short when accompanied qu’Electrico Tank Urban Lufisto Miles and come to the ring crowned by Burger King and it will quickly launched a web of arraign? on TNT and the Forsaken 4.

Kid Rock vs. Bishop

Bishop is mysteriously absent and Dirty Buxx Belmar takes its place. While the referee’s eyes turned to Oz & Mike Gorgeous, Chakal the opportunity to bludgeon Kid Rock to a violent belt and Dirty Buxx in benefits on behalf of 3.

Winner: Dirty Buxx Belmar

This Guy & Chris vs. Maven. Mansours

This Guy is still on a roll and won the fight with Chris Maven! But which partner will choose to replace THERE That Guy?

Winner: This Guy & Chris Maven

Black Eagle vs. J. J. Savage

While Black Eagle made its entry, it is quickly attacked by Dirty Buxx & Oz. They are then 3 against Black Eagle and the referee decided to annul the fight!

Winner: NIL

D-Rek & Banes vs Lex Lerman. Project 13

Lex Lerman and D-Rek Banes have surprised many by winning the victory against former champions team.

Winner: D-Rek Banes & Lex Lerman

Gorgeous Mike vs, Chakal

Unlike the fight before the break, this time Mike is Gorgeous Pretty in Pink is the most cunning towards Chakal which is solely due to the absence of Bishop.

Winner: Mike Gorgeous

Fees vs.. Pure Talent

In a very good fight gathering technique and acrobatics, the costs prevails through their experience and guile! Parcontre, do not count Pure Talent OUT … they will be back!

Winners: The Costs

Inter-Cities Championship

Phenomenon vs. Jay. Samson

Against all odds, Samson accepts the “Open Challenge” Jay Phenomenon. The crowd did not really look for that, but soon we may hear encouragement for Samson. In desperation, Jay Phenomenon on purpose to cause a disqualification and gives the victory by DQ to Samson. Nevertheless, he remains unbeaten by pinfall or sousmission very long time. On the other hand, this was a very good test preparation for Samson face Peasant Christmas From Hell.

Winner: Samson by DQ

Grande Finale

Electrico, Tank, Lufisto & Miles vs. Urban. the Forsaken 4 & King TNT

In early action, TNT strikes with his scepter the lap Electrico must pensioner cloakroom. Then vs. 4. 3 The Forsaken 4 and TNT! While Tank is going to carry on its Tankster Mark Andrews, he is attacked by the stern and Forsaken King 4 and TNT have the best of the 3 heroes! Arrive of nowhere, Franky The Mobster to replace Electrico and cleans the door and 3 on account of Mr. Cobra. After the fight, he agrees to lead the Open Challenge Christmas In Hell by Jay Phenomenon.

Winners: Franky The Mobster, Tank, Urban & Lufisto Miles

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